Elden Ring: How do you save the life of a NPC by complimenting it?

news tip Elden Ring: How do you save the life of a NPC by complimenting it?

You might think that the world of Elden Ring is cruel and mean. If this is especially true for most of your adventure, there are some missions that allow you to bring a little humanity back into the game. That’s the case with Boc’s mission, which you’ll save by giving him a little compliment!

In Elden Ring, Boc is a non-playable character that we meet very quickly at the beginning of the adventure. after meeting him, It will run a series of tasks, You can find this little character in several different places during your adventure. Find out how this task ends and above all, How to save the life of this brave Boc.


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Task Summary

Boc the tailor is the NPC that we find at the beginning of our adventure, not far from the point of grace where Let’s meet Melina for the first time. He is a half human being who was turned into a tree by unfortunate circumstances. Unlike analogues, they are not aggressive and will be very friendly with you. You will hear him calling you as you pass on the road. To find out, you will need Kicking a bush not far from the road. Be careful, put only one shot, because our friend is very fragile and dies very easily.

during his quest, Boc will follow in the footsteps of his beloved mother And you will want to become a fashion designer like her. He will be loyal to you throughout your adventure and bring you needles Very useful will allow you to Minor modification of your equipment To change their stats and appearances. During one of the many dialogues regarding his quest, he will tell you that he is ugly in his half-human form and that would like to be reincarnated To look more pleasing to the eye. From this step in his quest you will have to choose to complete, The two possible options lead to completely different results.

The obvious solution to the problem

When reading this sentence uttered by Boc, most players think that it should be given a Tear larvae so he can go To be reborn with Reinala. This solution actually works, but the result is not as happy as that. Once you give the rip to Boc, the latter will go to Rennala to be reborn. if done, Then he turns into a young man He will refuse to talk to you. If you reload the game, you will then notice that he is dead, making Boc One of the many characters who were indirectly killed wanting to help him…

best solution

In order to really save Boc, that would be necessary Make him accept himself as he is. Very nice moral made by a game FromSoftware. To do this, you will have to pick up something in the hermit village of Mount Gelmir, not far from the Azur region, the original healer. this object, Hadith: What a beauty, it will beep when you use it. He will simply be found on the corpse of the small highest rung in the village.

Once you have it, you will need Go to Boc again, and instead of giving him a larval tear, you’ll need to use the item in front of him. Caboche will make a sound using Boc’s mother’s voice, and you can speak to him again by selecting a new dialogue option. He will thank you for being able to hear his mother’s voice one last time, tell you that she was the only one who found him handsome, and will ask you if you also find him handsome despite his obnoxious appearance (these are his words…). Which, of course, must be answered “exactly”. Thanks to your words and those of his mother, he will then accept himself as he is and will no longer need to be reborn in a new guise. if you answered noyou will then have the possibility to complete the task in the first way, by giving him a caterpillar tear … but we know the result.

Elden Ring: How do you save the life of a NPC by complimenting it?Elden Ring: How do you save the life of a NPC by complimenting it?

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