Protect your data from hackers with Kensington Privacy Filters

Protect your data from hackers with Kensington Privacy Filters

Kensington® offers its own privacy screens: a quick and easy way to protect your data from prying eyes.

Today, professionals are more connected than ever, but they are also more vulnerable. With the advent of blended working, they are increasingly turning to collaboration solutions that provide the flexibility and tools to work anywhere, anytime. However, the more agile the collaborator is, the greater the risk of visual hacking. This consists of spying on sensitive and confidential information on your computer screen. Although it is a low-tech threat, this hack is easy and fast and most people go unnoticed, which poses a huge data security risk. Organizations invest a lot in the security of their data, but they continue to neglect visible hacking that they do not see as a real threat. However, 91% of visual hacks are successful, 68% go unnoticed, and 52% of screens are compromised. Confidentiality filters then allow better control of who can access the data displayed on their screen.

Kensington Privacy Filters help employees whether they are on the go, in a coffee shop, or even in the office. This tool is really versatile and its benefits go beyond simple protection of sensitive data. Kensington® screen filters are designed with convenience and simplicity in mind.

Limited viewing angle: By limiting the screen’s viewing angle to +/-30 degrees, Kensington Privacy Filters prevents prying eyes from accessing sensitive information. They ensure that only the person using the device will be able to see what is being displayed on the screen, giving the employee and their co-workers peace of mind.

- Easy identification: In addition to protecting its data, privacy filters are also easy to install. It is possible to choose between the adhesive filter to be placed directly on the screen, an affordable option with holding tabs that allow the filter to slide in front of the screen for repeated separation and re-installation; Or the magnetic attachment for a more unique and more practical solution – the filter is magnetically attached to the monitor frame and removed in one simple motion, without tools or adhesive.

- Blue light protection: Why stop at secrecy? The Kensington range also helps reduce eye strain and filters out up to 22% of harmful blue light rays, promoting natural sleep. Ideal for remote workers who are likely to spend more time in front of their screens.

- anti-reflective: Filters also reduce distracting glare from windows and bright lights – ideal for employees who work in multiple locations and need to be able to adapt to different environments.

- Effective screen protection: Kensington filters add an extra physical layer of protection to the screen, reducing the risk of scratches and other damage, while maintaining the usability of the stylus. This is especially useful for working on the go, where accidents are more likely.

Kensington offers one of the widest product groups on the market with over 150 filters covering more than 52,000 devices of various manufacturers, models and makes. And with Kensington’s online accessory selector, it’s easy to find the right filter for your device.

MagPro™ has the advantage of attaching in the blink of an eye to your laptop screen or monitor thanks to its magnetic system. Exclusive to Kensington, the MagPro™ features a slim and precise design, with easy-to-use magnets sitting around the edges of any laptop screen, allowing the filter to be quickly attached and removed, while allowing the laptop to shut down and enter sleep mode without removing it. MagPro™ is the ideal choice for hybrid operators, allowing them to quickly attach the filter when needed and remove it when not. Available in many different shapes.

Kensington keeps pace with the latest hardware releases and recently launched its own MagPro™ Elite magnetic privacy filters for the 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro and Microsoft Surface Pro 8 models.

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