Joe Biden denounces the ‘poison’ of white supremacy

The President of the United States, Joe Biden, strongly condemned, Tuesday, May 17, the ” poison “ White supremacy, after a racist massacre of ten people, Saturday, May 14, in Buffalo, New York state. As he talked about the verb “terror”.

That day, Payton Gendron drove over three hours from his village to a Tops Friendly Market in a black neighborhood in Buffalo. Vêtu d’une tenue de combat, d’un casque et équipé d’une caméra, il avait avec lui une arme semi-automatique, gravée du chiffre « 14 », qui fait référence, dans l’univers des suprés macistes, la blanc sentence : We must protect our people’s existence and secure a future for whites. » The 18-year-old stopped his parents’ car. Then around 2:30 p.m., he started shooting. Ten people were killed, including six shop employees, and three others were wounded. Eleven of the victims were black. Then the killer left the shop and the police arrested him.

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Evoking the racist premise of the “Great Alternative” – ​​to which Payton Gendron adheres – Joe Biden, who moved with reverence asserted: I call on all Americans to reject this lie and condemn anyone who spreads it for power, votes and money. »

‘Fuel for too much hate’

“Those who claim to love America have given too much fuel to hate and fear.”The Democratic Party was launched again without mentioning names or party affiliation. This poison, this violence cannot be the history of our time.He said that while the United States has seen several killings in recent years targeting African Americans, Jews and Hispanics.

Joe Biden began his speech with words that comfort families: “The time will come” Where is the memory of the disappeared? “You will put a smile on your lips before you bring tears to your eyes”promised this boss whose life was full of family drama.

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He listed the names, recalling that the victim broke during the purchase “Strawberries to make his favorite pastry”that another wants candy “For a family movie night”that a man was killed while coming to collect ” birthday cake “ for her little boy. The US president was keen to give a brief account of a life that was put into the service of society and families, and he mentioned an old lady who went every day to take care of her husband in a nursing home, or that a supermarket supervisor had tried. Unsuccessfully arrested the killer.

Previously, the US President and his wife, Jill Biden, had stopped at an impromptu memorial at the site of the murder. Jill Biden put out a bunch of white flowers. Joe Biden, after removing his sunglasses, signed himself.

“Prohibition of offensive weapons”

The president called again on Tuesday to regulate firearms: “I am not naive. I know tragedy will happen again (…) But there are things we can do. We can ban offensive weapons from our streets. » The Democrat has long called for Congress to ban assault weapons — like the ones used on Sunday. A decision that was always shocked against the opposition of a republic hostile to any kind of organization.

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This year, the Gun Violence Archive numbered over two hundred people ‘mass shooting’ In the United States, at least four people have been infected or killed. Including that committed on Saturday by Payton Gendron, who claimed “fascist”And “racist” And “Anti-Semitism” In a 180-page statement.

And the media revealed, on Tuesday, that this racist massacre had been meticulously prepared for months, removing hundreds of messages on the Internet from the killer. according to Washington Post And CNNPayton Gendron, who had access to about 600 pages of messages exchanged on Discord and 4chan, came to Buffalo on March 8 and visited the supermarket three times — at 12 p.m., 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. Saturday, to do some exploring.

Payton Gendron also wrote in December that he wanted to kill blacks, and in February he targeted this supermarket due to the high proportion of African Americans in it, according to Washington Post. The newspaper also peeled a 180-page statement of the young man who describes himself as Simply a white man seeking protection and service [sa] social communication, [son] Persons, [sa] culture and [sa] a race “. Statement plan pages, minute by minute, attack, equipment and broadcast on the Twitch platform.

Payton Gendron is currently on trial for “Premeditated murder” He is due to appear before a judge on Thursday.

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