The Beginners or the Amazing Story of the Guadeloupe Brothers

Catherine and Pierre gave birth to four children: Jesse, Jamie, James and Johan. Four players from Guadeloupe share the same passion for basketball. Three of them became professional players. Fourth, choose training. Convert Begarins to French Basketball Basics.

Sometimes fate turns out to be very fragile. We are in Guadeloupe. The late 1970s, Catherine, a young teenager, is 1.76 meters tall and dreams only of one thing: “I wanted to play basketball. But my mother forbade me. She was afraid that this sport would increase my growth. I had to wait until I was twenty before I could find myself on the court.” A dream come true. hard work. A year later, Catherine joined the pre-selection department. “I was told that I have an exceptional left hand. But I am left-handed.”

Guadeloupe falls in love with basketball … and with a certain Pierre. “I remember our first meeting well. I attended a match between Red Star and Bay Mahult. We quickly hit it in the stands. We haven’t left each other since.” Good Luck, AS Vatable, New Star, Redoutable, BMBC, MJCA … Catherine and Pierre play in the biggest clubs on the island. as players. Then as coaches. Basketball brought the couple together. The orange ball virus will inevitably infect their four children, the famous Biggarin siblings…

From top to bottom: Jesse, Jimmy, Jim and baby Johann Bejarin.

© Bejarin family photo library.

Biggarin mom and dad passed on envy to their children. An undeniable fact. In this family, the culture of sports is very strong. He prevents. In 2004, Jesse, the oldest of the siblings, had to lead the way. Leaving Guadeloupe at the age of 16 to join INSEP, he struggled with plasters for his students: “It is not easy to abandon your family at such a young age. However, everything was clear in my head. I was able to experience the career, the world of basketball. He made mistakes, and the right choices too. Thus preparing the ground for my brothers. He also wanted to leave a picture Good for our family name.”

Jesse Bejarin is a professional player since 2006. At the age of 33, he is now playing for the professional club Chalons Reims. A hell of a career in the French basketball elite. Also an example for the rest of the siblings. But definitely not a model. “I don’t think Jimmy, Jems, and Juhann wanted traditional. We’ve been immersed in basketball since we were young. It’s a bit like a showman family where kids also choose to become showmen. Four Biggarin brothers fell into a basketball potion at birth.”

The siblings are renters.

Guadeloupe Begarin’s siblings in 2021. Left to right: Juhann, Jessie, Jems and Jimmy.

© Bejarin family photo library.

Jessie and Juhann have evolved this season in Pro-A. Jems in National 2. As for Jimmy, he brilliantly coaches the youth of Burnett. His under-20 team won the Pays-de-la-Loire Regional Champion. Catherine and Pierre Guadeloupe also left to join France. date approaching their children. without trying to force anything. “We are just here to accompany and encourage them.Kathryn says. Just one rule we repeat to them constantly: If you stick, stick to the whole! “

Parents are there. Available. in listening. And who never feared for their four little children. “Afraid? No. They always do what they want to do. It’s very good. I had some fears of Johan, my youngest when he was fourteen. In Guadeloupe, he would outsmart him and he was already playing like an old man. I thought they would physically slaughter him.” However, the opposite was true…”

Johan Bejarin drafted the NBA in 2021.

Johan Bejarin, the youngest of the siblings, was drafted into the NBA by the Bolton Celtics in 2021.

© FacebookJuhann Begarin.

In 2021, Johann was the first Biggarin to conquer America. It was drafted in the NBA by the Bolton Celtics. Another success for the siblings. Mostly a sign of perseverance according to Jesse: “It’s the hallmark of the family. When he was younger, Johan had knee injuries. He almost stopped playing sports. On the other hand, Jimmy had a size problem. But what an achievement as a coach. James also struggled to win. We have all overcome our challenges.”

Next August, Johann will celebrate his twentieth birthday. All of Bejarin’s siblings have now entered adulthood. However, Jesse continues to take her role as a big brother very seriously. “I want to make sure they’re happy. With Jimmy, we work a lot on the coach/trainee relationship. With Jems, we talk about work ethic. And with Juhann, we focus on the professional world. I’m proud of all my brothers have achieved.”

Guadeloupe basketball player Jesse Bejarin in the France national team shirt.

Basketball player of Guadeloupe, Jesse Bejarin, the eldest among the siblings once in the France national team jersey.


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