A victory tastes heaven by Norges of Dijon-Burgogne

Changed and then postponed due to the pandemic, the 2020 Grand Final of the doubles tournament was held in Mauritius in a sporty and cheerful atmosphere.

Nearly a year and a half of waiting to be able to meet again… The four teams qualified for the Grand Final of 3And A copy of the Beachcomber Golf Cup has finally been able to do battle in northern Mauritius, from Friday the 13th to Tuesday 18th May. Representatives from the clubs Palmola, Chantilly la Forêt and Norges Dijon -Bourgogne are located in the heavenly setting of the five-star luxury hotel at Trou aux Biches Beachcomber Golf Resort & Spa as well as on the fairways of the Mont-Choisy Racecourse and Isabella turned the page together for 2020 in the six-nation national championship duo digging.

“I look forward to seeing you on the greens and under the Mauritian sun,” chorus on WhatsApp before taking an Airbus Air Mauritius from Paris… The eight runners and their travel companions will not be disappointed. As in previous editions, the welcome allotted to them over the course of four days, including two days of competition, was of exceptional quality. Once again, the organizing team led by Antoine Robin, Pierre Cousino and Jean-Renaud Lotte, accompanied by Remy Sabarros, Senior Organizer of Beachcomber France, rolled the red carpet…and more. “We are received like princes and the playing conditions are worthy of those meant for professional players,” the finalists unanimously acknowledged.

“Oh, palmolas, you can make an effort in Bermuda shorts,” Tarnais Rémi Sabarros chanted in relation to Toulouse’s “favourite,” on the morning of the honors day. Hearing himself answer, in great laughter: “It would have been easier if we had our bags that didn’t arrive!” The tone is set: warm, direct, sporty and smiling. At the end of the first day of competition, Paul and Simone (Norges Dijon-Burgoni) joined Clément and Patrick (Cantelli la Foret) in the Grand Final while Nicolas and Xavier (Palmola) met Laura and Pascal (Isabella) in the Junior Final. Ranked in the index 30.3, Laura, the only woman to run in the duo, admitted the pressure was a bit strong: “We were the lowest-ranked team and had some tough passes in the short match. Not too dangerous. We already won our championship by qualifying for Mauritius.. The next day, club representative Evelyn and her partner got 3And A step up from the podium, winning the last two rounds (2 & 1, 2up) ahead of Palmola, after the first post (A/S).

So Monday’s Grand Final was opposed by my friend Norge Dijon Bourgogne for father and son Chantilly La Foret. At the end of the afternoon, Paul and Simon beat Patrick and Kleiman. The Burgundians won the 17th hole of Mont-Choisy after a game rich in twists and turns: 2 in the first game on the first 6 holes, equalization (A/S) on 2And Match from hole 7 to 12, and finally 2 & 1 through 3And match. In Part 3 of 17 (179 meters hole, uphill headwind), Kleiman didn’t take much to prolong the suspense by chopping a few centimeters off the hole…”With my dad, he said, we’re a little disappointed because we believe in it. That’s the game. Maybe we will come back someday!”

Paul, a poker player when he’s not playing golf, and Simon, smiling whatever the context, won the trebleAnd Edition of the Beachcomber Golf Cup. Accomplices even in their strange clothes. “We wanted it when we scored in this tournament, the two friends noticed after their success, but we were far from imagining that this competition would be rich in so many emotions and powerful moments! Paul and Simon wanted to share their joy with all the finalists during the awards evening.

Sponsored by Julian Xantopoulos for the last time, the Beachcomber Golf Cup, on its way to Mauritius, was also boosted by two “clinics” of the former Challenge Tour player, now a TV consultant, who distilled his tips and some practice into the big game. , before presenting several workshops dedicated to the small game around the greenery of the Hotel Trou aux Biches, which certainly hides many resources. From the end of this year 2022, to the Grand Final in Mauritius from 4And Set to take place from November 10 to 13, former professional player Antoine Schwartz, who has been transferred to coaching, will take charge. By then, 32 clubs in France will have hosted the national final qualifiers in Saint-Germain (78) scheduled for Monday 10 October.

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