In Toulx-Sainte-Croix (Creuse), Chalet des Pierres Jaumâtres is creating a mini golf course and plans to build accommodation

Forty years ago, we danced there. Twenty years ago it was closed. Then the first couple brought the chalet back to life. And now, Fabrice and his wife are giving her and his wife a massive boost! »

Accessible to people with reduced mobility

Attending, Thursday, May 19, the inauguration of the miniature golf course at the Chalet des Pierres Jaumâtres in Toux-Sainte-Croix (Creuse), Franck Follon, Mayor of the neighboring town of Boussac, did not hide his enthusiasm for the new leisure activity set up by the owners of the building.

An unusual walk to Pierres jaumâtres, which inspired George Sand, in Toulx-Sainte-Croix

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Mini golf (1) – the first accessible game for people with reduced mobility in Creuse – comes as well as a trampoline, a pitch in the trees and an outdoor laser game served next to the legendary site of Pierres Jaûmatres, the granite mess perched atop Mount Barlow ( 591 AD). In the end, the decoration for the theme of tales and legends on this site should adorn the 18-hole course.


This new offer for visitors and tourists is part of a global approach to continuous improvement on the part of the restaurant managers, which Creuse Governor Virginie Darpheuille presented on Thursday for the inauguration of the mini-golf course, which qualifies for “major” players in the attractiveness of the territory. In 2021, the chalet is significantly equipped With a new high wooden balcony of 657 square meters.

Head to the chalet Pierres jaumâtres, the largest terrace in Creuse

The equipment adds elegance to the restaurant and above all has made it possible to increase the reception capacity. The Chalet des Pierres Jaumâtres welcomes between 150 and 200 guests per service during the week and up to 350 guests on the weekend. However, it is a limit that the restaurant sets itself. “We have room for 700-800 blankets, but then we have to feed them!”, smiles Fabrice Bardini, the chalet manager.

housing construction project

The latter carefully considers the extension of the kitchen. But as with any project working on the natural site of Pierres Jaumâtres, listed since 1927, it will be necessary to get the architect’s approval for France Buildings. That the chalet managers requested another major project: the construction of twelve chalets – 17 long-term chalets – plus five unusual accommodations.

Gîtes de France has done better for 2021 in Creuse

“If all goes well, work could start at the end of 2022 for operation from 2024,” Fabrice Bardini tells. For the manager, this investment is appropriate insofar as it is necessary to ensure the attractiveness of the territory.

“When they see the chalet and the site, clients often ask me if we have lodging. But the cruise has a deficit at that level. And we want to make a full show with restaurants, entertainment and accommodation.”

Fabrice Bardini

For this project, estimated at several million euros (2), the chalet managers can get significant assistance from the state and the Regional Council of Neuquitten, in the order of 500,000 euros, under the plan “Avenir Montagnes” central summer resort sector. An opportunity not to be missed, even if the financial cost to the Chalet des Pierres Jaumâtres remains significant. It is not enough to restrain Fabrice Bardini in his ambitions: “The project is viable,” he asserts in a calm tone. If the accommodation project is realized, 17 jobs can be created.

(1) At a cost of €205,000, 80% is covered by both the state (67%) and the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region (13%).
(2) The managers of Chalet des Pierres Jaumâtres estimate the cost of housing construction at 2,000,000 euros for the first phase (12 chalets) and 1,000,000 euros for the second phase (the five additional chalets and five unusual accommodations).

Text and photos: Daniel Laureate

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