Basketball. Séraphin Saumont: “At Poitiers, the weight of mine was lifted”

Séraphin Saumont found color in Poitiers because he came out of a very sensitive period on a personal level. © Aline Shuttle

finally ! After a long rarity, Séraphin Saumont scored two award-winning shots on Friday May 13, 2022 in Poitiers, in defining moments. The inside of Caen BC, an 8-point composer, regained the confidence that had been escaping from him for weeks on end. He hopes to take off at the best of times. This Friday, May 20, 2022 (8:00 pm), at the then-crowded Palais des Sports, Caen will play the first leg of the semi-finals of the qualifiers against La Rochelle.

Seraphine, you’re doing a great job against Poitiers. We imagine that it would be good if you contribute more clearly to the victory …

definitely. It’s good for the team but also good for me personally. I was really at the bottom of the hole. It was five, six, and seven matches in which I didn’t put up three points (the last time was against La Rochelle on April 5th, editor’s note). When you’re a team to do it and it doesn’t work for you, you don’t feel useless but…without power. He’s back. You can see in my reaction when I’m shooting, I totally fantasize. It is weight lifted.

Isn’t it restricted to see you as just a three-point shooter?

I try to do something else, of course. The coach told me to diversify my game style when my three points didn’t fit. I try to do this, but when you’re always in a negative spiral, it’s not easy. Before my three points in Poitiers, there is a moment when I take the ball, I attack one against one and make a foul. It’s something we probably didn’t see in the previous week. I hope to be back on the right track at the best time.

“I had a hard time expressing what I know how to do”

Is there a mental dimension that is very important?

Obviously, that’s why I try to work on myself as best I can. The goal is to be able to prepare as much as possible for each training session, for each match. I try to diversify how I can prepare. My last prep was good so I’m going to keep it.

was what?

It’s a secret (smile). We are often superstitious. Let’s say it’s my routine for the week in which it is.

We feel that you have rarely been able to express yourself as you would have loved since arriving in Caen two years ago…

This is certain. I struggled to express what I know how to do. I couldn’t do the same thing I did in Le Havre for the past two years. The most important thing is the location of the team. We didn’t go far in the last year and we’re now where we want to be. As long as the team wins, that’s okay! What could have been complicated was being at the bottom of the hole and the team losing.

“The Rise of the Power of All”

A challenge can bring a lot of pressure but you feel somewhat liberating…

We really feel there is something to be done after we get rid of Poitiers. To begin with, we can consider Poitiers and Le Havre to be the favorites. They are no longer in the race. The doors are open for the remaining four teams. This will allow us to free ourselves and tell ourselves that we can really move on. I don’t feel any special pressure in the team. We will see how we manage our weak times when we are a little difficult. In recent games, we haven’t cracked like a month ago.

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How do you see the big shift between CBC’s regular season and CBC’s playoffs?

I didn’t feel a sudden shift, but rather an individual surge of power from each. There are those who do a little more, and others imitate and go.

In sharpness, precision, and team play, we imagine even more fun playing today.

clearly! I can not add anything. When we pass the ball, when you enter it, when it is fluid, we are better able to make an effort for each other. It is much easier. We feel that victories build individual and collective confidence.

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