Vernouillet: 3 years in prison including 18 months in prison for attacking a woman in a supermarket waiting area

“You spoke badly of me in high school! This is the only explanation given by Ibrahim Benamra, 20, before the judges of the Criminal Court, to justify the blows he struck a young woman on the evening of August 27, 2021.

At the Court of Chartres: “a rogue as we see it in the movies”

That evening, a Druze woman was waiting in her car at the Intermarche stop in Verneuelles, when two men approached her open window.

“No witnesses interfere and worse, no one warns emergency services”

One is chasing her while the other is looking at the car. He received a briefcase and the 280 euros that contained it, plus a cell phone.
The scene was filmed by CCTV cameras in the supermarket.

For more than seven minutes, we see the two men beating the young Darwaisa inside her car, under the eyes of many onlookers. “No witnesses interfere and worse still, no one warns the emergency services,” the attorney general regrets.

“I don’t hit women (…) but they don’t look like women”

Both men have been identified. Ibrahim bin Amara was accompanied by a minor who will be tried by the Juvenile Court later. “I don’t hit women. But it doesn’t look like a woman.”

During the video recordings, we see the two men together heading towards the young woman’s car, swearing not to know his partner.
“We weren’t together” he assures us against all the evidence, in an arrogant tone, which the judges don’t seem to appreciate. In the face of the pictures, he can only admit to the violence against the young woman. To everyone’s surprise, he adds: “I don’t hit women. »

Referral is required before the Republic Court of Justice for Dupond Moretti

The chief judge was surprised: “But you hit her well.” “It doesn’t look like a woman!” He answers. But he denied stealing the phone. The bag, according to the recordings, was stolen by his friend.

Above all, he maintains his version that the young woman “talked badly to him in high school.”

Minor arrested in Chartres and four machines seized during series of anti rodeo checks in Eure-et-Loir

The woman’s reaction is “That’s wrong.” “I only know him by sight. We never spoke. Returning to the violence, she explains: ‘I couldn’t respond.’” It was just blows, blows, more blows. »

According to her, the man would have been tasked by someone else to beat her.
She explained that, a few days before, when she put her car up for sale, a potential buyer was going to show up. He was accompanied by his minor son.

Prison closed after two robberies in SFR, in Nogent-le-Rotro and Barjoville

Had to explain “his car”. “I would like to give it a try.”
The woman refused, who suspected that the child did not have a driver’s license.
“He threatened me. A week later, I got stuck in the parking lot.”
The plaintiff does not have enough harsh words to describe the actions of the young accused, nor his position at the hearing. “He shows rare indifference and genuine contempt for his victim. He is abhorrent.”

The judge claimed “three years in prison, including eighteen months with continued detention.” It also demands a ban on contact with the young woman and “a ban on Eure-et-Loir.”

After deliberation, the judges literally followed the prosecutor’s orders.

Jack Guanopoulos

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