Basketball – Women’s Pre-National. Dover is on its way, Brettville is in danger

IFS consolidates third place in the Pre-National. © Archive

This Sunday, May 15, 2022 was the twelfth day of the second phase of the PNF. The two leaders, Dover and Beehurl, were not shaken. Behurel is guaranteed to play in National 3 next year after beating Equeurdreville. For Dover, they had a fifth win on the ASPTT Rouen floor and Julie Beckham’s teammates were just one victory away from National 3. Despite the team’s scaled back, the Ifs won the Alençon and intends to finish on the podium. At Haute-Normandy, Sauteville won, on its own home ground, its match against Devils. In the low group, Cherbourg moved up the standings after defeating Brettville-sur-Odun. USM Vire did not shake the Pays d’Aug floor and took the podium.

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In the high group, with his big win over Equeurdreville, 42-79, Bihorel is guaranteed to play in National 3 next year and still has one win in his last two games to finish the championship. Alençon Ifs received and could hope to win and regain average points, but nothing happened. Even CB Ifs waned, knew how to control the match and won 53 to 68. Dover, who traveled to ASPTT Rouen, left no chance and won 36-74. Finally, in the last game, Sotteville dominated Deville with a score of 82 to 66.

UST EQUEURDREVILLE 42 – 79 GCO BIHOREL (10-15 / 13-19 / 9-22 / 10-23)

Leslie Veron (Equeurdreville player) “As we expected, Bihorel was very strong for us. We started the game well, but the intensity was too high and we immersed ourselves in its pace rather than slowing it down. The lack of courses and training punishes us. It is time for the season to end.”

EQUEURDREVILLE : C.Veron 1, L.Leboullenger 8, Fossey 1, Pasco 4, Muller 17Gagno 4, Gosselin, L.Veron 7, S.Leboullenger.

Behrl : Baptiste 14, Merry 11, Queenville 12, Lucas 3, Bono 2, Sebere, Nyong’o 9, 18Killer 10.

USBD ALENÇON 53-68 CB IFS (14-24 / 22-25 / 5-21 / 12-16)

Etienne DB (Coach Alicon) : “We soon found ourselves being overtaken by our opponent in many aspects of the game especially envy… We must salute their match and victory! Now we have to respond to show a better face next Sunday…”

Adrian Linnell (IFS coach) “We had a really great game, especially with seven players. We were involved from start to finish. We still struggled in the first half with rebounds, after that we managed to make it happen. We had some difficulties in the press attack, which were resolved immediately. “Overall we shot well in attack, we found good solutions against one of us. Now, we still have to win the game to keep that third.”

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alincon : Aziza Delabary 10, Autumn 8, or Monnier 3, R. mounier 4, Bono 11Demore 8, Overard Cornu 7, Misnag 2.

IFS : Marie, Godo 14, Rhyolite 14, Richard 19Joseph 13, Lanchas 2, Friborg 6.

ASPT ROUEN 36-74 DOVER BASKETBALL (7-24/9-18/12-14/8-18)

Miguel Callejas (Dover coach) : “In committing to win this meeting in order to always believe in an increase in NF3, we had a successful match in defense as in attack for 40 minutes. We inflicted a 12-0 win in the first four minutes, and came back calmly, but with determination in this encounter. During the extreme offensive consistency in the zone attack, thanks to the truce, and the difficulty in the defense, the final gap is not a sufficient difference, in my opinion, between the two teams. We can, and should, score about twenty more points. With the victory of our friends from Ifoise over Alençon, we have secured at least one place on the podium.”

ruen : Duthil 6, Jaubert 4, Pesenti, Boinet, Michael 11Lemer 8, Clement 3, Bitthorn Taysant 4.

pigeon : Goubert 13, Guillois 6, Volard 7, Beckham 17Madeleine 3, Francoise 16, Basket 4, Miquelot 8.

Saint Soteville 82-66 Devil’s Basketball (20-13/15-23/17-15/30-15)

Sottyville : Dehornois 11, Grenet 12, Catherine 4, Horel 27Dantreg 18, Dubosque 6, Lobby 4.

evil : L. Lair 11, Diata 17Leconte 13, Batantou 2, Siefridt 2, L.Lair 2, Andries 4, Ano 2, Kaczamarek 10, Catel 3.

Program (J13):

GCO Bihorel – ASPTT ROUEN (3:30 pm)

CB Ifs – St. Sutville (3:30 pm)

Deville Basket – UST Equeudreville (4:00 p.m.)

Dover Basket – USBD Alencon (4:00 p.m.)

low chicken

In the low group, there have only been two games this weekend since the Heruvelle and Bayeux meet on Friday April 29th and Heruvelle won (85-39). The match was played between Tourlaville and La Glaciere on Saturday 30 April and it was Luna Sanchez and her teammates who won 60 to 63. Cherbourg, in a close match, beat Brettville-sur-Udon by 52 to 49. Its maintenance will be playing the past two days.

Cherbourg Basketball 52-49 CL BRETTEVILLE-SUR-ODON (13-8/19-23/12-7/8-11)

Pierre-Olivier Giot (Cherbourg coach) : “The match is not easy, because we had a lot of absences, we started the match well and then Brettville came back little by little so as not to leave it until the end of the match. The last quarter was terrible at the basketball level for the lack of clarity, but also because of the lack of whistles. We had to watch a wrestling match. In the racket the main thing is there, good luck to Brettville-sur-Odun who deserve better than seventh place.”

Guillaume Lenoy (coach who replaced Brettville-sur-Udon) : “We started the game with a 0-8 score due to a lack of mental and physical participation. Then we recover and come back little by little to be at -1 in the first half. We stay connected throughout the second half, their internal intensity hurts us both in attack and defense. We have many chances to succeed in The last minutes but we don’t check for free throws or shots on loan The girls had a very brave match and now we have to check the baskets in the last minutes and I’m sure it will be in the last two games of the season .”

Cherbourg : Blade 2, Ni Dobrik 20Epaillard 6, Lecacheur 10, Fish 2, Bouin 2, Dupont, Omont 10.

Brettville / Udon : L. Motier 5, Jobe 3, Leroy 5, Leboucher, Joba 11, bag 15Petiton 7, Gelois 3.

Father pays 40 – 65 USM VIRE (14-18/8-16/9-18/9-13)

Jean-Michel Cable (By Doug coach) : “The defensive position is better throughout the match. Some sequences do not end with the attack, which makes us drown in emotions and never manage to get past the positivity. Two games left to keep us officially in the PNF.”

Petit Mallet (Ver Player) : We faced difficulties at the beginning of the match to find offensive solutions. We were clumsy outside, but were able to find replacements thanks to the X-factor, Lisa, who was “on fire”. Everyone participated offensively and we stayed motivated throughout the meeting defensively. This packing makes it possible to collect only 40 points against aggressive and voluntary Pontepiscopiennes. We made mistakes, but overall, we held it together. Thanks to Thierry Bellin for coaching and especially for his little jokes. »

difficult country : Van-Den-Oord 2, Colliot 2, Guilmain, Joly 3, Chazal 9, Carpentier 6, Ribourg, Kazinetz, Dominik 18Hamel.

Disqualified : Lievre 4, Guermont 2, Helie 14, B.Mallet 3, J.Mallet 2, Ficet 3, Tancrede 18, Limnes 19.

Software (J13)

CS Bayeux – Cherbourg Basket (May 17, 8:30 p.m.)

US La Glacier – Paid Basketball (3:30 p.m.)

LC Bretteville-sur-Odon – PL Tourlaville (3:30 pm)

USM FIRE – Heruvelle Basket (3:30 pm)

Top 10 scorers

1 – Chloe Hurrell (Suttville) 27 points

2 – Anne Claire ne Dobrik (Cherbourg) 20 points

3 – Clemence Richard (FS) 19 points

# – Camille Limini (Vair) 19 points

5 – Elysee Lesor (Behorel) 18 points

# – Lisa Tancred (Vere) 18 points

# – Julie Dominsk (paid), 18 points

# – Canel Dantrigue (Suttville), 18 points

9- Solange Diatta (Devil) 17 points

# – Julie Beckham (Dover) 17 points

# – Sonia Muller (Icorderville) 17 points

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