PGA: Jordan Spieth could complete a Grand Slam by winning the PGA Championship

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There are players with an almost incomparable aura that will follow them throughout their career. Think of Tiger Woods who has been stirring up emotions since 1997 and is now an idol for several generations. We can even think of his son Charlie, who has swagger Which will make more than one person jealous even at the age of only 13 years!

For the youngest of them, there will always be the same golfers who will leave amateurs on the edge of their chairs all the time: Rory McIlroy and Jordan Spieth. While McIlroy’s failed attempts to complete his major championships are well known, the same cannot be said of Spieth.


This week, the American will attempt to claim the PGA Championship, and is the only major player missing from his roster. If all goes his way, Spieth could become the sixth golfer in PGA history to achieve the feat, and the group he could join is especially strong: Jack Nicklaus, Ben Hogan, Gene Sarazen, Gary Player and Tiger Woods. And at the age of 28, only Woods and Nicklaus had completed the Grand Slam faster.

For those who followed Spieth’s first steps on the track in 2014-2015, this is no surprise. In fact, it’s almost surprising to find that he still misses one of the four Grand Slams on his roster. Let’s go back.

Spieth kicks off his 2014-2015 dream year with several good performances – including winning Challenge Hero World, an unofficial PGA event. He then triumphed for the first time in his season at Valspar in March 2015, a second career victory. A few weeks later, Spieth wrote the first chapter of his legend. He won the green jacket at just 21 years and eight months old at the Masters Tournament, becoming the second youngest golfer to win at Augusta. The only player waiting for him? Tiger wood.

In the summer of 2015, Spieth followed that up with his second win in a major at the US Open, before adding the John Deer Classic to his meteoric season. Spieth would conclude his extraordinary year by winning the Tour Championship, a fifth win that would earn him the PGA Player of the Year award.

At this moment, the golf world was in a trance state. Spieth’s successes were eerily reminiscent of Tiger Woods’ beginnings and we thought we’d found the next golf superstar, even if it was a shoe too big to wear.

The American’s good performance the following season turned into two victories. Then Spieth reached tenth in the 2016-2017 season, when he won three times, including the British Open. He only needed one PGA Championship win to complete one of the major tournaments and the best part was that he was still only 23 years old.

Then the void. Spieth loses all direction and suffers from a hollow streak for nearly four years. The man on whom the golf world had so many hopes had lost all of his potential. Despite massive work on his momentum, nothing helped him. Spieth’s mental strength abandons him completely, and he is no longer a shadow of himself in his long game. A few years later, we learned that he was troubled by an injury to his left hand and that he refused surgery to repair the bone fragments in his hand.

Spieth’s unexpected rebirth comes in the spring of 2021. He has shown impeccable consistency, deserves his golden years, and signs Spieth to 12And His career victory thanks to a cumulative -18 at the Valero Texas Open.

All of this leads us to the 2022 season. After this winter’s struggles and a hard-to-digest bit at the Masters, Spieth has made a quick recovery. In mid-April, Spieth scored an impressive overtime win over Patrick Cantley at the RBC Legacy Classic, and that win says a lot about what we could see in the PGA Championship. He excelled in his long game, but got into all sorts of trouble on the greens…in what is usually his weapon of choice.

“I won this championship without being good on the greens. It is one of my worst championships at this level when I am in a race to win.”

Now imagine the same Jordan Spieth, but in full possession of his potential. Great control of his long game. Accurate close-up shots. Rolls deserves her best years. If everything is in place and Spieth is in a good state of mind, it is possible that he will have a date with the date next Sunday. It also paved the way for his presence in the PGA Championship last weekend, taking second place from Byron Nelson, with one stroke of the win.

History says that Spieth’s victory is not improbable. During his impressive season in 2015, he finished second by three strokes behind Jason Day and Victory. Then, in 2019, he’s back to the top of his game for a few tournaments. He took the opportunity to shine with a third place finish in the PGA Championship, which was dominated by Brooks Koepka.

favorable environment

The 2022 edition of the PGA Championship will be held at Southern Hills Country Club, Oklahoma, and all conditions look right for a good performance from America.

A native of Frisco, a few hours from Tulsa where this year’s championship will be held, Spieth will be able to take on a field eerily similar to the Texas fields he used to grow up. Fast greenery, steady wind.

History may wait for Jordan Spieth in a few days. All he has to do is seize the opportunity.

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