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To use your computer optimally, surf the Internet, enjoy or work quietly, with complete security, nothing beats antivirus software. Specifically, Bitdefender, one of the major European players in the market, is now bidding on its antivirus software.

The more time we spend on our computer, the more likely we are to be exposed to cyber attacks of all kinds. Be it phishing attempts, phishing scams or ramsomware, no one is immune. Also, to ensure optimal protection and peace of mind, it is best to call in the experts. Like Bitdefender.

Recognized all over the world, the company has been on the market for more than 20 years. He has built a solid reputation by providing cyber security solutions in nearly 200 countries. Whether for individuals or businesses, Bitdefender has a full suite of antivirus software, suitable for all sizes and needs. During these two decades, it has managed to attract more than 500 million customers.

At the moment, the special offer allows you to take advantage of it at a discounted price. With 60% off antivirus software, you can enjoy all the benefits Bitdefender has to offer, on your Windows PC, Mac, and even on iOS and Android devices. Three subscription formats are the subject of this special offer.

In detail we have:

  • Antivirus Plus : 3 Windows devices at 16 euros instead of 40 euros
  • Comprehensive Security : 5 Windows, macOS and iOS / Android devices at €32 instead of €80
  • Internet Security : 3 Windows devices at 24 euros instead of 60 euros

To discover all Bitdefender antivirus offers, you will find them here:

Take advantage of Bitdefender offers

Note that all subscription plans and prices are valid for one year. Furthermore, the subscription will be billed at the applicable renewal price, which may be higher than the initial purchase price. However, you can cancel the automatic renewal of your subscription from Bitdefender Central. No bad surprises because you are in control.

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Bitdefender: One of the best antivirus solutions

There are many advantages offered by the European expert Bitdefender’s cyber security solution. Using a regularly updated database, Bitdefender is able to identify and identify the latest threats. It benefits from a virtuous circle: With millions of devices that have its antivirus installed, it is able to detect any malicious script on its network and deliver an assertive response.

In addition to ensuring a high level of security when connected to the Internet, Bitdefender’s multi-layered protection also helps protect your files, photos and videos stored on your device from various threats, including ransomware and malware. After installing the software on your device, we strongly advise you to perform a first scan to detect any viruses.

Phishing attempts are increasingly common on the Internet. It is not uncommon to receive emails that promise fame and fortune, the sole purpose of which is to extort your personal data or even your money. Bitdefender helps fight these scams with advanced anti-phishing protection that keeps you safe. Antivirus software has a system to detect untrusted sites. Once detected, it blocks them so they can’t fraudulently try to obtain your sensitive data such as bank details, credit card number or passwords.

Also, when shopping online, it is very easy to fall prey to cybercriminals. By using Bitdefender, you can easily avoid these inconveniences and protect your payments to avoid any fraud risks. You can also use Bitdefender VPN service, which effectively protects your privacy on the network by encrypting all your internet traffic. So you don’t have to worry, because your data is safe, even when you’re browsing over a Wi-Fi connection.

Thanks to the advanced technology developed by Bitdefender, the antivirus can automatically detect the activity you are doing on your device. It knows if you are working, watching a movie or playing your favorite game. In this way, Bitdefender adapts the protection of your PC according to your use. So you don’t have to worry anymore and you can focus 100% on what’s important. As you understand, Bitdefender offers a complete and effective solution for cyber security and, moreover, easy to access thanks to the current promotion.

To discover Bitdefender’s special offer, it is available here:

Take advantage of Bitdefender offers

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