2022 Basketball season in Africa in numbers

The qualifiers and finals for the 2022 CAF Basketball League will be held at the Kigali Arena from Saturday 21st to Saturday 28th May. The top eight teams from the Sahara and Nile conferences will compete in the knockout stage. The winner will be crowned the champion of the second season of BAL.

The BAL 2022 qualifiers will begin May 21 at 8:30AM ET/2:30PM CAT, with Angolan club Petró de Luanda (4-1) against Morocco’s AS Salé (3-2), the next game pitting REG From Rwanda (4-1) against FAP Cameroon (2-3) at 12:00 PM EST / 6:00 PM. CAT. The quarter-final matches will continue on May 22, with Tunisian club Monastir (4-1) meeting South Africa’s Cape Town Tigers (2-3) at 8:30AM EST/2:30PM. CAT, then the title champion, Egypt’s Zamalek (5-0), at Guinea’s Slack Stadium (2-3) at 12:00 PM EST / 6:00 PM.

The semi-finalists will meet on May 25 for a chance to advance to the 2022 BAL Grand Final, which will take place on May 28 at 12:00 PM EST / 6:00 PM. CAT and will be broadcast in Africa on ESPN, Canal+, VisionView TV and Voice of America (VOA) radio, as well as worldwide on American Forces Network (AFN), ESPNews, NBA TV International, Tencent Sports, TSN, NBA App, and NBA.com and the NBA. com / pal.

BAL Qualifier and Final tickets are available in several formats (group, pre-sale, premium and standard). Fans can purchase their tickets now at https://on.nba.com/39GCBkM.

Here is the 2022 football schedule and highlights of the season:

1 – Liz Mills (Australia), head coach of Salé, became the first woman to coach the BAL team during the group stage of the Sahara Conference, held in Dakar, Senegal, from 5-15 March. Mills led AS Salé to the playoffs with three wins and two losses.
3 – Having been held in one location last season due to the pandemic, this year’s BAL was contested in three emblematic African cities: Dakar, Cairo (9-19 April) and Kigali.
3 – The 2022 BAL season includes three former NBA players: Jamal Artis (formerly Cape Town Tigers, formerly Orlando Magic), Ike Diogo (formerly Zamalek, San Antonio Spurs) and DJ Strawberry (formerly Zamalek, Phoenix Suns).
4 – Four countries were represented for the first time in the BAL: Democratic Republic of the Congo (BC Espoir Fukash), Guinea (SLAC), South Africa (Cape Town Tigers) and South Sudan (Cobra Sport). The SLAC (Sahara Conference) and Cape Town Tigers (Nile Conference) qualified for the playoffs after finishing among the top four teams at their respective conferences.
4 – Four African players among the best players in the 2022 group stage: Mayan Kerr (Cobra Sport South Sudan) averaging 18.8 points, 2.2 assists, 11.4 rebounds and one steal per game; Amadou Haruna (AS Salé, Niger) with 19.8 points, 3.6 assists, 4 rebounds and 1.6 possession per game; Roli Voula Nganga (BC Espoir Fukash, DR Congo) with 18.4 points, 2.4 assists, 5.6 rebounds and 1.2 steals per game; and Evans Ganabamo (Cape Town Tiger, Central African Republic) with 17.4 points, 2.2 assists, 3.8 rebounds and 1.8 possession per game.
5 – The top five scorers in the group stage during the qualifying rounds will be present:
Terrel Stoglin (AS Sale) – 33.2 points / game
Marcus Crawford (SLAC) – 21.4 points/match
Billy Preston (Cape Town Tigers) – 20.3 points/match
Amadou Harouna (AS Sale) – 19.8 points / game
Edgar Sosa (Zamalek) 19.5 points / match
5- Five teams return for their second season: Zamalek, the defending champion. USA Monastir, finalist in 2021; Semi-finalist, semi-finalist, and quarter-finalist Pietro de Luanda qualified for AS Salé and FAP. The five teams qualified for the BAL 2022 qualifiers.
7 – Seven teams made their BAL debut this season: BC Espoir Fukash, Cape Town Tigers, Cobra Sport, CFV – Beira (Mozambique), DUC (Senegal), REG (Rwanda) and SLAC.
8 – The eight teams in the qualifiers are: REG (4-1), US Monastir (4-1), AS Salé (3-2) and SLAC (2-3) from the Sahara Conference; And Zamalek (5-0), Petro de Luanda (4-1), Cape Town Tigers (2-3) and FAP (2-3) from the Nile Conference.
9 – BAL and Canal + Sport are co-producing nine episodes of “BAL Action”, a program dedicated to BAL and broadcast worldwide on partner platforms.
11 – BAL has 11 marketing partners: founding partners New Fortress Energy (NFE), Rwanda Development Board (RDB), NIKE, Jordan Brand and Wilson, official partners Alley-Oop Africa, and Attorney General Alliance (AGA) – Africa, Destination Senegal and Air Senegal, Infall City, Flutterwave and Hennessy.
11 – Zamalek, the 2021 champion, is marching on a winning streak of 11 consecutive matches after winning all five matches of the Nile Conference. Last season, Zamalek crowned the Premier League with 6 wins and zero losses.
12 – The Football Association once again hosted the 12 best teams from 12 African countries. As part of the new BAL Elevate Program (https://on.nba.com/3sezZ44), the NBA Academy Africa has joined each of the 12 teams for the 2022 season. The NBA Africa Academy is a center for elite training located in Saly, Senegal, dedicated to the top Beginners on the African continent.
13- A total of 13 players have played in the group stage of the NBA G League, including Ater James Majok (US Monastir), who was ranked 58th by the Los Angeles Lakers in 2011.
13 – The 2022 season of BAL is broadcast on 13 free-to-air channels in Africa: 2STV (Senegal), Arryadia (Morocco), Awa TV (Nigeria), CISTV (Guinea), DigiCongo TV (Democratic Republic of the Congo), K24 (Kenya), Kolo TV (Madagascar), On Time Sports (Middle East and North Africa), RBA (Rwanda), SABC Sports (South Africa), TV Tunisia (Tunisia), TVM (Mozambique) and TV Zimbo (Angola).
15 – In terms of rebounds, Atter James Magok (US Monastir) won the group stage with 15 rebounds or more after three matches.
16- Adonis Filer (REG) broke a new BAL record, with 16 assists in the opening match against AS Salé. Filer finished at the top of the assist charts in the group stage, averaging 9.2 per match.
19 – BAL’s 12 teams comprise 19 players who have participated in Basketball Without Borders (BWB) in Africa, the FIBA ​​World Basketball Development Program and outreach to the community for the best prospects for the country. Drafting 10 of them in the NBA. Previous BWB Africa entrants who currently play in the NBA are All-Star Joel Embiid (Philadelphia 76ers; Cameroon; BWB Africa 2011) and 2019 NBA Champion Pascal Siakam (Toronto Raptors; Cameroon; BWB Africa 2012).
30 – The 12 BAL teams include a total of 30 former NCAA Division I players.
38 – After 26 games of the inaugural season, the 2022 season is played over 38 matches: two group phases of 15 matches each, followed by eight playoffs and the finals.
41 – No. 41 Terrell Stoglin (AS Salé) broke the BAL record with 41 points in the 96-90 loss to US Monastir in the Sahara Conference, beating his own record in the process (40 points) that goes back to BAL 2021. Group stage: Stoglin is the tournament’s top scorer in the group stage, averaging 33.2 points per game.
156 – The 12 BAL teams combined represent 156 players from 23 countries in Africa, Europe and the United States.
199- At least 199 members of the press were accredited to cover BAL matches, on-site and online, during the group stage in Dakar and Cairo.
215 – Season 2 of BAL covers 215 countries and territories via partnerships with free and paid channels (Canal +, ESPN, NBA TV, Tencent Sports, TSN, AFN, VOA, TV5Monde, VisionView TV) and streaming on the NBA app, NBA.com and NBA .com/BAL.
400,000,000 – This season, BAL recorded over 400 million fan interactions across its online platforms, including 66 million interactions from influencers, 22 million views, 12 million interactions on social media, and four million visits to BAL’s official website ( NBA.com/BAL).

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