Six Frenchmen in the final!

Several French players will be crowned European champions on Saturday. It’s no longer a case: since 2016, this has happened in four out of five issues with Nando De Colo (2016 and 2019) and Fabien Causeur (2018) and the duo Rodrigue Beaubois – Adrien Moerman (2021). However, it is necessary to put this new reality in the perspective of the data of the past.

Between Rego 2001 and de Colo 2016, none of the three colors lifted the supreme trophy. Before the victory of the National Defense College in Berlin in 2016, the King remained the last to compete in the final fourteen years earlier. Most strikingly, between the third places for Florent Petros in 2007 (with Malaga) and Nando de Colo in 2015 (with CSKA Moscow), the fourth final did not welcome any French player! Or seven Final Fours in a row without the slightest blue, eternal, evidence of time demotion, when the French became undesirable at the big clubs, caricatured as inconsistent with the high requirements of Continental Basketball, on the basis of a tactical flag unlike the French Championship inhabited by sports phenomena.

Seven Final Four in a row without French

Barely seven years after this crossing of the desert ended, they had turned eight at the meeting in Belgrade this year. “We have the wind in our sails,” said Livio-Jean-Charles, dissatisfied with Olympiacos on Thursday. “It’s not just fashion, it’s not some kind of incompetence. But we have a lot of talent and players who are working hard and who shine outside the country. It’s not just about Final Four, there are a lot of examples of players who have been very successful this year: Mam (Gate) who He finished the European Cup’s best player, Alfa (Kappa) who had special moments in France with Polazak and Asvel to finish as the best player in Turkey. It proves that we have something in France and we should be happy with it.”

After being defeated at the Bell by Micic and Efes, the duo fell – Jean Charles approached the final
(Photo: Sebastian Grass)

In fact, after Real Madrid qualified, there would be six left in the final. Or rather five since Thomas Hurtl hasn’t played, despite Nigel Williams-Goss’ flat rate and the door his coach left open at a press conference. “call him?” It is a possibility, yes. In a cold weather with Pablo Laso since the beginning of spring, the Herault leader is training with the workforce in Madrid but was not even present behind the bench on Thursday, unlike Trey Tompkins, another blacklisted. He also did not enter the mixed zone while all complied Real Madrid players for media commitments. Adrian Moorman’s chip “I hope he plays”. They have someone injured so it would be stupid to deny themselves him. Especially since he was always present at the big events. »

“They just need to improve the sounds they put in the locker room”

It doesn’t matter, Real Madrid has “four French phenomena” according to Sergio Lull, while the presence of players who trained in France with Merengo was very sporadic before Fabien Causeur arrived in 2017: Mustafa Sonko, Samuel Nadeau, Alain Degbo, Mikael Gilabali. , to name a few…. “French basketball has grown a lot,” agrees Pablo Lasso. “How many are there in the NBA, in Europe now? And the national team is the vice-champion of the Olympics… and this now reflects what French basketball represents on the map.” His former teammate Yohan Sangari in Valladolid in 2003, the Real Madrid coach knows what Owes him to the French squad this year, he certainly wouldn’t have been in a position to coach his fifth European final (since 2011) without the blue-white-red trio, unplayable Thursday during El Clasico. “France has more and more high-ranking players now,” rejoices Sergio Loll. “We see it with the national team vying for medals in every tournament. French basketball is developing and growing.” A pleasure the continental basketball giant, except for some annoying elements… “They just have to improve the sounds they put in the locker room, I’m not a fan French music The captain laughs as he slips away. Even if he was certainly pleased to hear Vegedream on Saturday night…

Six - French Final - Final 1653073880.jpeg
Poirier and Yabusele struggle to spread the titles of Booba, Ninho and Company in Real
(Photo: Sebastian Grass)

Final French Opinions (Thomas Hurtle did not appear in the mixed zone):

Gershon Yabusil “It’s nice because French basketball is growing every day. We have good players coming out from everywhere, whether they are youngsters or established players. We can even talk about the European Cup with Mam Gaet who had a great season, Isaac Cordiner too. There are a lot of French people who are showing up. Themselves more and more, we are becoming sure players and that’s just fun.The youngsters will motivate more when they see it.French basketball is important.

Vincent Poirier “Having six of us in the final is very good for French basketball. I love Adrien (Moerman) and Rodrigue (Beaubois), they are my guys but we’re going to need a winner and I hope it’s us. So we have to kick them, that’s all I know. I’ve seen Rodrigue in a while. Ex. I told him, ‘I’m going to put one of these screens up, you won’t be able to play anymore.’ We’re traveling abroad more and more. It could show the way for some guys, and prove that there’s something other than the NBA. Why don’t you make them want the Euroleague. This is what happened to me: I just swore by the NBA, I didn’t know the Euroleague and Freddy Foutocks asked me to look, I started doing it and I’m here today. Today. You realize that’s a very high standard. I’ve watched Ant-Tomic a lot. When I played against him, I felt strange: I looked at him at a younger age and now face him. The first time I saw her, I said to myself: “Ah yeah, it’s heavy.” How is it that we live so much in big European clubs? Well, we are handsome kids (laughs) ).

Fabian Tikr : “It’s great for French basketball. It shows that we have a special offer.”

Rodrigue Beoboa “He is great for French basketball, he proves the talent that is in France. It is a pleasure. Now I hope the team with the fewest French wins (smiles). There have already been a lot of French in the NBA for years. The fact that now we can see French players in very big European clubs is a very good thing for France and confirms good results. It already shows that there is talent in France. In addition, we must congratulate the French national team because it is no coincidence that we are so many. I spoke quickly with Vincent (Poirier) and Thomas (Hurtel. I saw two of the four. We didn’t say anything special. I played for a year with Vincent in Vitoria, we’re still very close.”

Adrian Moorman : “Eight French in the same fourth final, I hope we find that in the future but it won’t be easy. It shows that we have managed to impose ourselves in very big clubs, which is good. With the pressure and their basketball culture, it is not easy to be in Real Madrid or Olympiacos, for example. But it’s good: it shows that we French have a success mentality in the big clubs. There’s a culture created too. When you taste it, you want to stay there. Like you’ve been denied your favorite dish! That you don’t want to leave…It’s actually real estate!Without good training, traveling abroad would be much more difficult.I left Banfet very late, at twenty-six.This is where my career started, so it’s not easy.Training helps Good players to develop: Nando de Colo, Fabien Causeur, Rodrigue Popois and others have proven that. So it’s good that there are so many French people in the big clubs and above all they manage to stay there, that’s the most important thing. We’ve been with Eves for four years, Which was the last time we arrived. Today, we play a final A third in a row. So we are really happy with ourselves and it is always a pride to build such a fine club. »

Six - French Final - Final 1653074007.jpeg
Rodrigue Bebois and the French with all their wings spread towards the European summits?
(Photo: Sebastian Grass)

in Belgrade,

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