HP Specter x360 13.5 (2022): First rating: Great progress

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(Pocket-lint) HP Specter high-end laptops have been a favorite for a few years now, with high-quality designs, beautiful displays, and specs that can power you and plenty of games. It looks like this will continue with the new 2022 x360 model.

It’s a great little laptop that seems to be a continuation of HP’s great work, with a few extra touches that come on top of the excellent 2021 model. We tried it in a presentation and liked what we saw.

Our quick review

The Specter line was never HP’s attempt at entry-level laptops, so it’s no surprise that the Specter x360 2022 line isn’t terribly cheap, but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad deal. You will get an absolutely stunning laptop for your money, with a sleek and professional design that has some unique touches.

The keyboard is great, the display is just plush (and the touchscreen options are great too), while HP has made some much-appreciated improvements in the now all-important webcam department. If other laptop makers could match the camera-hiding solution, we’d live in an easier world, that’s for sure. So far, it looks like another hit.

HP Specter x360 13.5 (2022): First rating: Good progress


  • cute design
  • New hardware camera block
  • Intelligent portability.

  • expensive choice


  • 13.5 inch screen
  • 11.73 x 8.68 x 0.67 inches
  • Available in black, blue and silver

Increasingly, a 13.5-inch laptop may seem like the default size for most workers who need to be able to sit and work on a machine for a few hours and tuck it into a backpack or briefcase to take on the road or on the road. Business trip at any time.

The new Specter x360 appears to be a perfect fit for both cases, as it weighs just over 1.3kg and is therefore light enough to carry around with ease.

The stylish look of previous generations hasn’t changed much either, although some edges are slightly rounded – the main design changes come in the form of a new blue color, which immediately took its place as the most preferred option in our eyes.

lint pocketHP Specter x360 13.5 (2022): First rating: Nice upgrade picture 3

Other changes concern the keyboard, whose layout has been slightly modified thanks to the addition of some new keys. What impressed us the most was also a handful of HP’s laptops, including the newer Envy models: the camera blocker.

Simply press the key on the keyboard and the webcam at the top of the screen will be hidden by a grid and disabled at the program level. It’s a great idea for workers who value privacy when they’re not in touch, which most of them do.

There’s also a shortcut to a new dashboard-like hub that HP says will make it easier to access things like power-saving modes and controls without having to dig into them. Windows settings menus are more complex.

lint pocketHP Specter x360 13.5 (2022): First rating: Nice upgrade picture 2

Flip the laptop into tablet mode is as easy as ever, HP’s hinges are among the best on the market, and the laptop is light and thin enough to work perfectly in that position whether it’s lying on its back or on its knees.

The changes aren’t huge, but the Specter lineup was already in a good place, so we can say that this is a case of something that isn’t broken or fixed.

Specifications and performance

  • 12th Generation Intel Core i7-1255U or i5 1235U
  • 8, 16 or 32 GB of RAM
  • 512GB, 1TB or 2TB SSD Disk
  • Display: up to 3000×2000, brightness up to 1000nits, up to HDR 500 and 100% sRGB/100% DCI-P3

Where the Specter x360 gets its most telling upgrades is under the hood – the specs are bolstered well, not that they’ve been lacking in recent years.

You can now get 12th generation Intel chips for raw speed, and that should be more than enough to boost the productivity of most people. RAM and storage space can also be very important.

Display options start at 1920 x 1280 and look great at that level, but the more expensive option will go up to 3000 x 2000 for a level of detail you never thought you needed.

lint pocketHP Specter x360 13.5 (2022): First rating: Nice upgrade picture 4

The screen was bright and a pleasure to use, even in a very light room on a sunny day, so we wouldn’t expect any brightness issues, while colors and resolution were absolutely fantastic.

HP has significantly improved the webcam to make video calling a more pleasant experience, and its tracking technology means you can move around the frame and it will follow you in a useful way, which isn’t very unique at this point, but still welcome.

Performance isn’t something we can really measure in experience, but it felt good in the short time we had, switching between apps without any issues. We’ll be able to dig deeper into this when we’re done with our full test.

to abstract

It’s an absolute gain from HP, as it builds on a great base and brings some significant tweaks, as well as an eye-catching new color.

Written by Max Freeman Mills.

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