Basketball: Le Creusot’s U-18 women are divisional champions 2021-2022

They won at Fontaines lès Dijon. Good job girls.

U18F – Fontaines lès Dijon 56 – AB Creusot 58

And it was the explosion, the communication, the emotion that robbed everything in a tsunami of joy… at the end of the second rollover in the last missed shot of the locals to give themselves an extra 5 minutes, the ball touched the board before the creosotene picked up the bounce… 4, 3, 2, 1… Zero… It’s over… Parents, players and coach intertwine in a one-of-a-kind moment we will remember for seasons long… But a flashback two hours ago:

The Dijonnais did not drop the case and, reinforced by two girls playing in the area, they showed their intentions. It is “face to face” that the two sagas will take on each other without ceding an inch of ground to take the lead. Right from the start we’re really nervous on both sides and that’s not going to help scoring goals… Foolishness, poor choices, background passing, rushing… In short: the first QT ended up starving “8 to 5” for the locals that wraps up the first 10 minutes. . The Creusotines rise to the occasion in the second quarter of the QT by mutually responding but without giving up their favorite shots due to pace and defensive pressure – a trademark of the “red team” for a few months. ABC holds up though 4 shots as being so valuable because they’re desperate and are investigated by the opponent and that, with the board…we imagine a bad scenario with this unlikely success but the Le Creusot girls still won this QT by 16 to 12 to get back in the room Dressing with the smallest margins: 21-20.
After refilling the changing room at halftime, we feel that those with the strongest nerves are the ones who risk winning the bet. Every possession is worth its weight in gold, and fever wins. Both camps are unable to embody a large number of situations. For the 1st place match, we would have forgotten that the 71st Committee did not consider it legitimate to call up two neutral officials – an arbitration crisis obligates! Fortunately, two locals in the “father and son – Chanliau” maneuver knew, in an sometimes unbreathable atmosphere, how to play and above all rise to the meeting … I hope they are on the way, congratulating because they too rarely do not It is reported! …equivalence score in this third quartile of QT “6 to 6”. The fourth QT will be of the same profile … a little fear, a little young, it is played in people’s heads … and despite the slight advantage that a few seconds from the end of the regulation time was taken by the visitors, in the snatch the Dijonnais equalized Almost at the end of the bell.
It will take another five minutes to choose between these two equally valuable teams on Saturday afternoon. ABC guys are in there and take a 5 point rank, we say Grail is at the end but Fontaines’ lines are still under their feet and red punishes two interceptions like many stabs… So we’ll be back another 5 minutes, the tension is at its peak… Pretty close but still even Now… Bis repeat in this second stretch: It’s the creosotene that will take over from the start… Another basket at 3 with plaque de Fontaine… “That’s not possible, you have to come back before midnight!”…
Come on girls… no needless frustrations, it’s the team that is key to everything, on the field or on the bench: we give it our all… point, basket, counter-attack and free throw to finish the match by the captain Sophia… One last dash from Fontaine’s… Without success this time, it’s over: the group can break free and bellies left, little tears and a beautiful run of joy after a 50 minute fight where everyone will have made their contribution… Emma” 3 points Zoe’s ‘two points’, Tess’ free throw from overtime, infinite will Audrey, Solin’s calm score, Léa R’s fiery driving, Léa’s other rebounds, defensive heart and Sofia’s big heart… all add up to the decibel and uninterrupted vocal of coach Alex for two hours. .
Like their elders in San Francisco, they did… the heroes two days before the end since Charnay had a bad idea about taking a break from Genlis Prison. They were finally released, hopefully, to play without pressure and a little more “basketball” in the last two meetings… This group wants more… The champions are good… Then the coupe final… Come… See you next Saturday !
U17G – AB Creusot 84 – USA St. Remy 37
While the little ones were super warm at the Halle des Sports where the mini basketball party was being held, our under 17s had a different kind of heat stroke with a visit to the great Saint Rémy team. Certainly two categories of difference between these two teams even if we would have liked to have only one team … Therefore, we would have liked the players to understand that between “dribbling and dribbling” and “running and passing” … and another said: «There is no picture». Admittedly, the opponent had two players that the locals did not have: “6” with the demonic title alone took as many points as the AB Creusot team … The number “5”, “was driving” ablaze and was untenable on engines his counterattack. So it was necessary to reduce the breakage, at least to engage the ball more by making it move, to be more solid in duels and defensive aids and more skilled in all of the outside shot titles (3/11) to LF). So there were a lot of things missing that Remy in the oven and factory couldn’t solve on his own.
Three QT teams where suburban Chalonnais recited their basketball maturity (11-21, 7-22 and 12-28) left no doubt about the difference between two teams, one consisting of full experience with boys mainly born in 2005 and the other Much smaller and still at the heart of his lineup even if he’s been more honored in the last QT (9-13), the block was sacked for a long time and the Green Gunners joined the bench to leave his five “minors” just as strong on as the Five Reds who put an end to a total ball Basketball under 17.
However, there is nothing dramatic, there are defeats in which you learn if you do not win, and as they say in such circumstances: “Only those who keep lessons” change something for the better when the next opportunity arises. They will show “… come on the players… respect and “Bravo” for the opponent, humility for us, we raise our heads, we go back to “training”, we share the ball and we’ll talk about it again in the next game!

SM – AB Creusot 72 – CB Chalon 44

It’s a very nice result played by the seniors on our under-17 team and we would have liked them to be able to come and see what rewards are given to the game and the players in the game… to pass the ball like a hot ball we don’t want to have too long on our hands.
Yes, from one match to the next, there is no mystery: teamwork, “treasure” sharing and a bit of generosity in situations, it was enough for the chemistry and allowed beautiful sequences of gameplay in “FIVE” with the success of “non-forced” outside moves and shots – 8 other winning baskets Prizes at the end of the mass movement gave the balm to the heart of a few spectators present, to all the players and coach Miloud, who is responsible for the perfectly implemented instructions. It was of course impossible for her to last almost 40 minutes “more than perfect”, allowing Chalons a few moments not to take the lightning and be there in sequence
It’s definitely the result of some basic principles implemented in weeks of training and also a certain fun playing together and that everyone turns out and feels good from Sunday afternoon. Too bad the absent players couldn’t participate and switched to “eight” instead of “six” which for once we can also share playtime…Congratulations guys…so you deserved to win another round in this final stage of the divisional championship and honestly , from the outside… “She looked great!…”

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