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If you don’t have enough means to buy a new PC, you can Choose a refurbished computer. This type of device offers many advantages. But you must take into account certain elements to choose.

These include the type of computer that is refurbished and the ability to repair the computer. The same is true for components such as the hard disk, and RAM or RAM. Checking all these items will help you choose a refurbished computer.

What is a refurbished computer?

What is a refurbished computer?

a refurbished computer This is a device that is neither new nor used. In fact, it is a computer that has already been used, but later refurbished by specialists.

This renewal process allows the future owner to purchase a computer whose components offer a certain warranty.

Advantages of choosing a refurbished computer

Before talking about the criteria for buying a refurbished laptop on the Internet, let’s first look at the advantages of this device.

Quality at low prices

A refurbished computer is one that can be bought without spending a lot of money. indeed it is sold cheaper from a new computer. It is more secure than the computer used and its various components are well controlled.

Long life

Benefits of choosing a refurbished computer  Â
Advantages of choosing a refurbished computer

With a refurbished computer, be sure to use a computer that is able to last over time. Actually, A refurbished computer can last between 4 and 7 years, if maintained properly. This duration may vary depending on the previous use of the computer.

2 years legal warranty

Just like new hardware, you have a warranty with a refurbished computer when you buy it. The vendor or manufacturer will take care of all repairs to your computer if a problem occurs. This is a safer purchase than manual purchase.

What is a refurbished computer to buy according to your needs?

There is Various models of refurbished computers. Some are sturdy and some are easy to carry. Depending on your needs, you can choose:

  • Economical desktop computers: If you are a student or if you only work on desktop computers, you can buy one. However, you should check that the SSD storage is sufficient to meet your needs;
  • Extremely powerful PCs for gamers: If you are a fan of online games, or if you are video or photo editing, you should consider a refurbished computer with RAM greater than or equal to 16 GB.
  • Ultra laptops: If you are on the go a lot, you should opt for a refurbished laptop. With this type of computer, you can do your manipulations no matter where you are.

Criteria for choosing a refurbished computer

Many factors come into play when choosing a refurbished computer. We present some of them below.

Type of laptop reconsidered and its repair potential

To choose a refurbished laptop, you must Pay attention to the screen. You have to see if it is big or small; Whether it is of good quality or not. Above all, check if the monitor fits your desk and needs.

regarding PC repairRest assured that once you break it, you can fix it quickly. Because there are some of its parts that can not be found easily. This may slow down your work if you are a professional or a student.

Hard disk and RAM

The hard disk is used to store your files. Includes a computer operating system. For this, it is up to you to make a good choice according to two elements: its size and type. It is expressed in GB (Gigabyte).

As for random access memory (RAM), which is also called random access memory, it allows the implementation of several tasks at the same time. It is also expressed as GB. It is available from 4 GB.

Check connections

connectors Allow the computer to be connected to other gadgets (monitor, video projectors, etc.). To choose one, check out ease of access, speed, practicality, and flexibility.

Check the processor and operating system to choose a refurbished PC

    Processor and operating system for computer selection
Processor and operating system for computer selection

The processor is the brain of your computer. When it’s newer, it works better. Likewise, the processor enables a certain speed of your computer. That is why you should check which generation the processor of the device offered to you belongs to. You have the choice between Core i3, i5 and i7.

For the operating system, check the licenses. You have to look if they are reissued and original. The latest is Windows 10 HOME and Windows 10 PROFESSIONAL, if this operating system

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