PGA Championship | Which of the Jordan Spieth will we see?

There are two types of Jordan Spieth. The young prodigy who won two major titles in the year he turned 21. Then the one who actually lost a lead with five shots on the back nine, on Sunday, at Augusta National.

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Nicholas Richard

Nicholas Richard

It was April 4, 2021. Under the scorching sun of San Antonio, Texas, Spieth’s home. On that day, he was wearing a gray polo shirt, but above all he had a smile that said it all. Long period of rest. at 18And A hole in the Texas Open Valero, put a short throw, about a foot, on par, but more importantly, for victory. In Spieth’s case, that was nothing unusual.

He has not won in his previous 82 tournaments. His last victory was in July 2017, when he won the British Open.

Things later returned to normal for the Americans. Play with more confidence and stability. He improved his momentum by changing a few items and found the twist on green. For a year, Spieth looked like a young man who was destined to become one of the greatest players in his sport.

He could become one, over the weekend, by winning the PGA Championship. Thus, he could win the only major tournament missing from his record and go down in history by becoming the sixth golfer of all time to win major tournaments, i.e. winning at least once in all major tournaments. Jane Sarrazin, Gary Player, Ben Hogan, Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus are the only ones to achieve this feat. So Spieth could add his name to this prestigious list.

However, it will depend on Spieth’s appearance at the Southern Hill Country Club in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

It may have been Spieth who had to wait 1,351 days before tasting victory again. Who needed 7 shots to finish 12And A hole, Class 3, in the final round of the 2016 Masters Tournament, who struggles to get a routine for a few inches. who publicly blamed his poor performance at the 2019 US Open on the caddy Michael Griller.

Or we could see Spieth playing today as the 8th golfer in the world. Who has already won three major titles at the age of 22. Who can read and hit a ball over ten feet high like few players have since the beginning of golf. Which regained its accuracy from yesterday and who managed to avoid the pitfalls. who became a father. Who won the RBC Heritage Championship a month ago on Easter Sunday? who finished second, by one stroke, last week at the AT&T Championship Byron Nelson.

Are we witnessing the resurrection of Jordan Spieth?

For about a year and a half, this is the impression you make. It is in good condition. He’s back in danger again in the most important tournaments. Then the course in which the PGA Championship will be held will go well with his game. A few days ago, he said, the Greens are very similar to those at the Colonial Country Club, where he won in 2016.

Moreover, the type of grass bentgrassused on Southern Hills, is perfect for him, because of its spin on the ball and easy-to-do reading and favors skilled golfers with long strokes.

The field offers a par of 70 and is played at a distance of 7,365 yards. It is ranked among the top 100 stadiums in the world and has hosted the tournament four times, in 1970, 1982, 1994 and 2007.

Tiger Woods wants to win

It’s still hard to believe that Tiger Woods was able to reach the Masters a month ago. However, 14 months after a car accident that nearly cost him his life, he cuts the cut and finishes 47And.

A little over a month later, Woods is about to play his second championship of the season.

Photo of Michael Madrid, USA TODAY

tiger wood

It’s kind of a homecoming for the 46-year-old golfer, having won his last PGA Championship in 2007 at Southern Hills. He won a two-stroke priority over Woody Austin.

Woods has been in Tulsa for several days now. Long before the other players. Take advantage of only one day off, Monday. The day before, he played the ninth exercise.

I feel much stronger than I was in the Masters.

tiger wood

The American also explained that if he plays, it’s because he thinks he can win. It would then be 5 for himAnd The title in the PGA Championship, from his 16And Win a major championship and 83And Victory on the PGA Tour.

He says he can hit balls very well, but the biggest difficulty is walking. His body may be in better shape, but the fact remains that just 15 months ago, doctors thought he would have to amputate his leg.

He works hard every day to prove that the tiger can be the king of the jungle again.


Safe bets

Photo by Orlando Ramirez, USA TODAY Sports Archives

Scotty Scheffler

Scotty Scheffler: It is number one in the world. He has won four of his last eight tournaments. He is the Masters champion. Scotty Scheffler is already the best player on the PGA Tour and there are no signs he’s going to slow down. He will be among the last players to start the game late on Sunday.

John Ram: The Spaniard has never had great success in the PGA Championship. However, the Southern Hills track, which encourages ball rolling and movement, can benefit the second player in the world. He won the last championship he was in, in Mexico, and came to Oklahoma full of confidence.


PHOTO SUE OGROCKI, associated press archives

Rory McIlroy

Rory McIlroy: If golfers weren’t playing Saturdays, McIlroy would probably be the most successful player in history. The number of titles he’s dropped because of a poor opening round weekend is impressive. He finished second in the Masters Tournament a month ago, and if he could regain the same energy, he would be dangerous.

Joaquin Neiman: Niemann experienced a meteoric rise this season. Winner of the Genenis Invitational race in February, the 23-year-old Chilean is gaining more and more confidence. He proved it in the AT&T Championship Byron Nelson with such a full game that he should be considered among the contenders for the second major championship of the season.

in decline

PHOTO MATT YORK, Auxiliary Press Archives

Brooks Kopka

Brooks Koepka: It’s hard for Brooks Koepka. As much as he can be successful and make his place in Top 10, as long as he can escape an approaching shot or a short shot that looks relatively simple. He hasn’t resisted cutting half of the championships he’s been in this year, but Mr Major has proven to us that he should never be underestimated at important events.

Dustin Johnson: The man who dominated the golf world two years ago is no longer a shadow of himself. It seems that the American has lost the special touch that put him above the battle. He was not spared from injuries, but when he played it was not very convincing. I only made two Top 10 this chapter.

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