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But what happens to Fabian Tikr As soon as he set foot in Stark Arena? Pablo Lasso smiled: “I recommend buying a house in Belgrade, everything will be fine for him.” Four years after dominating the final against Fenerbahce Istanbul in the same arena, Baluzani shone once again in the Serbian capital. “We always think Fabian will raise his level in the big moments,” he expressed his appreciation for his coach, “very happy to have him by his side.” However, this season, it was hard to find better timing than this second half to see the three colors come out of their box… -13 in the 21st minute (34-47) without a training leader (since the injury went out to Nigel Williams Goss in seconds). The first) against Barcelona is held by the exceptional Nikola Mirotic (39 rating), the winner of five of the six Clasicos season… Who would have bet on Real Madrid?

52% of the riyal points scored by the French in the second half!

Fabian Tucker, of course. Conservative during the first period (4 points at 2/3), like his team (34-45), the former player from Le Havre and Chollet took charge. Sent to the lead, he improved every ball to collect 11 points and two interceptions in the third quarter, only to shock FC Barcelona who thought he had things on hand (44-54 to 62-56). And then, in money time, when it seemed like Barcelona was about to tip the scales again (75-75, minute 37), Causeur hit 5-0 on his own to hold off the Catalans (80-75). “I don’t want to talk about what happens between me and Belgrade before Saturday’s final, I’m superstitious,” smiled the best Breton in French basketball history. Others did it for him all of a sudden…”It’s this room I think” Vincent Poirier slipped. “I don’t know what’s going on here but he’s a very good player. Today he showed us what it was like to show off during the Final Four match, a great match. I’m very happy we got him in this state.”

Fabian Causeur’s left hand wreaked havoc again in Final Four
(Photo: Victor Carretero / Real Madrid)

After Fabien Causeur, the entire French structure of Real Madrid shone. Indoors during his first time on the floor, to the point where Vincent Poirier made a real impact after the break (6 points on 3/6, 5 rebounds and 3 rebounds), symbolized by this brilliant ‘chase’ preventing Nicolas Laprovittola 52 seconds from the bell. “It took me a while to get into it,” said the Ile-de-France hub. “But I refocused on really contributing because I didn’t want to have any regrets. I gave it my all in the second half!” Besides him, on the racket, Guerschon Yabusele was fantastic. In the frenzy of Fabien Causeor, baby Chorale de Roanne nevertheless finished the evening’s best player (18 points in 6/9 and 8 rebounds for 24 ratings in 33 minutes, longest playing time in the meeting) with several decisive actions: three pointers to a bigger presentation A gap for Merengues in the evening (73-66, min 36) and above all an offensive rebound captured from Sergio Llull’s missed free throw 5 seconds after the siren whistled to lock down Madrid. Qualification for the final (86-83, final score). “Even without a leader, we have other qualities, like our senior men,” Pourier added. We’ve done a lot of work on the inside to bend them as much as possible. »

character victory

At the bottom of the hole in early spring, after being defeated in eight of their last ten regular season matches in the Euroleague, humiliated in bottom club Kaunas (he scored just 47 points), Real Madrid were nonetheless able to find the resources to put them in place. itself in a position to seek its eleventh continental title on Sunday. A story of tradition, the power of knowledge, a legacy, where without necessarily being the best team, as in King Benzema’s football department, the White House knows how to win the big games. Right. Barcelona maintained five consecutive wins in El Clasico but remained in the dock in the European Grand Final. “A lot of people talked about us, and they doubted ourselves,” said Vincent Pourier in the mixed zone, beaming to silence the gossip. “This victory is the character of our team!” It is also a tricolor. This Thursday, it was Real de France.

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