Saint Germain drops the champion

Terre Blanche without a third

Tom Ofray Squat next to his bag. One hit, then two hits. He swallows a large sip of water, while continuing to release the tension and lower his pulse. “One minute, I’m yours”, slips to those waiting for his reaction, a camera on a tripod and a microphone in his hand. The rest of the match I just watched Virginette Tybaltand where his victory means the elimination of the title holder twice.

Sung a thousand times, the eighth verse canceling the first, as soon as the playing phase begins. Sung in all the tones, in all the rhythms, but always with that impression of thunder in a clear sky. This Friday, in the French men’s first division team championship quarter-finals, the lightning, I launched Saint Germain From the top of the last qualifying position, hit white earth.

The first explosion occurred in the morning during the Quartet. Well done against Thomas Perot And Tom OfrayAnd Tom Jian And Quentin Tiberi They saw their opponents return to their height, then pass forward. The match, which was tight enough to tie at the start of the 18th, finally turned in PSG’s favour, thanks to a final birdie.

In the second match, Valentine Luna And Roman Payet They released their ceremonial mode, to count up to five holes in advance, at the start of 12. But Paul Buffy And Martin Kovra They did not allow themselves to finish, tying sparrows and hard ribs to be just a hole behind them at the beginning of the eighteenth century. Unfortunately for them, the off-limits encounter was the occasion for their good comeback. For his part, Saint-Germain left for lunch with a score of 2-0.

Hugo Riboud Biarritz qualified by winning his match.

In the afternoon five singles, Terre Blanche took quick wins thanks to Tom Jianand 7 and 6 days Pierre NoelhachAnd Paul Buffy6 and 5 out Thomas PerotAnd Kilian Kavdar3 and 2 days Jules Laure. But Farr’s equation didn’t get any easier, especially after his defeat Martin Kovrain a lead match, from the hole against Valentine Luna.

Then all eyes converged on the match between them Tom Ofray And Virginette Tybalt. The latter, 1 at the start of the 18th, had one last chance to grab an extension, but his ball could only have gotten around the hole. Tom Overy managed to breathe. Then breathe again.

Strong afternoon in Biarritz

Their breath, Saint-Germain will use it against BiarritzSaturday in the semi-finals. The latest finalists in the latest edition of the difference against the candidate and neighbor of royal bridgeThe Manville Real Estate, singles in the afternoon. The morning quartet, very balanced, already ended with a degree of parity. Mount Adrian And Martin Engel He had to push to 18 to win against him Nathan Tree And Hugo Riboud. The same, but with a positive result for the Basques, in the second quartet: victory Joseph Linell And Faustin Labadie Destinieson the eighteenth, dated Antoine Pelissier And Mathis Andre.

Until then, the scenario had been noticeably ironed out in the afternoon. in one head Philip Schmuhl get rid of Roman Lantryand 4 and 3. After the success Nathan Tree employment Louis Leucher3 & 2, only one point was missing for Biarritz to make a new appearance in the last four.

Final victory came throughHugo Riboud. The person who signs his return in Junuelhowhich he last played in 2017, stayed strong until the end to win against him Louis Tellet2 above.

Saint-Cloud had to work

Olivier Patience painted himself on the wall. (Alexis Orloff/Fogulf)

Tight, Ile-de-France quarter-finals 100% between Saint Cloud And San Nom La Britque ? In a pocket tissue, you mean… out of seven matches, only one didn’t go until 17 (but even 16), two needed extra time to determine the winner, and the last one of course, who ultimately decided the fate of the meeting that never made a team win seem More likely than the other team to win.

The phenomenon appeared from the morning quatrain, shared by the “Saints” on the same score 2 & 1: Victory Paul Franquet And Nicholas Power sleep tongue against Julian Cel And Maxence Mougnierand equation PAUL PEDELIVERY And Martin Peregot For Saint-Cloud, against Oscar Colo And Michael Nagburg.

From tight, the meeting went to no breathing in the afternoon, during singles. Julian Cel And Maxence Mougnier Definitely brought two points to Saint-Cloud, winning 3 and 2 straight against Gregoire Hoyao and 3 & 1 against Edward Cereto. But Saint-Nom also reacted in a double-edged fashion. First of all, by successOscar Colo21 days Marine Darcourtthen by the point it ruptures at the twentieth aperture Paul FranquetAnd Martin Biddeliver He puts his ball in the water on level 3 of 2, thus losing the first match point.

Then the second returned to Olivier Passions, who showed that when it comes to match point, his expertise can pay off. Before Michael NagburgThe former tennis player started by winning the 18th hole to extend the match. On a par 4 of 1, he manages to go around the tree to the left of the fairway, before gently bouncing and then rolling his ball toward the flag. His victory, in a big move, meant Saint Cloud qualified, at the end of a rough day.

Cannes-Mougins sells Campagne products

Upon completing the Can-Mogins Championship, Tomio Tissot was on schedule. (Alexis Orloff/Fogulf)

This quarter-final was also trying was moggins, the future enemy of the Claudes. This is from the morning, which became almost afternoon whenHugo Amsalem And Hugo Archerin the twentieth slot, put an end to the leading quartet that you pitted them against Tom Valiant And Filippo Serrabringing the first point to countryside. Break even point, specifically, since Raphael Bobo Lorette And Armand Papaziani Scoring opened for Cannes Mougins, 4 & 2, against Roman Potarazzi And Frederick’s request.

In the afternoon, if no match saw much change, all five singles were kept on hold until the end of the second leg. However, Cannes-Mougins has gained an advantage through the successes Tom Valiant3 & 1 day Hugo ArcherAnd’Armand PapazianiAnd 4 and 2 days Carlos Hammou. But between victoryHugo Amsalem For Nîmes, 3 & 2 against Nicholas Mullerthe multiplication ofAnthony Deschutter In a confrontation Gilad HowaruThe people of the Riviera found themselves searching for survival.

The latter came from one head, where Tomio Tissot He defeated, at the end of the suspense and on the eighteenth day, Captain Nim Roman Potarazzi. Now the best qualified team is still in the running, and therefore Caen will face St Cloud on Saturday in the semi-finals. A non-movie poster, but everyone expects a festival in it.

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