Yeslicense: The New Star of (Very) Low-Cost Programs Seduces in the Face of Purchasing Power Problems

Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint… these names are probably familiar to you. And for good reason, these three programs are part of the Microsoft Office suite, the reference group for office automation. This software prepares computers for many users that you may have already encountered in your school or professional environment. But when it comes to investing in a Microsoft Office suite for personal use, price can be a barrier to your purchase. Fortunately, there are low-cost solutions to make this high-performance software accessible to as many people as possible. One such solution is to purchase a used license from Yeslicense. Among their products, there will necessarily be an offer for you!

What exactly is a used license?

A software license is a type of contract that allows you to use the software for a certain period of time. Often this takes the form of a numeric key (a string of numbers) that allows you to activate the software and use it for the life of the contract. A used license is one that has already been used, but was bought back by Yeslicense. The licenses sold on Yeslicense were purchased from companies that no longer need them. After verification, they are returned for sale. This process is legal because it is governed by European legislation. This allows you to get powerful software that works just as if you were the first user, but at a reduced price. On Yeslicense, for example, you will find an offer of the Microsoft Office Pro Plus 2019 set from 9.99 euros.

The licenses sold by Yeslicense are perpetual licenses. This means that its use is unlimited in time: once you purchase the license and after activation, you can use it for as long as you wish! And Microsoft Office suites are built to last: The 2010 version of Word can still perform very well in 2022.

How can I buy my used license on Yeslicense?

Yeslicense works like any other commercial website. All you have to do is add the product you wish to purchase to your cart and then proceed to checkout. And since everything is done via email, there are no delivery costs! It is also for this reason that it is important to fill in your email address correctly, as you will receive the activation key for your license in your mailbox. After downloading your software, an activation key will allow you to use your license. The email will also contain your invoice, as well as information needed to guide you through the installation of your license. Know that in case of a problem or any other question, our dedicated customer service is at your disposal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What products will I find on Yeslicense?

On Yeslicense you will not only find offers for Microsoft Office suites, but also offers for Windows operating systems. If you need a new office suite and operating system, there are also 2-in-1 packages that combine the two.

All Microsoft Office suites offered by Yeslicense include the Word-Excel-PowerPoint trio, as well as other productivity programs like Outlook or OneNote, depending on the suite chosen.

Need to change the operating system? Take a look at Windows offerings:

Why not use a 2-in-1 pack?

Are Yeslicense offerings for individuals or professionals?

good news ! If the products for sale on Yeslicense are aimed at individuals, professionals can also purchase their second-hand license. If you wish to purchase a used license as a Professional (company, incorporated) or if you are a distributor of a Microsoft Open OLP license, you can request a quote directly on the Yeslicense website. If you experience difficulties using your license or have questions, you can access a dedicated support service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You will understand that, with Yeslicense, you will be able to access and activate modern versions of Microsoft Office in a few minutes, without leaving your home! You no longer need to use a work or school computer to do your projects.

Article written in collaboration with Yeslicense

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