Inventory may be updated, where you find the console

PS5. The Playstation 5 is always very popular, and it appears with a few traders during the month of May. Discover our inventory tracking and where to find PS5 at the best price, plus its games and accessories.

[Mis à jour le 17 mai 2022 à 09h57] Although it has been available for a while, Playstation 5 is still actively searching for many internet users. Sony’s latest console is attracting more and more attention, with new and upcoming exclusives available. Titles like God of War, Spider-Man or Horizon Forbidden West are encouraging more and more netizens to fall in love with PS5.

If you want to fall for PS5, and are willing to pay the price, the console is still available from Rakuten. The site regularly has Playstation 5 but at a high price. However, the latter option remains viable if you can’t get your hands on the console, and you no longer want to wait to get back to the store.

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