Basketball. Caen BC dominates La Rochelle and Friday night fever strikes again

Three thousand people dressed in white and getting up like one man, without being able to sit up again, fall into a state of ecstasy. In Caen three weeks ago, an epidemic of white fever spread by leaps and bounds. Its symptoms are well known but no vaccine seems to be able to curb it. Friday night fever claimed another victim yesterday.

After Lyon and Poitiers, La Rochelle, in turn, was swept away by this white wave that destroyed everything in its path. With 17 successes in 18 matches, and their collective sprinting at full speed, Al Rochelle seemed safe from this threat. Like the others, they could not resist the enthusiasm of CBC and 3,000 “crazy” spectators.

Last night, it wasn’t even 4 minutes before Francois Sens, the visiting coach, came out for the first time. The first storm, brought in by Brassie-Davis and Noel, had just hit the heads of his followers (17-10).

In an already boiling atmosphere, CBC succeeded first in everything it did (21-12, 7′, 9/10 shooting to start). On the contrary, let’s be honest, few teams would have resisted Cain’s wrath. With their confidence in their prime, La Rochelle succeeded in doing so, as helped by some rather silly mistakes from Caen, after an excess of commitment (31-29, 10′).

Commitment, it took a lot to make life difficult for Gaëtan Clerc, the former homebody who walked the CBC in March (22 points, 9 assists, 36 ratings). Bryson Bob leaned back to give preferential treatment to his former teammate, limited to three shots and 4 small points at rest.

La Rochelle knocks on the door, CBC closes the lock

Before that break, CBC injected a second dose of happiness to its fans, as Gide Noël turned into a fire arsonist on duty. Christmas here, Christmas there (17 points at 6/7 at rest). Christmas is in May, there are more seasons my good lady (47 – 32)!

In the ropes, La Rochelle still did not panic. Possession after possession, all cleverly conducted, picked up. So Arnold Thenon planted two bands in 20 seconds (51-49, 25 minutes). Hit the CBC? Oh yes. sank? no no no.

Dead time and two minutes later, the fever reappeared, 64-50 on the scoreboard and 40 on the thermometer. finished Strick? of course not. Incredibly resilient, the Rochelais picked up as the money time approached (69-65) and gave a hell of a sweat to an under-stressed audience.

The moment Karl Una Embu chose for the shooting that kills and poisons an entire room (76-69). What a game of basketball for my grandparents.
Having been altered since the start of the playoffs, CBC is only three wins away from becoming Pro B. He will have to win first place in La Rochelle, next Friday or Sunday, in order to compost his final card (Mulhouse is 1-0 ahead of Lorient in the semi-finals). the other). The white fever epidemic did not stop spreading.

CAEN BC – La Rochelle: 81-76

(31-27, 18-12, 20-18, 12-19).

Referees: Messrs. Le Maire and Sissoko.

CAENBC: Una Embo 5, Pope 4, Brassie Davis 19, Noel 18, Diamé 7, then Igbano 11, Lubaki 6, Roman 8, Sumont 3. Bus coach: Fabrice Corsair.

La Rochelle: Thinon 9, Clerc 11, Gassama 5, Lontheme 4, Wright 16, then Seguela 20, Dudit 9, Fofana, Meite 2. Bus coach: Francois Sens.

Basketball. Caen BC dominates La Rochelle and Friday night fever strikes again

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