Basketball. Kevin Bracey Davis, the last boss, chased after misunderstandings

Kevin Brassey Davis is one of the guys in Kane’s Basketball Calvados form, having struggled with a long deficiency. © Aline Shuttle

A follower of metaphors, Fabrice Corsier recycled those on the bus (“You either get on the bus or you fall into the valley,” he told us about his players in the heart of March) when he talked about Kevin Brassie Davis. The American, the Globe Jogger from Cincinnati, who was out of the season with nearly 22 points per game in Finland, took the longest to ride the famous CBC bus. “Today, he is there, reassuring his coach. While at first he was in the back of the bus, hiding in his bag, now he takes the microphone and makes everyone sing. One wonders if it wasn’t his twin brother who showed up at some point.”

Good start to the season then…

At the start of this long season, it was KBD that was up and running. 22 points against Le Havre, 28 at Avignon, 19 against Orchis… It wasn’t always flashy, but the winger was there overall. And then the season progressed, Florian Tibedor resumed competition, and Kevin Brassey-Davis was occasionally upset and his performance became erratic. So frankly disappointing.

I couldn’t find Kevin which I saw a few times in training and quite a bit in matches. There was a misunderstanding.

Fabrice Corsier

“I was so frustrated because I knew there was talent”

When Fabrice Courcier lamented the lack of enthusiasm on the ground and the failing body language, we immediately thought of one of the leading recruits. “In the dynamics, it was complicated, he says. I was very frustrated because I knew there was talent.” The issue of early separation inevitably arose when Cain, like his player, was no longer able to distinguish himself. Fabrice Corsier could not force himself to do so. “Pushed back, pushed back, pushed back…I didn’t think I couldn’t cut it. The technician’s self-talk was clear.

We have to find the trigger. He can change our team. It’s not possible, we have to get there, he has to help us too!

Fabrice Corsier

Finally, Commander!

Was there a click? In the second stage, Kevin Brassey-Davis found resources. Apart from one game, at La Rochelle, he has consistently scored 12 or more points in his last seven encounters with the top chickens. His new contribution to the playoffs was underlined, not always by points (he didn’t go past 11 before he put 22 at Poitiers during the second leg), but certainly by his leadership.

Right from the start of the playoffs, he showed all the quality he could get. I’m glad I didn’t change it. It’s a combination of things that make it transform.

Fabrice Corsier

welcome investment

The stake certainly helped pull the American out of his reserve. We are experiencing a sense of responsibility. For a foreigner, I have always found that he has a real investment in defense. It’s also an item that made me want to go all the way with it. He never cheated. On the other hand, while we above all expect goal-scoring from the Americans, he was very altruistic. We wanted him to lead us to victory, and to take the ball. He was finding it difficult to do so. »

“It shows we were right to trust him.”

The pool of talent around him certainly discouraged Kevin Brassie Davis from imposing his persona. For a few weeks, “he was able to take the ball and claim it when things didn’t go well,” salutes Fabrice Courcier. “I changed everything.” Kevin Brassey-Davis, who seems surprisingly more comfortable in the absence of Florian Thibedor, responds at the best of times. Fabrice Corsier: “He showed that we were right to trust him. In all humility, I would have been very disappointed if I had not found management with a player of this quality.”

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