How to copy music from iPhone to PC, iPhone or iTunes?

For most iPhone users, the main reason to choose iPhone is its system, which is easy to use and safe. But on the other hand, this unique system annoyed users very much. Especially when it comes to data transfer and music in particular.

  • How do I transfer music ripped from old CDs or not purchased from the iTunes Store?
  • How to transfer music from iPhone to computer that was not purchased from Apple Store?

For example, Apple does not give users access to files Access content from iPhone. So, when iPhone users want to transfer photos, music, contacts and other contents from iPhone to computer, it becomes difficult.

Apple developed iTunes so users could manage media files, iCloud so they could store content in the cloud, and AirDrop so they could transfer content from iPhone to iPhone, as well as Mac.

Unfortunately ! iTunes only supports transferring purchased music, and AirDrop only applies to iPhone and Mac. These tools are still not useful when we want to transfer unpurchased music to computer, or when we want to transfer music from iPhone to Windows PC.

So, you might be wondering if there is a way to do this anyway? Don’t worry, in this article we will cover Music Transferand tell you how Copy Music from iPhone to PC/iPhone/iTunes.

1. How to copy music from iPhone, iPad, iPod or iPod Touch to PC, iPhone or iTunes?

This method will allow you to easily copy music from iPhone to PC. Besides purchased music, it is also in great demand Transfer unpurchased music from iPhone to computer.

How to Transfer Unpurchased Music from iPhone to Computer?

iTunes won’t let you do that, so you need the help of a third-party tool like AnyTrans. Works with all iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch including iPhone 13/12/11/SE/XS/XR/X/8 etc. The latest iOS 15 is supported. Here are its features:

  • Transfer all kinds of data to PC/Mac/iPhone.
  • Selectively transfer music or other types of data.
  • Ability to adjust export data format.
  • Ability to view, select and play music before extracting it.

for PC

  • Download AnyTrans And install it on your computer > open it and connect your iPhone to the computer. After it recognizes your device, you will be able to see the Device Manager pane on the left side.

  • Click Music to enter the iPhone Music File Manager page. Select the music you want to transfer > Click the computer button to copy music from iPhone to computer directly.

Extract iPod music to computer

  • You have now successfully transferred songs from iPhone to computer. Click on View files on the screen to check.

to iPhone

With AnyTrans, you can also do this Transfer music from iphone to iphone By clicking Phone Switcher. Just connect your two iPhones, tap, select, and send.

Transfer music to iPhone

to iTunes

With the feature of iTunes Library, it is possible to copy music from iPhone to iTunes using AnyTrans. Just click, choose and send the music.

Copy iPod Touch music to PC

AnyTrans is recommended for iOS users. It is a complete iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch manager that can perform all the necessary tasks that an iOS user needs.

2. How to copy music from iPhone, iPad, iPod or iPod Touch to PC using iTunes?

How to copy music from iPhone to computer? Is there any solution. As you know, you can do this through iTunes. But before you begin, you should know that this method can only transfer music purchased from iTunes.

With iTunes, you can put music on your iPhone but there is no official way to import non-iTunes purchases from iPhone to iTunes. And since errors in iTunes occur regularly, you’d better make a backup beforehand.

Here’s how:

  • Launch iTunes on your PC> Connect your iPhone to your computer.
  • Click File in the upper left corner of the iTunes window > Devices > Transfer Purchases from Your iPhone name.
  • If iTunes asks you to authorize your computer, go to Accounts > Authorization and choose to authorize your computer.

Recover Deleted Music from iPhone

3. How to find iTunes purchased music that is gone?

If you have one or more songs that were purchased from iTunes and they are gone, here is how to recover deleted iTunes music:

  • First, please make sure of it Synchronize libraries It’s enabled on all your iOS devices as well as those that are signed in with the same Apple ID.
  • Simply put, if the song you added from Apple Music is still not showing, it might have been removed from Apple Music or given with a different name. So please try to search for the song in Apple Music and then add it to your library.

4. How to restore playlist Apple Music Who has been deleted?

if it was Apple Music Playlist It’s gone, you may have turned off Show Apple Music. In this case, follow these steps to reactivate it:

  • Go to Settings > Music > Under the Music column, you can see Show Apple Music.
  • Activate it if it is deactivated. If it is already enabled, you can disable it and enable it again.
  • Now you can go to Apple Music to check if your playlists are back.

5. How to Recover Deleted Music on iPhone, iPod or iPod Touch with PhoneRescue

PhoneRescue is a program that allows you to Recover all kinds of accidentally deleted data from an iOS device. This tool can also recover deleted iPhone music.

Here’s how:

  • Download and install PhoneRescue On PC / Mac.
  • Turn it on > Connect your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch > Click “Recover from iOS Device”

Recover from iOS device

  • Choose music from “media data” > Click OK.

select music

  • Finally, select the songs you want to restore and then click “to the computer” where “for device” as you wish.

iPhone music extraction

educational video

3 Ways to Recover iPhone Music Video:


Sometimes we delete songs by mistake, then we want to get them back but we don’t know how to do that! So this guide offers you different solutions. for the purpose of Easily save your songs to your computerAnyTrans turns out to be a good solution because it’s an iOS manager that makes the process easier.

And if you want to recover deleted songs, try PhoneRescue on the side.

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