Waltz Tango will be necessary to stay in the dance

“We think about it, yes, we have it in the back of our mind, but we don’t want to stop there, says Navy Fauthaux. We tell ourselves, ‘We can’t be on Friday off!’ We’ll fight for it, we want to go to As far as possible.” “I find it hard to tell myself that it could end, I don’t feel like this is the end,” coach Julie Barnes said. When we play a final, we know it’s the last game, whatever happens. not here. We find it difficult to achieve that because we are competitors and we hope to have more matches. »

They revolted and returned

Annoyed after such a big defeat in Berry, against Berriyer unbeaten in his room since mid-October (22 victories in a row), the 2021 French champions no longer have a choice if they want to continue to defend their title: now the two-time European Cup winner must be beaten, Friday evening (8:45 p.m.) in Mont-de-Marsan, then during a support match on Monday 23 May in Bourges.

“The difference in this meeting does not reflect the difference between the two teams,” Marines Fauthux said.

Philip Sulfate

“It was a huge defeat, we were all affected but also rebelled and remobilized, as the leader of Lando-Béarnaise announced. And we have a chance to play again quickly to move forward. The gap of this meeting does not reflect the difference between the two teams. After that, losing by two points like Villeneuve d’Ascq ( 78-80 against Lyon, in the other semi-final, editor’s note) or by 24 points like us, it’s just a defeat and it’s 0-1. We have to do better.”

“We weren’t there”

Even better, the Landis family, who went off topic on Quarter 1 (28-14) Tuesday in Borg, were overwhelmed by much of the meeting. “We only put 50 points, we struggled with the racket of course, but also in all the shots, Julie Barnes breathes. We weren’t in any sector of the game. It was our squad and our overall balance wasn’t good – but Borg, they’re not just anyone, they’re One of the better teams defensively – too, because we haven’t had much success. You’ll have to adapt.”

“Every time we beat them, it was so hard. We’ll have to reproduce this on Friday.”

“We must in particular reduce the number of missed balls (19), because each time, they have been drawing behind our mistakes and widening the gap,” continues Navy Fauthux. Every time we beat them (1), it is with great force. This must be repeated on Friday . »

The joke was good on Thursday, May 19, but Julie Barnes is waiting for a reaction from her players, to return to Bourges on Monday.

The joke was good on Thursday, May 19, but Julie Barnes is waiting for a reaction from her players, to return to Bourges on Monday.

Philip Sulfate

To raise his head, Baskett Landes also intends to rely on Espace Mitterrand, who will be full once again for what could be the last game of the season at Landes. Borg hub, Isabel Yacobo, explained after the first match: “We expect, there will be a great atmosphere, it will not be the same match at all. We know they will want to respond.”

Mitterrand, Quiet Force

Captain Marie-Yves Paget’s teammates – who will compete on Friday in her 200th raceAnd Women’s League match – confident in their room. Unbeaten for two and a half months, a defeat to … Bourget (68-72, in the league), they kept three impressive wins (Landerno, Angers and Charleville-Meziere), averaging 88 points. “It can give us confidence, assures the international tricolor. We had less fun times at the Borg and nobody could push us, like here or at Bercy. It’s one of our strengths, this crowd allows us to repack and we hope that remains the case on Friday.” »

Apparently, the Navy’s Fauthux did not forget Percy nor the first leg of the Eurocoupe. Fifth foul against Marie-Yves Paget, while Basket Lands was in the difficult goal (44-51, 29 .).And) irritated and awakened Mitterrand, who allowed the Landis to change the situation. It is clear that they will sign immediately for a similar scenario. Above all, it will allow them to waltz the tangos again, staying in the dance to retain the title of champions of France.

(1) During the first leg of the Eurocup (65-63) in mid-March and during the Coupe de France final in Bercy (91-88, after two extensions).

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