New laptops for creators

during his conference [email protected]the Taiwanese manufacturer reveals New ranges of laptops Focusing on meaningful solutions Bedouin creators. A quick overview of the different models that Acer revealed today.

Vero Scope: Acer Plays the Environmental Responsibility Card

During the event, Acer discussed at length its various efforts to Reduce its impact on the environment. Thus, the manufacturer highlights the Vero range, designed from Recycled plastics from the oceans.

The latter accommodates two new laptops Aspire Vero. Equipped with Full HD screens from 14 and 15 inchesIt is based on the new 12th generation Intel chipset. They will be served from From August 2022 at the prices of 899 and 999 euros.

Similarly, Acer has unveiled its all-in-one desktop computer Veriton Ferrobased on a 24 inch HD IPS screen. To overcome the most greedy uses, it is equipped with chips Intel 12th generation (up to i9), graphics card Nividia GeForce MX550 Based on 64 GB of RAM Maximum. lowest price: €919.

Finally, let’s mention the two The new Vero IPS 24-inch and 27-inch screens. Note: They’re supposed to get a file Delta E less than 1, for flawless color reproduction. It should be presented in the third quarter of this year, starting from €399.

Predator Helios 300 SpatialLabs Edition: 3D without glasses

But the main announcement of this conference is undoubtedly Predator Helios 300 Space Labs Edition. This laptop – whose release date has not been revealed – combines technology spatial laboratories and playing capabilities in the range predator.

The Acer ConceptD SpatialLabs prototype was unveiled last year.

For recording, SpatialLabs is Acer technology that allows viewing a file 3D hologram without glasses. What happens in a revolution? 3D object design For video games, short or feature length animation films, architects or engineers.

Concretely, the Predator Helios 300 Space Labs Edition It has a very muscular configuration (12th generation Intel i9 chip, Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 card). can do that View in 3D Some video games and 3D creations from programs like blender where Unreal Engine. In addition, it integrates the program called SpatialLabs GoMade for Convert 2D content to 3D (Games, photos and videos).

Model Especially interesting (and elitism), which will be available in September of €3299.

Finally, let’s not forget View Acer Spatial Labs (and its professional version), two independent 4K monitors from 15.6 inch. can be connected to “classic” computeras they allow View stereoscopic 3D contentDesigned for both gamers and creators.

Acer ConceptD: PCs are updated for creators

Acer also takes the opportunity to update its laptops ConceptD 5 and ConceptD 5 Pro. Thus it integrates a 12 generation intel i7 chip In addition to 32 GB RAMand Nvidia RTX A5500 GPU (Pro version) or RTX-3070.

Can be equipped with 16 inch OLED screen (Optional), merge them Storage up to 4TB SSDas well as a “classic” hard disk from 4 TB he is too.

According to Acer, these new models are specifically designed to meet the needs of photographersfrom Videographersfrom graphic designers or even Architects. As in previous iterations, the board should be Pantone Certified And compliant with the standard DCI-P3.

It will be available at floor prices from €2399 For D concept 5 and €2599 For ConceptD 5 Pro.

Finally, let’s mention the horoscopes D 500 . Concept. It is also designed for DTP and CAD, they depend on it Very solid settingsthe ability to absorb a Intel i9 chip and graphics card RTX-3070.

A more compact version is called D concept 100hosts an intel chip i5 or i7and Nvidia GPU T400 where T1000. Whoever €1199 For ConceptD 500 and 999 Euro for ConceptD 100, with availability in September.

Acer Swift and Spin: Lightweight and Powerful Portable Devices

For even more lightness, Acer also reveals New ultra-portable computers. The manufacturer discloses Swift 3 OLED : As its name suggests, it includes a 14 inch 2.8K 16:10 OLED panelSupports color gamut 100% DCI-P3. Chips bet 12th Generation Intel Core-H Processorbenefit from it 10 am independence. Price starts from 999 Euro Available in July.

For his part, the spin 5 inherit 360 degree hingeThe 14-inch screen can be folded for tablet use. It depends on the processor Intel i7 Twelfth generation, with 16 GB RAM and one 1 TB SSD. without forgetting spin 3which varies with slab 14 inches, lower definition (Full HD vs 2.5K for Spin 5). It will be available at special prices 999 euros and 1399 euros, From June or July depending on the model.

And, Last but not leastAcer unveils two new high-end laptops under Chrome OS : The Chromebook Spin 714 (with 14-inch screen and Intel i7 chip) and Chromebook Tab 510based on a 10.5-inch screen and – on the slide Snapdragon 7c Gen 2 To obtain the independence of the registry. It will be available from 879 euros and 399 euros.

Acer TravelMate: Versatile Laptops for Professionals on the Go

Finally, Acer announced that it has renewed its range truffle dead, intended for professionals. The TravalMate P4 And TravalMate Spin P4 equipped with reinforced frameTo withstand shocks and falls. Include screen 14″ and 16″ Full HD screen (excluding Spin version, shown only in 14″ size) to Ratio 16:10. Under the hood, they bet on wizards Intel i7 Twelfth generation, or AMD Ryzen 7 Pro.

For his part, the Travel Mate P2 It features a hinged screen that can be opened flat 180 degrees. Available in 14 or 15.6 inchesit integrates chips 12th Generation Intel i7 vPro. And like its big brothers, it uses recycled plastic for the chassis and touchpad.

All of these new models will be available from August or September at the lowest price €949.

Find all the developments revealed during the conference [email protected] on the manufacturer’s website.

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