Golf: Saudi Arabia and the controversy in the shadow of the PGA Championship


The second Grand Slam lifter of the 2022 season is playing without the defending champion, Phil Mickelson, “on vacation” since the derogatory comments were published.

Tiger Woods kicked off his first round of the PGA Championship on Thursday.

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The PGA Championship, the second Grand Slam of the 2022 season, began Thursday at Southern Hills Stadium in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Absentees of the mark will be announced. We think of American long-time hitter Bryson DeChambeau, former No. 4 in the world, not having adequately recovered from surgery on his left wrist. But also and above all for compatriot Phil Mickelson, six mayors in his pocket and defending champion.

Is that Lefty, nicknamed (and is left-handed), has been “on vacation” since February and posted comments he allegedly made about the PGA Tour and Saudi Arabia, on behalf of a biography.

“The PGA Tour likes to pretend it’s a democracy, but it’s really a dictatorship.”

Phil Mickelson

We must first set the scene to understand it. At the beginning of June, the LIV Golf International Series, a highly profitable breakaway league ($25 million in prize money per tournament; double the amount for a PGA Championship) from eight events, will be launched with funding from Saudi Arabia for which Tour American recently declined Grant concessions to members (players) who have requested participation.

Phil Mickelson,

Phil Mickelson, “On Vacation.”

France Press agency

amazing thinking

Phil Mickelson is one golfer who has been drawn to the Premier League. What comments would he have made, according to journalist Alan Shipnock? “The Tour likes to pretend it’s a democracy, but it’s really a dictatorship (…) They divide and block. The fears of the top players are very different from those of the players at the bottom of the winnings list, when the latter are more numerous.

Lefty also could have had a reason that was surprising to say the least when citing Saudi Arabia. We know they killed Khashoggi (Editor’s note: Jamal, journalist and columnist for The Washington Post) And that they have appalling precedents when it comes to rights and liberties. They execute people for being gay. Knowing all this, why would I consider joining the Premier League? Because this is a unique opportunity to reshape the way the PGA works.”

“There is a lot of money here, and the tour is getting bigger. But you have to go out there and win it.”

tiger wood

Tiger Woods supports the PGA Tour

Inevitably, the topic is back on the table this week in Tulsa, before the start of the PGA Championship deprived of its defending champion. To tell the truth, they have been questioned about it during various pre-tournament press conferences. Including Tiger Woods. “Phil said things that a lot of us, committed to the Tour and Tour heritage, have rejected,” the man responded with 15 Grand Slam victories, before giving his opinion on the American circuit.

“I believe in legacy. I believe in the major tournaments. I believe in big events. Tiger made it clear that I believe in comparisons with historical figures in the past. There is a lot of money here, and the Tour is growing. But it’s like any other sport, like tennis. You have to go to There and you win it…”

Who will be the biggest winner in Oklahoma? Anyway, not Phil Mickelson, whose main questions relate to his comeback history and the reception the golfing world will give him.

As is often the case during a Grand Slam lift, the highlight is Tiger Woods. The former world number one (46) has not played since the Masters in April, and this week confirmed he felt “stronger” than he did in Augusta (47th), where he returned, fourteen months after his car accident. It almost cost him his right leg.

And in front of the American media, Al-Nimr admitted, Tuesday, that he had not yet reached 100% of his odds, but stressed that he believed he could win “without any doubt.” “I just have to go out there and do my job. I’ll be ready.”

In fact, other players are more famous during this PGA tournament. Leading the way is world number one and master’s winner Scottie Scheffler in April. They are also set to see Spaniard John Ram and Northern Irishman Rory McIlroy, as well as Americans Justin Thomas, Jordan Spieth, Patrick Cantlay and Colin Morikawa. JRE

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