About the Schwartz Potting Academy in La Boli

A former player in the European Professional Rings, Antoine Schwartz launches the Schwartz Potting Academy in La Boule on May 22, 2022. This little gem of technology in the expert hands of this kid of the race aims to help all fans step up to put, this prestigious Paris region golf course which It presents itself as a new, high-profile complement to the Rozner Academy.

2016 Pro Golf Tour Medal of Merit winner and multi-season Challenge Tour player, Anthony Schwartz The Schwartz Potting Academy was launched in La Boule on Sunday, May 22, 2022. After the Rosner Academy, on the same prestigious golf course in the Paris region, it became a new high-performance instrument for the Racing Club de France golf course. “It’s been a year and a half since I gave up on my careerExplain to us. I wanted to relay and share my experience. As a former La Boulie and Racing player, it was only natural for me to try to find a way to teach there.The guy added six professional victories.

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Set as favorite

Particularly talented at play, the 33-year-old Racingman has logically specialized in this very important field at a high level. “I wanted to specialize in the situation. Signing up well is an essential part of the game. I’ve always been very interested in this part of the game and have practiced a lot in it. I have been recognized as a very good striker in the professional ring. It seemed obvious to me to specialize in my teaching in order to continue my career as a player.»

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With the help of Arnaud Bonhomme and the late Christian Bonardi

If Golf de La Boulie, having arrived at the age of 15, quickly imposes itself in his eyes, it is still necessary to obtain the approval of the Sports Commission and find the necessary tools. “Arno Bonhomme, Chairman of the Board, has always encouraged me to develop my installation academy in Labouli. He also advised me to use an apartment in La Boulie which is ideally located opposite the reception. I also thank the family of Christian Bonardi, emblematic racing coach for over 40 years, who passed away in August 2021. I spoke a lot with his ex-wife Paola and his children. They assured me that Christian would have loved having a performance center in his apartment. This point of view was shared by the entire Sports Committee and I am very proud to be able to pay this tribute to Cristian Bonardi with this complex installed in the apartment he occupied for the 40 years of his life.. “

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High-level tools open to all

After many months of thought, work and installation, the Schwartz Potting Academy in La Boulie will officially open on Sunday 22 May 2022 at the Golf de La Boulie. The academy aims to advance the racing teams, whose flag team has moved to the first class, the academy is open to everyone, whether amateurs, professionals, members or not in La Boule. “It’s a great tool to help race teams, golf schools, and my students progress. There is also a convenient center to adapt the rackets to the characteristics of the players. All tools remain open to everyone, whether you are a La Boulie member or not. I can also make use of a couple of great golfers at La Boulie which are of course an unusual complementary tool. But it is true that the ability to work indoors provides you with many possibilities and protects you from the vagaries of the weather. With four cameras, Sam PuttLab and Capto, computers and giant screens for copying information and Wellputt’s Big Tilt platform, which allows you to change slopes as you put them down, it’s truly a high-performance analytics space. There is also an installation center. I have a hundred rackets in the middle. And if specific adjustments to the shelves or lofts are required for example, I’m in touch with all the brands and we can do what’s necessary.»

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In addition to the Rosner Academy for amateurs and professionals

A few months after the announcement of the creation of the Rozner Academy in La Boulie, this academy is the perfect complement to the Racing Club de France teams coached by former DP World Tour trainee Cyril Miranda. “Cyril Miranda takes care of the sponsoring teams and I advise all teams to install. We return to the first section, where we should be logical, thanks in particular to the work of Cyril. We hope to win team and individual titles. I also have amateur players come to see me individually for more specific work and even professionals like Manon Jadali, Agathe Sozon or Sebastian Gross. We are very complementary with Cyril Miranda Olivier Rosner And Pierre-Henri Leclerc. These latter have established their academy and this status center comes in addition to that.»

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Beachcomber Golf Cup Sponsor

Retired from the ring and still full of energy, Antoine Schwartz has also agreed to be the sponsor of the 2022 Beachcomber Golf Cup, which will take place in mid-November in Mauritius. “I have agreed to be the sponsor of the Beachcomber Golf Cup 2022. I thank Antoine Robin and his teams for trusting me. I find the unique format of this vicious six-hole mixed doubles competition very attractive, as are the prospects for the national final at Golf de Saint-Germain, then in Mauritius. And since I’m still somewhat competitive, I will also line up with my friend from Racing Louis Cohen Boyer in the French Teachers’ Doubles Championship at the end of June at the Golf des Aisses.But before that, gather on Sunday 22nd May 2022 for the official opening of the Schwartz Potting Academy in La Boule. ..and when do you want to put lessons!

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