Published in Europe, this antivirus is able to make fun of hackers

The war in Ukraine led to an escalation of cyber attacks against Western individuals and companies. In the face of threats on the Internet, you need to know how to protect yourself with appropriate and reliable tools.

Today’s world leaves no room for doubt: Your data is at risk. In the face of escalating cyber attacks, no one is immune. Once you have an internet connection, you are putting the data stored on your computer at risk. In addition, the content that you publish on the web (such as your credit card details when making a payment) is also protected.

Should we give up? No, we should rather organize ourselves to eliminate this threat as much as possible. To do this, you have to choose the right tools that 1) provide optimal protection and 2) do not interfere with mobility. Among the few players from Europe, there is NordSecurity. This company publishes a full suite of security software: VPN, antivirus, password manager, and secure online storage.

The most important thing in our opinion is the combination of a VPN and an antivirus: these are the two tools that will protect you from online threats (see below). To everyone’s pleasure, NordSecurity currently bundles NordVPN VPN with antivirus features into one package at a pretty crazy price. It all comes down to €2.89 per month, while the VPN alone typically costs €10.49.

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In such a delicate context of geopolitical tensions, you need to know how to choose your publisher. It is better to choose NordSecurity rather than unreliable and corrupt foreign publishers. For example, Russia’s Kaspersky has been blacklisted in the United States or Germany due to its close ties to the Russian government.

In addition to this parameter, program compatibility must also be taken into account. For example, if an antivirus like Intego is available exclusively on Mac, then NordSecurity with VPN and its antivirus solutions are compatible with almost all media (computers, smartphones, tablets, smart TV, etc.). If you get a NordVPN license, you will receive access that covers 6 devices at once.

Why combine an antivirus and a VPN?

NordVPN is the go-to reference among VPNs in France. 28% of Internet users use this type of software to: 1) anonymize, 2) encrypt their data (such as their bank card), 3) avoid ad pressure and retargeting or 4) circumvent censorship and geo-blocking. There are a lot of uses that make it popular.

Over the years, VPNs have replaced antivirus software in terms of success. By choosing a program like NordSecurity, you can access a true layer of online protection against hackers. The big advantage of NordVPN is that it is available to the general public. One click is enough to protect your entire internet connection.

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If you subscribe to this VPN, you will also receive NordSecurity’s antivirus features. These revolve around 3 basic points that will protect you from almost all attacks. First, you will be protected while browsing online. NordVPN will warn you when a website is fraudulent. Then it scans all your downloads for viruses (and blocks them if necessary). Finally, it acts as a blocker for ads and other sinister trackers.

When you know that the vast majority of viruses come from the web, this triple protection provided by NordSecurity Antivirus is an excellent solution. After its dominance in the VPN market, it is positioning itself as the next standard player in antivirus software. This software should be released in the coming months in annual and standalone licensing mode. Currently, it is included in NordVPN.

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With over a decade of focus on cybersecurity, NordSecurity has proven to us that it can handle anything. The European company recently raised another $100 million to position itself firmly against the competition. In terms of products, it occupies a place among the elite: its VPN is one of the most effective in the world, and its antivirus may soon become so.

For those who want to maximize the security and life of their computers, NordSecurity is a reasonable choice. VPN + Antivirus is the right compromise to protect online from threats and maintain confidentiality. For those who want to go further, NordLocker Password Manager and Cloud Storage are great additions.

No matter which NordSecurity product you choose, the publisher guarantees you a 30-day trial period. If you have any doubts, just test: if you are satisfied with it, you can simply extend the subscription. Otherwise, you just have to cancel and in a few days, you are automatically compensated.

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