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It’s sunny, hot, we take out our nicest clothes, and discover the most beautiful balconies. However, even though we love summer, there is one thing we can do without this season: thigh rub. Yes, yes, you see very well what we are talking about. This unpleasant feeling when walking.

for us Thighs He decided to meet us and ended up burning us with every contact. Sometimes small, not very pretty blisters appear, and as far as they can tell you, in addition to being unaesthetic, they are also uncomfortable. Even irritating our thighs can end up ruining our summer, because we’ll stop ourselves from wearing the prettiest skirts or dresses to avoid that chafing. Well, that’s what happened before. Today we discovered a few of them natural tricks to Avoid itchy thighs in summer. spoiler : Your life will change!

What causes unpleasant itchy thighs in summer?

for us rubbing thighsAs we know, we can’t miss the feeling it gives us. However, we don’t always know what causes it. Why do our thighs get irritated in the summer and not in the winter? In fact, the answer is quite logical: heat. With good weather and rising temperatures, we sweat, and As our thighs sweat. It is this sweating that causes us so little discomfort that we would do well without it. This is stable in the folds, and when our thighs touch, a little bit of friction will occur. This friction is clearly inevitable if our thighs touch and spoil our flight. On the other hand, the inconveniences associated with this connection can be avoided, and here’s how.

Grandma’s Unusual Trick to Avoid Irritating Thighs

If there are many people we can count on to change our lives thanks to sometimes unusual tricks, then these are our grandmothers. These funny ladies always have the solution to our problems. The thigh rub Not an exception to the rule. In fact, according to them, there will be a miraculous combination that can be said Goodbye burnsAnd hello to the beautiful legs that were revealed this summer. Treatment: A mixture of green tea, aloe vera gel and lavender oil. HThey advise us to heat some water and pour it over a green tea bag in a cup. Let it steep for 3 minutes, then take 4 tablespoons of the tea and pour it into a bowl. Finally, add 1 tablespoon of lavender oil and aloe vera gel (enough) to get a slightly thicker consistency. With this recipe, we can finally get rid of irritated thighs and enjoy them Ultra-hydrating feet.

Thighs that itch: how to reduce this phenomenon?

Don’t want to give up your favorite dress? understand. We won’t let our thighs win. The simplest solution? Choose strategic underwear. There are few shortcuts we can wear under our clothes. There are also adhesive patches that we can stick on our thighs to give us invisible but very noticeable relief. In our bathroom, we also have some small ingredients that can help us Fight these frictions And our legs roam fearlessly all summer:

  • Fat creams. Vaseline or ultra-moisturizing creams will be our allies in fighting chafing. Because ? They will create a protective barrier on our skin to fight irritation.
  • Buffering creams. Some creams are designed to repair our skin while acting as a shield to avoid irritation while rubbing the thighs.
  • Coconut Oil. If this oil is already included in our beauty routine, we’ll love it too to avoid chafing our thighs. In fact, its lubricating action will allow our thighs not to meet and hurt us.
  • Body powder. In addition to giving us fresh, glowing skin but not greasy, powder is also there for our body that we’d love to make as an ally of summer. By applying it to the thighs, you will make a small protective film to avoid irritation.
  • Deodorant. Thanks to its antiperspirant effect, deodorant can also be used between our thighs Avoid friction. Attention, it will be necessary to avoid those that contain aluminum salts, which can increase irritation.

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