Gym: CSMG Dieppe coaches talk about the French championships

The group united to deliver an unforgettable and first performance at CSMG Dieppe. (© Les Information Dieppoises)

Cry, cry and more Tears but joy!

Tears flowed profusely last Saturday at Kindarina in Rouen, but also later in the evening and again after that.

Gymnasts of course, coaches Mathilde Thomassen and (even) Thierry Dumuchil, managers and many fans.

It must be said that everyone has lived An unforgettable day By a team of gymnasts united and motivated like never before.

Memorable and even quite historical for the club he heads today Jay Roland who has seen the others yet, but has gone through all the emotions.

“Aim for the Top 5”

In the Federal Division A, nearly 300 teams initially and only 16 in Rouen qualified for the French First Division tournaments.

Seine-Maritime Champion Interdepartmental Champion and Champion of Normandy, The CSMG Dieppe flag team only starts at 10th in the National Finalfor a few tenths he lost during the previous competition at Harfleur.

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But the gymnasts are redoubling their efforts in pre-Championship training.

So coaches are relatively confident.

We should try to get tenths where possible because we know that in the French leagues it can be played in detail. I’m convinced we can aim for a Top 5. It would be really cool even if the girls dreamed of even better.

Mathilde Thomassen and Thierry DumuchilInstructors at CSMG Dieppe

On the day of the tournament, the four gymnasts Laura Ferrell, Anouk Deschamps, Betty Marie and Chloe Fauvelle It meets in the morning at the Desjardins gymnasium, but this will be the only difference compared to other competitions of the year.

Being in your bubble is fine, but there’s no need to add stress to the inevitable tension at stake.

Best total on the beam

Before the warm-up, the coaches already note the first turn “to perceive the provisions in particular. It was very difficult, but it makes sense for a French championship. »

The Diepoises are centered, but visibly nervous as they enter the Kindarena’s main case.

Uneven bars, beam, vault and floor, The program suits Mathilde Thomassen and Thierry Dumushel well.

We had the two most difficult, and often justice, devices in the Peace Apparatus to start with. That was good because by negotiating well with them (which it would have), the girls could approach the rest for free.

Predictions will become true with a group realizing a “near perfect match”.

in every device, Traffic arrangement is strategic So having started well on the bars, Diepoises are impressing on the bar.

We got Laura started because we know she never fell off the bar. The group gave confidence. Thus, we have the best sum to compete for the package.

Mathilde Thomasin

The only downside after that, only ninth overall on the floor, but with 149,200 points, CSMG Dieppe takes the lead in the general classification.

There are eight teams left and the wait will be… indefinitely.

Four clubs pass and stand behind them Dieppe club which thus guarantees the best 5.

“it’s magic! “

The goal has been achieved, but we start with the dream…

There are still four teams left and it makes sense to be the best of the four, but in one day, anything is possible.

Thus Saint-Maur did not resist for a long time in the lead the pressure.

The final victory was played over the last gymnast to bring the title to the Alsatian club Chatnoa.

At the time of awarding, Diepoises are called the Vice-Champions of France!

After congratulating the winners, Mathilde Thomassen could not find her words

It’s magical and it’s hard for me to realize what’s going on. The girls showed remarkable tenacity and it is this work that pays off.

While Thierry Dumuchil adds: On the 50th anniversary of the founding of the club, we did what was necessary, but what emotions! »

In the club for several decades, Jay Rowland was greatly influenced.

He congratulates and congratulates the gymnasts and coaches once again before taking part in the fast mob of this French championship recorded in the CSMG Dieppe ledger.

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