Interview with French goats in the middle of the podcast

A few months ago, Tony Parker launched his podcast series on spotify, where he invited a lot of close friends to talk about something other than basketball. Between Damso, Teddy Riner, Léna Situations, Thierry Henry or even Boris Diaw, the French Basketball Goats continue discussions about life in general. Marking today, his birthday, to put all this up.

Let’s say that with TP, we saw everything and knew everything.

His career in the French team, his career with Tottenham, his music career, his career as a manager We were able to follow everything closely when we talk about Tony, because there was no shortage of content. Documentaries, series, radio appearances, articles, magazines, TV shows etc. Parker has become the most popular name in France when it comes to basketball. But why start your own podcast? And what can Tony and his guests tell us when they are sitting around a microphone? This is exactly the whole plot of this series, in which we can find both the former leader of San Antonio and his leader Side kicks.

On this wonderful occasion, for Tony’s 40th birthday, we wanted to introduce you to the exchange that happened between Parker and your host, shortly after he launched his podcast.


Hello Tony. We’ve had the opportunity to follow your entire career through reports, interviews and content, we’ve got it in every way. My first question is: What hasn’t been said about you already that you can tell in this series of podcasts?

I think I can dig into a few topics, let’s say so. These are discussions and conversations where you open up a bit more, and they work in this format, the podcast format. I have quite a few friends and family members who have said to me, “Oh, I didn’t think you’d go in-depth on certain topics! So this was a different way of telling my experience.”

Pour les fans de basket et les basketteurs d’une manière générale, il ya forcément une partie d’eux qui vont s’attendre à du contenu basket… mais ce n’est pas ça que tu souhaites mettre en avant si j Well ?

Actually, we don’t talk much about basketball in this podcast. We talk more about life in general, about mental health. We talk about how to deal with certain situations, how to deal with ups and downs. We talk about family, we talk about children, we talk about how to be a father … It is true that we do not talk much about sports, even if the topic will sometimes come up in conversation, this is not the point. From these podcasts.

When we saw each other last time, she spoke to us about two people who were instrumental in preparing for your post-career career: Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson. Can you tell us what advice they gave you?

Magic’s most important tip was to answer the phone to make a connection during your career. Because when you retire, it’s like people don’t call you anymore, or they don’t answer the phone anymore. So he advised me to take the time and take advantage of this opportunity, during my career, to be able to talk to anyone and gain access. It was important for me to use that, and this is the biggest tip that Magic has given me.

So I have a few questions for you, but in a slightly different format. Actually, I’d like to ask you a few things, but you should know that I’m a seven-year-old. So in your way of answering, you have to take that into account! are you ready ?


Tony I don’t understand why French basketball looks sick?

(laughs) We still have a long way to go for French basketball. Should I reply to a 7-year-old?


You want to put me in trouble.

not much! You can even use the joker if you want to.

I think the most important thing is that we are a sporting nation. And that in France, we continue to put sports in school. Let’s realize that it is important to exercise. And that if we were a sporting nation, of course sport would be on television. And it’s not just basketball, there are other sports worth advertising.

Tony, I don’t understand, what’s the difference between doing a radio and doing a podcast?

Well, the radio is live, you talk about what’s going on right now, you talk about the news. While you can dig deeper into the podcast, you can talk about any topic, and it usually lasts longer because you can take as long as you want on the podcast. Radio will necessarily be limited in time.

Tony, I don’t understand, with a friend I wrote your name on Spotify and found a rap album?

Yes, this is normal. At the time I was young and wanted to do something else, I am a curious person who loves to take on challenges. So I had made this album at that time.

Tony, I don’t understand, why did you play with France when you have an American father and a Dutch mother and you were born in Belgium?

This is because I grew up in France. And so when I was 14, the Basketball Federation of France asked me if I was interested in obtaining French citizenship to play for the France national team. Since Belgium, Holland, and the United States did not contact me, I joined France.

My uncle Tony told me one day at the table that the greatest happiness on earth is to beat the Spaniards in basketball, is that true?

I think the greatest happiness would have been to conquer the United States. But Spain is not far away.

Tony, there’s a friend at school who told me you weren’t among the top 75 players in NBA history when they put you on TrashTalk…but why aren’t you?

Well… I don’t know. This is a very good question. But anyway, personally, I think I would much prefer my career to my career with some of the players who are in the top 75. For me the most important thing was winning titles, defining the history of my sport, and I think that’s what we were able to do with Tottenham.

Tony, do you remember where you were when you discovered your friend Kobe?

I was in San Antonio. True, it was a very difficult moment for me and the world of basketball. For the world in general actually, because he had a real worldwide impact. It is not good to hear such news.

Tony, was basketball better before or is it better now?

For me, there are two different things, they cannot be compared. It’s part of evolution, everything evolves in life and basketball evolves too. Basketball today is not the same basketball as I used to play it, but personally I like both.

Tony, my brother says the best is LeBron and my dad says the best is Jordan, but I don’t know who’s the best.

For me it is Jordan.

Finally, Tony, did you promise that you would accept the old white-haired man who was training you in San Antonio when you saw him again?

Ah well, you’ve already seen him, you know who he is…

If you had to sum up your thoughts in a message about this podcast, what would you say?

I would just like to say that I would like to inspire the next generation.


fascinated by? Nosy ? I knew where to go. direction spotify To hear the first episodes of Tony Parker’s podcast, with special guests and some sweet moments of intimacy. While waiting for the new stories, which will surely come through TP’s ongoing career post.

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