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Male Excellence

Epernay beats Entente Chevillon / Pont-Varin 33-30

Chevelon. If the Chevillon/Pont-Varin Entente (33-30) loses against Epernay, the last league game of the season, it will have the fans filled with pride who answered the call of the team’s executives, filling the Daniel-Fourneret gymnasium. . The meeting begins in a deafening atmosphere of drums and trumpets. As a symbol, it is the youngest in the team, Loeb Barbier (four goals,) who opened the scoring for the Concord. Ebernay shows great confidence at the start of the match and is quickly advancing (5-1). Al-Wefaq players have the will, and Enzo Altmaier (six goals), who served well in his pivotal position, brings his team back to the match by scoring three goals in three minutes. Ebernay, the falter, led by three goals. Gerardin (two goals) and Viard (seven goals) put the two teams back on the right track. The teams return to the dressing room with a score of 16-16.

The second half resumed and Janine (eight saves) set the tone for his colleagues who rushed towards Mernez, especially Lucas Dantas (five goals). At three minutes, he tops “Yellow and Black” (19-16). The “+4” ball slips away and Ebernay recovers quickly, taking advantage of the Chevillonnaises’ hesitations. The Marne runs the best end of the match that ends with applause for today’s losers who congratulate the future winners of the tournament (30-33). It’s over for Christophe Ginkolas’ men. Great season though…

honor male

chicken 3

Faubecourt defeats Lake Champagne “2” 31-27

Brin. Nohan Tevenen’s men suffered another home defeat on Saturday 14 May during the penultimate day. Hugo Demessemacker opened the scoring (1-0), but Meuse quickly dominated (3-5). Titouan Lassen and Pierre Hubert rebalance (5-5). The locals, still behind, equalized the score just before the break, via Alban Hurel (12-12).

In the second half, Lax Champagne saved his opponent (21-21, 42 minutes), before conceding four goals in four minutes (22-26, 46 minutes). Victor Velizote brought his team to the goal (25-26), but the end of the match was in favor of Faubecourt and his striker Antoine Pascal Germont, who won (27-31).

D1 Female 10/52

Champagne Lakes defeated Frontales 27-24

Brin. The daughters of Annick Bertoli beat Frontales at her home on Saturday, May 14th. The two teams engage in a real crossover during the first half and logically join the locker room with a score of 12-12.

At the start of the second half, Caroline Guiger and Afgan Jaqueli break Lax Champagne (14-12). A double from Sophie Pradel rebalances (15-15). Caroline Guiguet and Avgane Jacquillet breathe new life into the locals (17-15), but Froncles recovers (18-18), before moving forward on the scoreboard with a goal from Sophie Pradelle (18-19). Kristel Sampers restricted the breaks and kept her team in the game. Lacs Champagne takes the lead (22-21) and does not give up his advantage until the end (27-24).

U18 between women’s divisions

Langer / Val de Meuse beats Bonny / Hautes Riviera 30-17

Bonnie Sur Muse. It was a long trip to the Ardennes for seven Entente Langres/Val-de-Meuse players. Haut-Marnaises takes the lead thanks to a well-established defense (2-7, 15′). Then Bonnie tied at the end of the first half and the difference was six goals in the first half (9-15).

The match resumes and the physiognomy remains the same. Langres’ defense disrupts the attack of the locals, which mainly depends on two players, while the Entent Sud Hot Marnes rely on a more homogeneous group, as evidenced by the “5-0″ that was attached to five different players in ten minutes (14-21, 41″ Then 14-26, 51”). Yasmine Nawash and Alexien Houllier concluded the match by scoring a double. The final score (17-30) is in favor of Haut-Marnaises who play their last league game on Saturday 21 May against Epernay/Ay, with a place on the podium if they win.

U15 male intersection

Val de Meuse beats Langres/Challendre 29-25

Montigny Le Roy. The nationals of François Souci and Ludovic Olivier presented, Saturday 14 May, in front of many spectators, their last game of the season. For this occasion, they welcomed the Langer team, which was already their opponent last week. This meeting started shyly, and there were only a few goals on both sides. Only at the end of the first half were his colleagues from Wallace Schaaf and Evrar Beller able to separate (9-4). With the help of their team’s goalkeeper, Killian Pelag, the Val de Meuse players began to “read” their handball in a series of combinations.

The local population was able to widen a large gap at the end of the second period (21-11). Under the leadership of an excellent and very promising referee, Enzo Cardot, the third period was like the other two, in favor of Montaigne players (29-25).

U13 male intersection

LAX Champagne beats St. Moore of America 20-19

Saint Morey. Youth Eric Wise won the OB.

Thanks to a trio of Arsène Pingris, visitors made the difference during the first period (3-6). The locals did not abdicate and returned to the goal (8-9), but Alex Movre and Arsene Pengres scored by a big run (8-11).

Lacs Champagne widens the gap at dawn in the last quarter of the hour (10-15). Oboa starts strong and scores (16-16). Hugo Beaudo and Arsene Pengres remake the divider (16-18). Lax Champagne finally wins thanks to a decisive save by Joris Guelley at the end of the match (20-19).


Excellence chicken

Langres beat Nugent 13-12

Langer. Langro’s team is led by Alexis Monfils (2-0, 3). Thanks to their goalkeeper, Janis Milen, returning from injury, the locals returned to the dressing room with a three-goal lead (7-4, 12).

The second half was more complicated for Hugo Semlet’s players who scored just one goal, allowing Nugent to catch up (8-7, 24).

The third period was moot, and neither team was able to take the lead (12-12, 33′). The last shot of Eleanor Pourier, 20 seconds after the end of the match, allowed Langrois to win (13-12).

Program on May 21 and 22

male distinction
Itac / Sainte-Maury – Shomon : Saturday 8:15 pm, Multisports Hall, Troyes.
Tinky – champagne lakes : Saturday 8:30 p.m., gym. across the tail.
female before childbirth
Langer Sainte-Maure: Saturday 8:30 pm, gym. Bonnell.
Vignulles / Trade – chevelon : Saturday 6 pm, Kosik Marlat, Commerci.
Male Hen Honor 3
watermelon- Champagne Lakes “2” : Sunday 4 p.m., gym. Hiller run.
Pont-Varin / Chevillon “2” – Revigny / Ornain: Saturday 8 p.m., gym. From CES, Wassy.
honor male hen 4
Val d’Mus – Void-Vacon: Saturday 6 p.m., gym. From college, Montigny.
Men’s D1 Challenge
Nogent/Val-de-Meuse – Chevillon/Pont-Varin “3”: Saturday 7:30 p.m., at Cosec in Nogent.
Male interdepartmental under 18
Shomon Sainte-Maure / Etac: Saturday 5 pm, gym. sheep.
champagne lakes Taissy “2”: Saturday at 5:30 pm at the Cosec Center in Montier.
Chevelon / Pont Varenne – Rosières-Savino “2”: Saturday 6 pm, gym. From CES, Wassy.
Interdepartmental women under 18
Shalon – champagne lakes : Saturday 4 p.m., gym. Jean Francois Keyeser.
Shomon Ardenne Métropole: Saturday 7 p.m., gym. sheep.
Langres / Val des Muses – Epernay: Saturday 6pm, gym. Bonnell, Langer.
Men’s under 15 years old
Shomon – Bar Le Duc: Saturday 3 pm, gym. sheep.
Under 15 years old male interdepartmental 10/52
Joinville – Langres/Chalindrey: Saturday 4 p.m., Sports Complex, Joinville.
Interdepartmental male under 13
CSC / VDM / LHBfrown : Saturday 6 p.m., Col. Henry Vincent.
champagne lakes – Etac: Saturday 3:30 pm, Cociec de Montier.
Pont-Varin / Chevillon “2”Shomon : Saturday 4 p.m., gym. From CES, Wassy.
Interdepartmental women under 13
Chalindrey / Langres / Val-de-Meuse Arches: Saturday 6 p.m., Col. Henry Vincent.
champagne lakes – Etac: Saturday 3:30 p.m., at Cosec in Montier.
Pont-Varin / Chevillon “2”Shomon : Saturday 4 p.m., gym. From CES, Wassy.
Male section under 11 years old – Barakat Al Tamayuz
Chevillon “2” – Montier: Saturday 2:30 p.m., gym. Chevelon.
Langres – Froncles: Saturday 4 p.m., gym. Bonnell.
Pont-Varin – Nogent: Sunday 11 a.m., gym. From CES, Wassy.
Male section under 11 years old – honoring the hen
Joinville – Chaumont: Saturday 2:30 pm, sports complex.
Chalindrey – Val-de-Meuse: Saturday 4 p.m., Col. Henry Vincent.

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