Basketball. “As soon as there are great moments, I will show up,” said Real Madrid’s Brestua, Fabian Causeur, before the fourth final. [Vidéo] – Basketball

The fourth Euroleague final in Belgrade. Real Madrid-Barcelona, ​​Thursday (9pm)

What does playing in the fourth Final Four mean to you?

It’s a huge thing. All the work of the entire season is validated by this qualification. Every season, there are only four teams to go there, and indeed, creating a team is great. Not many players can say that. At the beginning of my career, I dreamed of playing up to one, then four…but now, the most important thing is to go to the end.

After the playoffs against Maccabi Tel Aviv, she tweeted: “Many doubt it, we don’t.” This came on the heels of criticism during the team’s poor run in February and March?

We had this confidence that we could do it from the start of the season, but we had our ups and downs and a lot of people were skeptical of us ahead of the play-offs. I wrote this tweet because I was so proud of my team. After the King’s Cup (59-64 defeat against Barcelona on February 20), we were hit hard in the back of the head, and we won’t lie to each other (1). It was not easy to turn the page, we are not bots. We also left a lot of power there and physically wronged us behind. It was hard to raise our heads because the opposing teams had gained a bit of confidence and thought maybe there was a feat to do against us, because for them it’s often the match of the year, like against Barcelona. Even our fans doubted. I remember a few whistles after the match against Munich. But we showed that we are a strong team, that we knew how to play these tough matches. A new competition has just started, where all the counters have been reset, except for the home feature in the series.

Hit hard in Quarterfinal 1 against Maccabi (20 points, 5 assists, 4 rebounds). Qualifiers are always a special flavor to you, right?

Since I’m at Real Madrid, once there are great moments, I look (smile). We’ve been fighting all season to play these big matches, that’s what we love. The confrontations against the top competitors, with the tension that you have to win to get close to titles, then you beat yourself up and I especially appreciate those moments.

“He does important things for the team,” coach Pablo Laso says about you. How do you take such a compliment?

It was always what I loved to do in basketball. In Le Havre, when I started, they told me, “You’re defending and you’re open shots,” and that’s what I did. Same first year in Cholet, then I took on more responsibilities and in the third year (the year), I finished MVP (Tournament MVP). Since then, every year I work a little more and find my place in the team. At Real, I hit my heels, I watched how things went and very quickly, with (Sergio) Llull injured, I spent more time playing, gaining confidence and having that role, a bit of a Swiss Army knife playing as fair as possible for the team, I know how to adapt . I think I’ve often had matches where I’ve been more decisive in defense and offense, but that’s not what sticks in people’s minds.

This season, you are still at high levels, with great playing time (2) while there is still a great team…

This is because of the trust I’ve gained over the years with Pablo. From the first year, I played a lot but I didn’t have that confidence, for example in the play-offs. He even clarified in an interview that I should not play in the fourth final 2018. But we ended up at the age of 10 (in the semi-final against CSKA Moscow) and he threw me. And after that, he made history (decisive in the first half, especially in the final, top scorer with 17 points). I have to be ready all the time and not hide to take on my responsibilities when they ask me.

I’m going back to Belgrade where I won the biggest trophy of my career, had a great weekend, but I won’t rest from it on the most important weekend of the year.

You are also the 3rd most skilled player with 3 points (45.5%). Do you have an explanation for this success?

No, I didn’t know! Who is in the foreground (3)? After that, it’s work, there’s no secret. I’m often the last in training to remain the shooter. Then, in matches, you have confidence and all this preparation allows you to achieve that success.

Belgrade’s Red Star players may have three, Fabian Causeur goes to the basket. (EPA photo)

At 34, how do you manage your season? Recovery, with so many matches on the table, should be of paramount importance.

Yes, this is very crazy. This is the year I play the most as I will be 35 in a month and a half. We won’t lie to each other, matches and weeks leave their mark, but it always makes us happy. I do everything for the benefit of recovery. I had the pleasure of having a little girl at the end of October and things had rocked a little to rest (laughs), but I am very keen on sleep and feeding. Over the years, the legs are no longer the same and care must be taken to prevent injuries. I spend a lot of time in a physiotherapist.

The team has changed a lot since the 2018 title. What are its strengths today?

We may have fewer scorers this year than in 2018 (Karol, Doncic, Campazzo, Ion, etc.) but we are stronger physically and defensively and that has allowed us to hang on to all the games, except for Zalgiris (47-68). And behind us, many of us can “heatstroke” in the attack.

As in the 2018 final in Belgrade, where she returns to the Final Four. Is it a good sign?

This is where I won the biggest trophy of my career, having had a great weekend. I’d have confidence going there, but I’m not going to take a break from that to handle the most important weekend of the year in the best possible way.

I hope we will have the opportunity to celebrate our two victories at the Bernabéu with our footballers, as we did in 2018. An unforgettable moment.

You will find Barcelona in the semi-finals, your big opponent in the league and in the Spanish Cup. How do we understand it well?

There is no particular apprehension whether Barcelona or Munich are their opponents in the quarter-finals. To pass, we have to focus on our strengths and play our game of course, for the fans and the journalists, it’s El Clasico.

Real can do the basketball double as in 2018. Have you talked about it with Karim Benzema like you have since 1987?

I was on the field for the semi-final against Manchester City and we meet sometimes at the residence, where the basketball players and football players eat. We congratulate each other after the big matches and qualifying, but it doesn’t go further than that. I hope we will have the opportunity to celebrate the two wins at the Bernabéu, as we did in 2018. An unforgettable moment.

1. Injured in the semi-finals, he missed the final and several matches in March, when Real Madrid lost.

2. 19’13’ and 8.1 points in the regular season; 24’17” and 10 points in the playoffs.

3. 1. Marco Speco (Kazan) 52.9%, 2. Yacouba Ouattara (Monaco) 50%.

Adrian Moorman (right) blocks a basketball by Shavon Schleides of Armani Exchange in Milan
Stubborn in defence, Adrien Moerman (right) also knows how to play his cards right in Efes Istanbul in attack. (EPA photo)

Olympiacos – Efes Istanbul: Duel of the French
French basketball has already been well represented by the tricolor of Real (Cossur, Yabucelli, Pourier), and French basketball will be omnipresent in the first semi-final of the Final Four, this Thursday (7pm). On the side of Olympiacos, second in the regular season behind Barcelona and winner of Monaco in the quarter-finals (3-2), we will find Guiani Livio Jean Charles and Parisien Mustapha Vall. In the ranks of defending champion Aves Istanbul (sixth), Fontenesian Adrian Moormann hopes to be accompanied by Guadeloupe Rodrigue Popois, absent from the quarter-finals and uncertain meeting Belgrade.

In the regular season, the Turks remained masters at home (88-69), before ceding the wire in Greece (87-85) on a triple pointer at the bell from Kostas Slokas, the former Fenerbahce, the big rival of ‘Istanbul.

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