“Have they gone mad, asks Investir?” Charles Sennett Editorial

Dear impudents, dear impudents,

François Meunier, managing editor of Investir, is frankly neither a great conspirator nor a revolutionary in the pay of the communist forces and in the service of the CGT, so when he satisfies us by opening a weekly editorial titled “Have they all gone mad? It makes me want to read his prose.”

What does he tell his readers?

The risk of a simultaneous global recession is increasing.

“Xi Jinping, Vladimir Putin and Jerome Powell lock themselves up in a stubborn logic of decline. The upcoming events in May will be decisive for the stock market.”

He is absolutely right in saying that “the worst can still be avoided, but the environment continues to deteriorate. In the short term, we have to be careful.”

Sure, except that no one seems to want to avoid the worst anymore.

Yesterday I was browsing through some comments where some readers claimed that nuclear war was impossible because it was mutually assured destruction.

Worst affliction.

First of all, when everyone thinks the same thing, no one thinks anymore. To think that mutually assured destruction is reason enough to rule out nuclear war is a very big mistake, much like the mistake in the old days when we thought France wouldn’t risk anything with the Maginot Line.

Why would you tell me that nuclear war would be possible today?

Because nuclear energy, like it or not, is no longer seen in the same way. Some strategists today believe they can win a nuclear war, which raises the fundamental and fundamental question of what it means to win a nuclear war.

For 50 years, it was believed that no one could win a nuclear war.

If this belief is wrong, it will greatly change the population’s perception of the danger of nuclear war.

Between low-energy weapons, those with little radiation precipitation, between anti-missile defenses and ballistic shields, between ultra-fast first-strike weapons that leave no chance for potential backlash, nuclear war is no longer seen in the same way either by the military or by politicians. Moreover, the Bush administration had a shout-out of its time when it spoke of preemptive strikes, including nuclear ones, in its new doctrine dating back to 2002, 20 years now!

For the economy it is the same.

We may think that it is in no one’s interest to unleash the greatest tragedies and disasters, but that is exactly what happens.

Central banks raise their rates to fight inflation linked above all to the military situation in Ukraine where no one is trying to make peace and the health situation in China where no one wants to stop the delirium of 0 Covid policy.

Raise the wrong proportions in the current context!

In fact, anyone who looks at the situation objectively knows what to do.

It will be necessary to negotiate with Russia to obtain satisfactory conditions of peace for all. The price of energy will fall and thus inflate significantly.

Benign and coordinated health policies must be negotiated with China to avoid production disruptions and logistical problems that lead to shortages and inflation.

Prices will then drop dramatically and we will find an acceptable level of inflation, even if it is permanently higher than it was during the 30-year deflation that we just lived through that is over.

In fact, it will be necessary to agree to the sharing of resources, to pay them at the right price, and also to share the wealth on the value chain in a more equitable manner.

But we don’t want that.

Because we want to dominate.

We want to “lead the new world order,” as US President Joe Biden said a few weeks ago without any ambiguity.

In any human relationship, problems arise when a father wants to tell his child how to live, neighbor to neighbor next door how to do it and when you want to impose your way of seeing and doing things, then the person who is forcing both choices. obey and submit. He fights and gets into a fight.

We are there.

So yeah, they’ve all gone crazy. Intoxicated by the will of omnipotence, and when all go mad, then if the worst is never certain, the best becomes less certain, and destructive impulses can take over, and the situation flees from all rationality, we enter into a world where all things are possible. everyone. Even worse.

It’s already too late, but all is not lost.

get ready !

Charles Sannat

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