The day before: Release date, PC and console, information to know…we rate

game news The day before: Release date, PC and console, information to know…we rate

The Day Before was announced in February 2021, and the MMO and post-apocalyptic survival fans are still drooling. The wait will end soon. The game, the true fantasy for fans of The Walking Dead and The Last of Us, is about to hit the PC. And like an adventurer who must check his equipment before leaving to hunt zombies, here’s everything you need to know about the title.

What is the PC release date for the “The Day Before” console?

We start, of course, with the most obvious release date: The Day Before will arrive on June 21, 2022 on PC, then for the second time on Xbox Series and PlayStation 5 (no more accuracy for now). The date has already changed in the past. The project was initially aimed at the second quarter of 2021, before being postponed to the following year. Studio Fntastic, which is developing The Day Before, also warned players: The health crisis is likely to have an impact on the smooth running of production. In any case, the MMO seems to be on the right track more than ever. The June 21 date has not changed since it was announced last October. And in January 2022, Fntastic revealed a new trailer in partnership with Nvidia.

Back in the day, is it the last MMO for us?

That’s a nice question! In a context in which there is more and more talk about the mysterious multiplayer project for PlayStation and Naughty Dog – clearly taken from the license action after apo The Last of Us, The previous day appears as a dangerous underdog. Especially for a genre that has spawned several games of somewhat variable quality (DayZ, H1Z1, State of Decay) without finding its record holder. The MMO from Fntastic might be the long-awaited title. Ed and Asien Gotovtsev, founders of the studio, anyway have the ambition to create the “best online survival game”. In another video, The Day Before publisher’s business director spoke about “the first post-apocalyptic metafair.” fully described.

The least we can say is that the project appears to live up to its intentions. The game’s various videos are revealed, which are often long and without editing A game with very serious technical arguments, between The Last of Us and The Division. All in a “wide open world”, to use equation By Ed and Asien Gotovtsev, with city and country and lots of tunnels. Not forgetting all the mechanics that we are entitled to expect from a game of this type (we talk about it below). So yes, Fntastic’s resume isn’t working in her favour, with only two modest self-published productions: wild eight And single radiator. But the support of her first publisher, Mytona, undoubtedly worked wonders.

A true open world survival game or a post-apo MMO?

Between open-world survival and a post-apocalyptic MMO, of course, The Day Before intends to mix a lot of ingredients. On the survival side, we already notice a measure of cold, heat and energy, that even a blizzard can beat the best-equipped players in “five minutes”. A storm is also useful for masking your noise when sneaking into a place, the studio adds. Thus, the previous day seemed to bet on a special focus on realism. “For us, it is necessary to give maximum immersion to the player” Ed Gutovtsev explains in Columns Wccftech. As such, there will not be a level system or legendary weapons of different colors, but a “skill-based” style of play where all players are “on the same level”. Finally, there is a real effort in vehicle physics, near SnowRunner, that will have to be managed for repair, fuel and tire punctures.

The day before (…) you wake up alone in a world of which you have no memory, looking for answers and resources to survive (…) Take part in restoring the ancient society before it is not too late. In Survivor Colony you can sell loot and communicate with other players – The official website of the day before

But of course, players will not survive the world of the previous day on their own. From the first trailer, Fntastic stresses cooperation, with the group having to split up and scavenge for resources in a zombie-infested city. Logic, The title will give prominence to the colony systemwhere the player will be able to meet NPCs, accept quests, sell their loot and above all “communicate safely with other players”, can we identify official site. Besides basic survival, the ultimate goal would therefore be to “participate in the restoration of the old society before it is too late”. But not everyone will necessarily become your ally. From the developers’ mouth, The Day Before bets on “absolute freedom” where you can “meet anyone and when you want, do whatever you want, collaborate with people or steal from them.” Between that and zombies, good luck! Hence having a quick craft menu, such as The Last of Us, to respond quickly when necessary. What to develop a bomb in the blink of an eye.

The day before: Release date, PC and console, information to know...we rate

One of the most anticipated games of 2022, yes, but why?

After all this information, would you expect the day before for more than one reason? At JV, we understand you. fell out of nowhere The Fntastic project immediately won the crowdsThanks to – as we showed you above – high flying style and a blatant lack of serious competition. Even better, The Day Before is revealed live through long, always-fashionable gameplay sequences in an industry that still today features beautiful promises that are necessarily kept. And after the huge success of The Last of Us Part II, in other words, action games in a post-apocalyptic environment are still popular. And so The Day Before promises to be a game with a rather crazy field of possibilities, where different clans will have plenty of time to help each other out or compete, PvP battles can theoretically take place at any time. Not to mention the zombie effect, which can move in hordes, to add to the excitement.

The future slaps the next generation on PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series?

Even if studio Fntastic has currently revealed PC images of The Day Before (as a reminder, the Xbox Series and PlayStation 5 versions will be released on an unknown date), it must be said that the MMO has been announced. Visually wonderful. Various gameplay videos suggest very well designed environments, both urban and rural landscapes, with particularly successful lighting. So one thing is for sure: The Day Before will present an adventure as exhausting as it is fascinating. In addition, as we learned at the beginning of the year, the title will take advantage of ray tracing, Nvidia’s technology that allows viewing realistic reflections. But you must have a good computer to enjoy it.

What is the computer’s configuration to run “the day before”?

Speaking of a good PC, we end this article with the configurations required to run The Day Before. The information is already available at steam. Obviously, this remains to be confirmed, as far as Setup required in a rather modest case. But we will not deprive ourselves of it! Right now, kid Fntastic will require at least an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 2GB / AMD Radeon R7 370 2GB card with an Intel Core i5-4430 or AMD FX-6300 processor, all backed by 10GB of RAM. And to enjoy the game in very good conditions, you will need to have an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB / AMD Radeon RX 580 4GB card, Intel Core i5-6600K / AMD Ryzen 5 1600 and 16GB of RAM under the code. Nothing fancy, but still. All that remains is to prepare yourself well before June 21, on PC.

PC requirements for the day before (Steam)

The day before: Release date, PC and console, information to know...we rate

Price, single player mode, server system, the info we’ve been waiting for!

As a bonus, you won’t get away with that a certain amount of information was still missing the day before, starting with the price. Currently, No clue about the price of the MMO. Same with the potential single player mode – although highly unlikely for a game of its kind – server operation and the number of players per game. It’s clear that Fntastic is coming soon with a detailed presentation to answer all this, because the release is fast approaching. Another point to resolve: what about the beta version that the developers mentioned when announcing the project? This would be the perfect way to reassure everyone about the progress of the project. That’s it, now you know all about The Day Before.

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