Basketball: Three female recruits for National 2’s Dieppe Women’s Team

The technical staff of Dieppe’s basket and the three recruits Tania-Pierre-Emile, Mwenda Mukenji and Kenza Chavodega.

Last Tuesday 17 May at Maison des sports, Michelle Gomez leads a somewhat unusual workout.

On the field, most of the players were from the adventure who led the pennant Dieppe team at National 2, but also three rookies.

From the very beginning, the technician was clear: “I wanted you to get to know each other as soon as possible and before some went on vacation. With the leaders, we tried to put together the best possible group.”

“Find the highest possible level”

So the club headed by Boris Desjardins quickly found its three reinforcements by responding as much as possible to the requests of Michel Gomez.

And so the technician wanted Player completes Ramata Dou in the racket.

so come Tania Pierre Emile (27 years old, 1.92 AD) who was also in Dieppe during the match against Mondeville.

Originally from Martinique, basketball started in the Golden Lion before entering the Martinique mogul.

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I stayed there for a year and a half before joining Insep (1 year) and then Mondeville Training Centre.

Then I played a season at Chenove, near Dijon, at National 1, before moving on Four years at American University, two years in Arizona, and two years in North Carolina.

I took the opportunity of a scholarship. It was a great experience training twice, five to six days a week. I went back to France to play with Rize in Ligue 1, only half a season before I left for the Icelandic Premier League.

Tania Pierre Emile

Then Covid comes and Tania-Pierre-Emile goes to play in the Spanish League 2 In a club near Barcelona.

Another experience before playing last season at Furdenheim.

Then I wanted a change and it was at this time that I had my first contacts with Dieppe. The project interests me and I have a former coach of Saint-Ange Phoebe who knows Michel Gomez very well. I talked to him and he finished convincing me.

Tania-Pierre-Emile loves to “ride” on the court and does not hesitate to call and believes that her strength is playing with her back to the basket.

Her ambition is simple

I want to find the highest possible level. If I don’t play in N1 next season it could be the next one because my goal is to help Dieppe go up again, this time in N1. I really appreciate the city and the sea.

Tania Pierre Emile

motocross champion

Always with a smile on your face, Kenza Chavodega (21 years old, 1.78 AD) Younger, but also has a good basketball background.

If Tania-Pierre-Emile wanted the number 18, for Keynes it would necessarily be 01.

Because the little girl from Guadeloupe I was born on 01/01/2001 !

Before choosing basketball, I played several other sports

Mainly individual sports. I was a champion in motocross, but I also practiced horse riding, swimming and dancing. Basketball did not come until the age of eleven.

Treasure Shavodiga

Kenza Chavoudiga will advance quickly while moving a lot.

I was at the Aix-en-Provence mogul when my father was transferred to Reunion. The family continued looking for the pole there, but there were only three girls and in fact I mostly played with the boys. Then he noticed me and called me Tarbes coach Francois Gomez to go to his club.

She is a member of Five-year training centerthree with the cadets and two with the candidates, also training with the professionals.

Then play with hopes or in National 2.

At the same time, she has completed her third year at Staps and plans to pursue a master’s.

When we discuss her qualities and ambitions with her, a story comes to the surface

I was left-handed and one of the coaches in Tarbes wanted me to be right-handed at any cost. For basketball, it was complicated for a year, but now it’s even better. I’m very good at two points and I’m going to improve on my three points. I already played 3 and 4, but in Dieppe it would only be 3. National 2 suits me to express myself as much as possible as a versatile player who integrates easily. Like Tanya, I aim to climb next season.

Finally, the third is the youngest and she is also a Norman since she grew up in Sotteville-lès-Rouen.

Mwenda Mukenji (19 years old, 1.80 AD) She could have crossed paths with Diepoises lately.

In fact, she played three years at Mondeville before moving to Orthes last season.

Also, Michelle Gomez took the information from Desilava Angelova The French-Bulgarian coach spoke well only of his former goalkeeper.

Recommended by Dessilava Anguilova

After her debut in Sottvile, Mwinda Mukenge played two years at the Hope Pole in Normandy before spending three seasons in Mondeville.

When she decided to try her luck at N1 at Orthez, Dessilava Anguilova . admitted

She is a player who has made great progress since arriving at the academy. I would not have thought of such a development. We’re losing our field commander and golden figure, but I’m convinced it’s going too far.

Desilava Angelova

She would have liked to stay at National 1, but the Dieppe project piqued her interest.

It is also a way to find N1 over the medium term. I like the very intense match, where I defend very hard and the ball bounces. Offensively, giving out big balls is also one of my specialties.

Mwenda Mocking

The three recruits seem to be already cooperating well and in any case, they have an important common point, which is to climb to National 1 with Dieppe in a few months.

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