Junuelho Cup: Terry Blanche’s first entry


hot. Difficult. Greed in nervous and physical energy. first day of Junuelho 2022, this Wednesday, fulfilled the role that falls to the beginning of the tournament: bringing all the elements of the decor to the stage, putting the actors there. 16 teams in this French first division men’s team championship received confirmation by air: This week at Pont-Royal, it’s going to be hot, scorching sun-kissed, on a track with all the weapons to defend itself.

Player: Tom Gent

Of the 96 entered in this first round of the hit game, only one took the Provencal route scale in a significant way. The first player to go out in the morning for him white earthAnd Tom Jian He didn’t wait for the UV avalanche to bring up his glowing racket: four sparrows in a row between holes 2 and 5. His only ghost in the game, at 7, seemed to not bother him, as he struck a comeback with three sparrows without a fault.

“It was great, you had a great day, Oregon Student Book. I felt good in all aspects of the game: I put in good shots, good driving too. I was able to lean on the right sides, and put the iron picks in the right places when the flags were tight enough. You made good use of a tactic. »

Tom Gyan card on this first day.

In the aftermath, double defense champion Terre Blanche led from the end of day one, at +4. Consolidated total at the end of the day by Martin Kovra, who provided a clean game with two ghosts and two birds, for 72 (equivalent). bad start (+4 after four holes), Paul Buffy Meanwhile I held on well, to sign 74 (+2).

Team: Cannes-Mougins

Huaro’s executioner signed 72 (par) for Cannes Mougins. (Alexis Orloff/Fgulf)

There is no card that exceeds 76 (+4) in the final total for the day, which holds the best five scores out of six. a team was moggins She’s definitely second at +9, five strokes behind Terre Blanche, but she showed, unsurprisingly, nice consistency. After the first morning card of the value (72) signed by Tom Valiantand the Azores scored one second, in the afternoon, across Gilad Howaru.

Flawless for thirteen holes, with three sparrows without any foul, the latter receiving three spooks at the end of the game. Really nothing to demoralize. “In the end, it was a very good day, notice. The key here is above all else to have a good strategy, where we respect each other and our choices. It doesn’t matter if it’s a driver or a shot of iron, you have to take your choice as much as you can, and hit the shots at 100%. »

Obviously the philosophy his teammates have successfully applied: 74 (+2) juniors Raphael Bobo Lorette75 (+3) for Armand Papazianiand 76 (+4) for Nicholas Muller.

rest of the classification

Six sparrows, and finally one day less than Maxence Mugnier. (Alexis Orloff/Fgulf)

Two more cards were signed below par on day one, both at 71 (-1). One is to be attributed to Thomas Perotwhich helps to put it Saint Germain In third place at +13. “I had very good vertebrae, and lower quality ones, He indicates. I managed to manage it. It wasn’t perfect, but it’s a tough 18-hole course where you feel satisfied. There are always moments with shots in the middle, and the course is not very forgiving. We have to limit the breakage, and once it’s all right, frankly, we can still make birds. »

Maxence Mougnier Prove it too. With six birds during his game, he was a player Saint Cloud I signed the other card 71 (-1) of the day. Thus Clodoaldiens ranks fourth, at +16.

Indeed, the battle for places in the first eight will be tough, before the second day of qualifying, Thursday. with one Gregory Schwepp In paragraph (72), Golf Bordeaux It ranks sixth overall, at +18. Three shots in the back, at +21, Manville Real Estate And San Nom La Britque Seventh place post. With Pussy Germans9 at +23, Palmola And countrysideone rank behind at +24, Raray 12 at +25 and Lake Bordeaux 13th place at +26, that gives seven teams in five moves, all in eighth place. All this without burial Prayer (+31), Medoc (+33) and Amen (+36). Thursday, every hit will be heavy.

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