Another Colosseum in Tremblay-en-France, a show canceled due to lack of audience, golf in Dreux … discover the indiscretion of the week

The President of Chartres Metropole, Jean-Pierre Georges, has several times called for orders to be issued to the elected officials of the conglomerate, in connection with their absence from the institution’s events.

excellent Waste Management directs discussions to the Chartres Metropole Community Council

Recently, the meeting to present the governance of Chartres Metropole, scheduled for May 19, to the attention of the municipal councils of the member municipalities of the bloc was canceled “due to the very low participation”, Chartres Metropole notes. This meeting has been postponed to September. It remains to be seen why elected officials appear to show so much absenteeism, in the eyes of the executive branch.


We have not given up hope for the pacification of the situation between the Count of Paris and the Foundation of Saint Louis. Relations between the head of the Family of France and some of the leaders of the establishment responsible for monitoring the possessions of Orleans soured that he ended up before the magistrates and seeing Prince Jean leave Dru for southern France. wife and children. But, as in diplomatic circles, even if relations seem to be broken, there are still possibilities for debate.

excellent Drew: For the St. Louis Foundation, the Count of Paris “sits” on the house of Philidor

It seems the Count of Paris is ready to find common ground so that his family will continue to have access to Drew’s royal domain. Beneficial appeasement for all. Starting with the town of Drew, which has an interest in profiting, for its image and charisma, from the presence of the Orléans family on its land. During his father’s funeral, the current Count of Paris said all the good things he thought about the concepts of harmony and tolerance. No doubt in this state of mind he is inclined to reconnect with the institution…

only 50%

We remember, Pierre-Frédéric Pellet, LR Mayor Ledru, finally endorsed the candidacy of Olivier Marlex, the outgoing MP from LR, in the June legislative elections. It must be said “finally” because a portion of the Druissa municipality rather opposed this increase “to the deputy who does not really show his support for the mayor of Drew, the city or Aglo”. A meeting was organized between Olivier Marlex and the municipal majority on Thursday evening. Only fifteen elected officials out of thirty participated. Some deputies abstained while members of the Chamber of Deputies such as Jean-Michel Poisson or Sebastien Leroux wanted firm commitments from Olivier Marlex. I’m not sure this is enough to soothe the wounds that are struggling to heal…


Is this a side effect of the health crisis that is making it difficult for audiences to return to theaters? However, the music show Y a d’la Joie will not be shown on June 3 in Luisant at the end. Arc en Ciel Productions, which is organizing the event, calls out an “inadequate disclaimer and reservations”. All tickets are refundable. Information on


There are twenty swimming spots in Eure-et-Loir, and for some, searching for lifeguards can quickly turn into a headache. Such is the case for the new Arrow commune, which fears not being able to open its swimming pool this summer, due to a lack of supervisor. The mayor, Frank Marchand, raised his concerns during the last city council, explaining that earlier announcements have so far been in vain. He then determined that the last BNSSA holders of Eure-et-Loir were all recruited at L’Odyssée, in Chartres. “Wrong,” answers Afasse (Association for Aquatic Rescue and First Aid Eurelian Training), which was created in December 2020 and headed by Michel Troadec. According to the association, if some have already found a site within the Chartres Aquarium, this is not the case for all of the new patent holders. In 2021, twenty-four trained in the department. Twenty-two participated in the exam, and twenty passed. Twenty-one and then graduated from another training organization. So there will be saviors in the market. “And some live in the Châteaudun sector, one of which is … in Aru,” Afsas outlines for the new Aru commune. All communities will receive their coordinates.

Swan, back

Swann Castle in Illiers-Combray
The Château de Swann, in Illiers-Combray, which opened its doors discreetly last August, will be the center of a stunning auction on June 18. On that day, very diverse pictorial works, created by three hundred Chinese children between the ages of 3 and 15, will be presented to the public. Most surprisingly, each artist author of a painting sold would receive, as a reward, an NFT (non-fungible token) associated with their work and person.

Discover Swann Castle in Illiers-Combray and the amazing Church of Blood

Deauville golf course

Mayor Drew emphatically wants to see the project to rebuild the site of the former sanatorium succeed, above all, to succeed in attracting affluent residents. Do not skimp on the means nor the arguments. Having often mentioned Dreux’s proximity to Paris, Pierre-Frédéric Pellet has just pulled another shocking argument out of his pocket: “Dreux is only an hour and a half from Deauville. ‘Not wrong and more on the good side. When you leave Dreux on Friday evening towards the coast, You avoid traffic jams on the A13 at the capital exit Same story for Sunday night return In terms of resources, the mayor of Drew plans to invest in a golf practice near the Bass-Boisson area Proposal made to the CEO of History and Heritage Group to visit the site with the sales team his own.

A new stage in the transformation of the former clinic in Dro

Illustrated by: Michelle Fili
The wait ended on Friday afternoon. The government of Elizabeth Bourne, which will hold its first cabinet on Monday, has been revealed. If Le Maire, Darmanin or even Dupond-Moretti are among the confirmed heavyweights, Pap Ndiaye, at National Education, would be a surprise.

The little brother

On 3 May, Jean-Pierre Georges, Mayor of Chartres and President of Chartres Metropole, and Karen Durange, Vice-President of Chartres Metropole in charge of the main facilities, revealed the name chosen for the future cultural and sports complex, which is under construction near. Station: Colosseum. The equipment should be delivered at the end of 2023. The conglomerate, in April 2021, launched a competition to determine the name of this future room. More than 1,200 bids were received. So Le Colisée was chosen. But more than 100 kilometers from the capital of Beauceron, another cultural and sports hall is scheduled to open in 2024 in Tremblay-en-France (Seine-Saint-Denis). its name ? The runway! A project led by Paris Terres d’Envol, an eight-city municipal association in Seine-Saint-Denis northeast of Paris. Paris Terres d’Envol is currently in the process of contacting (advertisements in the press, etc.) to promote this futuristic 9,000 seat auditorium.

The name of the future Cultural and Sports Complex of Chartres is…


Jerome Bastianelli, President of the Society of Friends of Marcel Proust in Illiers-Combray, has just been selected by the jury for the Celeste Albari Prize, which rewards a work dedicated to the author of In Search of Lost Time. His autobiographical essay, The Found Years of Marcel Proust, imagines the writer’s fate if he had lived past his death date of 1922. Would he win? Answer on June 29 at The Literary Hotel Le Swan in Paris.

With Nicolas Sarkozy

Former Head of State, Nicolas Sarkozy, received Elizabeth Mayblom, the candidate of the Republican Party for the 4th district, on Monday, at his office on Rue Meromesnil in Paris. She was accompanied by her campaign manager, Nicola Tivignon. “It was a special moment during which we discussed at length, assures radiologist Donoise. I felt he was very attentive. Elizabeth Miblom says she has “discussed the proposals” she intends to make as a Member of Parliament, if elected, “particularly with regard to reinstatement and combating physician absenteeism” In the Dunes.” He encouraged me and gave advice on some topics. This visit is surprising, since Nicolas Sarkozy refused to support Valerie Pecres in the presidential elections before calling in the second round to vote for Emmanuel Macron. Despite the special political status, he is still the founder of my political family and a former president of the republic with a certain experience. He’s a very great politician,” confirms Elizabeth Miblum.


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