“You have to prove that you deserve to wear this shirt.”

Over the course of two years, and the return of Saronas Gacicificius, FC Barcelona made great strides to win its third continental title. For the second time in a row, the Catalan club saw its dreams shattered. However, this time, after the offensive power of Anatolia Efes, it was three Frenchmen who took on the task of dismantling Barcelona’s illusions (86-83).

Among them, only one was dedicated to the highest level: Guerschon Yabusele, a long-running prospect, who was drafted by Boston in 16th place in 2016. But the other two? One simple goal was to “play in Pro B”, Fabian Causeur. The other, specifically, tasted it in Pro B and ran the season like a shadow (3.9 points at 53% and 3.7 rebounds with Hyères-Toulon in 2014/15), Vincent Poirier. “I came from afar,” he said on Thursday.

Rivals Yabusele and Poirier in Pro B in 2015, teammates in the 2022 European Cup Final!
(Photo: Sebastian Grass)

It doesn’t really matter whether or not they’re supposed to play the Final Four someday, it was this trio that brought Barcelona’s machine down in the second half on Thursday. From 43-54 to 60-56, Real Madrid finished the third quarter with a score of 17-2 and the French contributed to the entirety of this series, whether with points (12) or assists (3). “I am very happy for my comrades (Yaposelle and Poirier),” Fabian Causeur rejoices. “It’s their first four finals, and to have a match like this at the start is very good! Between them, they scored more than half of Madrid’s points in the second half: 27 out of 52!

“Fabian showed us what it was like in such a big match”

Basically, the French team Real Madrid was like theirs. The lack of intensity in the first half, not aggressive enough, except perhaps Guerschon Yabusele (11 points and 5 rebounds at the break). Vincent Pourier missed a penalty, Fabien Causeur was waiting for things to get to him while Pablo Laso really needed a spark on the backline. “It took me a while to get into my game,” Pourier agrees. “But I refocused on getting involved in the second half because I didn’t want to have any regrets.” As such, his immersion, after playing Brandon Davies, at the start of money time and especially against him against Nicolas Laprovittola 52 seconds after the last bell is already part of the The special procedures of the Real Madrid season.

le-real-madrid-save-by-its-french -----we-have-to-show-that-we-worth-to-wear-this-jersey-1653067914.jpeg
Fabian Causeur was the bomber of Madrid’s comeback
(Photo: Victor Carretero / Real Madrid)

But if Vincent Pourier was in control of the second half, if Gershon Yabousel was decisive, particularly by capturing Meirings’ last offensive rebound after 5 seconds of time, then all eyes were on Fabien Causeur. In the wake of his extraordinary 2018 final, Breton Belgrade has made his garden. Pablo Lasso smiled after the meeting: “I recommend buying a house here and everything will be fine for him.” Admittedly very passive in the first period, the former Vitoria defender managed to become the X-factor that Real Madrid desperately needed in order to reverse the hacked position (34-47, min 21). “I was going to have the ball in the hands of the Fab with every move,” his friend Mike James tweeted in the first half. Without a pure leader since Nigel Williams Goss came off injury, Real have found the solution to Barcelona’s equation in the eternal transfer of the 2010 French champion: feints, left start and driving. “We can see how important Fabian Causeur is to them,” Ergin Ataman said of himself on Friday when he was invited to speak for the Spanish forces. “He showed us what it was like to ‘go up’ during the fourth final, during such a big match,” confirms, with admiration, Vincent Poirier.

The owner of 11 points and two interceptions in the third quarter, then a 5-0 starter in the form of a turning point in money time, Fabian Causeur knocked out Barcelona with the sole force of his left wrist. “It was impressive,” Gershon Yabusel applauded. “We really needed someone out of the box. It’s been on fire for a long time and it was nice for us to get back in the game.” Kind of a local Finistère specialty, often conservative during the regular season and then sharp in the big moments. “I play for Real Madrid for a specific reason,” he says. “You have to show that you deserve to wear this shirt. I give everything in these types of games because I don’t want to go home with regrets. Sometimes I’m good, sometimes I’m not. I can make or miss shots but it’s a matter of state of mind. I do my best.” My effort is on the pitch and when you always do, good things end up. Even in Belgrade more than anywhere else regarding him…but don’t talk to him about it.” Ah, can we discuss it after the final if I’m still good? Because I am very superstitious. »

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