reunion. The following are the basic conditions for entering and leaving Morocco

Below is a summary of measures collected from the Ministry of Health and the National Office of Airports (ONDA) for international travel.

> What are the conditions required to enter the national territory?

A traveler who wants to go to Morocco, In any case (air or sea)You must submit:

– Passenger health form, to be downloaded online prior to boarding (also distributed on board an aircraft or ship), duly completed.

A valid Covid-19 vaccination passport.


A negative PCR test result is less than 72 hours (The time between collection and recording).

> What is a valid vaccination passport?

According to the Ministry of Health, a valid vaccination passport Receive three doses Or, if not, two doses, the time for taking the second dose does not exceed four months. For the J&J vaccine, one dose is equivalent to two doses of other vaccines.

> From what age is a vaccination permit required?

A vaccination permit is required from the age of 12.

> What are the access conditions for children?

Children from 12 to 18 years old: a valid vaccination permit where A negative PCR test result less than 72 hours ago. A valid pass proof of receipt two doses.

Children under 12 years old are exempted of any condition.

> What about transit passengers?

The above conditions Not applicable to transit passengers In Morocco. The latter is required to comply with the health requirements of the country of its final destination, we can read on the website of Royal Air Maroc. Health requirements for countries of departure, transit and destination can be found at this link.

> Is the classification of foreign countries according to their epidemiological situation still valid?

The designation that was in effect until the Moroccan border closed in November 2021 has been abandoned. It was not mentioned in the travel protocol announced when the border reopened on February 7. Thus, the conditions are the same for all travelers, regardless of their country of origin.

As with the lists of countries, “no distinction was made in the new travel protocol between Moroccans residing abroad, tourists, Moroccans or dual nationals.” These conditions are the same for all travelersAn official source tells us.

> Are random tests announced after abandoning systematic tests are still in force?

Random screening tests are not mentioned in the new protocol, our source notes.

Below, the new health protocol for arrival in Morocco, published by the Ministry of Health on May 18.

> What are the conditions for leaving the national territory?

Regardless of the requirements of destination countries for Moroccan travelers resident In Morocco and foreigners resident In Morocco you must present a Pass a valid vaccination or certificate of exemption from vaccination against Covid-19. they In addition required to comply Health requirements of transit and final destination countries.

> Who cares about these conditions?

These terms apply to Moroccan travelers residing in Morocco and foreigners residing in Morocco.

> What is the validity of the exit permit from Morocco?

Booster dose (D3) is mandatory If the second dose of the vaccine (or a single dose of the J&J vaccine) is back for more than four months. After four months, travelers must take the third dose, otherwise the vaccination permit will not be valid.

For people who have not received a booster and who have recently recovered from COVID-19, the third dose It can only be administered after four weeks (28 days) from the date of injury. Thus, these people can leave the area with:

. Old vaccination permit accompanied by a recovery certificate or negative PCR test;

. Plus a PCR or rapid antigen test result documenting a recent infection.

> What are the conditions for children to leave the national territory?

For children from 0 to 12 years old, nothing is needed.

For children between 12 and 18 years old, a vaccination card is required. After the age of 18, they should refer back to the protocol set for adults.

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