“Being in the final four means a lot because I came from afar”

Thirteen months after joining Real Madrid after two frustrating seasons in the NBA, Vincent Poirier (2.13m, 28 years old) quickly became the dominant player on the European scene with Vitoria. Particularly successful during the qualifying series against Maccabi Tel Aviv (10.7 points by 64%, 5.7 rebounds and two blocks for 17.3 PIR), the former hub of Paris-Levallois and Harris-Toulon was handling his first Euro-League final.

Twenty-four hours before things started in earnest, the semi-final match against FC Barcelona, ​​the France international paused five minutes at L’Equipe and Bibsket’s microphone.

Vincent Poirier Wednesday during a point with the media
(Photo: Euroleague)

Vincent, Final for the Euroleague, is it bigger than I expected?

Well, I haven’t even started yet! There are already more journalists in the Endesa League… it feels like a big event. It’s my first four matches in the final, so I’m pleasantly surprised. I can’t wait to start, can’t wait to see what the first match is like, etc.

What does reaching the highest European level mean to you?

Many things. It’s a lot of work because I come from afar. Being here with so many talented players shows how far we’ve come. It shows I want more. It shows above all that I can win the Euroleague, so we have to work there.

She will face FC Barcelona in the semi-finals. Does it add a little spice to being the intimate enemy up front?

Of course, it’s a Clasico, it’s Barcelona, ​​people tell us about it. They finished first in both tournaments, ahead of us every time. After that, it’s still the semi-finals of the fourth, so Olympiacos or Efes could have been the same pressure. We, the players, do not add to the fact that it is Barcelona. We just tell ourselves it’s a great team, and we have to defend them hard and attack them.

“The impression of making good career choices at the moment”

I’ve lost five times this season against Barcelona this season. What are the consequences of that?

Nobody. We won the cup, they won the cup. That’s all I remember. There you go, the ball is in the center now. Regular season matches… (It bothers me to show his lack of interest) I forgot what happened before. We learned it and know it by heart now. Tomorrow, it will be who has the most and who will fight the battle.

I went through a very difficult phase in the spring. What are the keys to recovering the riyal?

These are the ups and downs of the season. It’s been a little less often… We lost a title to Barcelona, ​​and that put us in some trouble. In the back, we still lost two or three games. It makes us get a little into the sauce and mentally, we can’t find each other. The Euroleague qualifiers arrive and then refocus, run and start over.

I’ve been at Real Madrid for a year. That’s it, are you well integrated and have an important role?

It’s Real Madrid so the role, you have to work to get it. I tried to show as much as possible what I was capable of, to be nice to my teammates and that they trusted me. I’m an easy going person, it’s not too difficult to get along with, but they made me feel so welcome when I signed up here. Being here, with this team… I like it!

There are four Frenchmen in the locker room: are you the one who sets the mood?

Who told you (laughs)? In the dressing room, we talk a lot, yes! We’re four French, so inevitably, she’s taking up space. We’re not necessarily the ones to put music, etc., but we get along really well, and we laugh a lot.

“I’m working on my dribbling and my shot to be Evan’s support”

There will be eight French in the fourth final this weekend: what inspires you?

The quality of the French players in our squad is well-recognised. what do you want me to tell you? Who are we the best? We are the best (smiles). There are a lot of great players, even Monaco was about to face the Final Four. French players are increasingly being exported to big teams. very good !

Everything has been going well for you since you came back from the NBA… Vice Olympic champion, in the Final Four with Real Madrid, is there anything worse?

I feel like I’m making good career choices at the moment. I’ve been on the right track for a while now. There are a lot of deadlines with Real Madrid and the France team. From this summer, we will try to make the maximum effort. From the end of the June window? If the coach calls me, I’ll be there!

What do you think of Joel Embiid’s possible arrival with the Blues? We saw on Twitter that you treated him with humor…

I came to the France team because I enjoy going with the players. I represent my country. Makes me love going there! It takes half my summer, well… Then, if we take someone other than me, it’s too bad. I already have three medals. No two. Three with that golden summer! I like that. There, I dribble, shoot, to be Evan’s support. It’ll be fine.

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