At the end of the misunderstanding, Anatolia Efes Istanbul twice European champion!

For good reason, the Euroleague is often praised for its tactical richness. But immediately, even if it is cold, Real Madrid’s last option remains completely incomprehensible. With 17.2 seconds and 14 seconds left in the possession clock, Pablo Laso chose the option to lose: the decisive Anadolu Efes basket or the impossibility of attempting the right shot. Real Madrid definitely lost. Shane Larkin missed his corner attempt and Chris Singleton’s aggressiveness bombarded the final moments to push Anadolu Efes Istanbul into a historic double (58-57), an unexplored paradise since Olympiacos in 2012 and 2013.

Overall, disappointing, and certainly exciting for its indecision but leaving a terrible feeling of unfinished business, this finale will only remain summarized in the history books for the last 17.2 seconds, crystallizing all the misunderstandings. Sitting in the front row of the Stark Arena, Evan Fournier, between his father and his agent, summed up the bewilderment. “I didn’t understand this latest defensive possession,” tweeted the French backyard of the New York Knicks, who had come to Belgrade to support the six colors in question. “No but seriously, how do you expect to score with three seconds without a timeout when you have to take a rebound and cross the field and score? 17 seconds left in the game and 14 seconds in defense. The math is simple.”

Mia Colpa from Lasso

With eyes in obscurity in the mixed zone, Guerschon Yabusele dismissed all criticism. “The match is never played in the last play,” he breathed. “A lot of things can happen. The decision was to defend and try to get the rebound, and we had 3 seconds left. They shot and made mistakes and we could have had the rebound, that’s it… We followed what was said.” In dramatic intensity For a moment, it was inevitably difficult for the Real Madrid player to go against Pablo Laso’s instructions, but only rebellion could have prevented Meringue from relying on an unlikely interception, or Maria’s shot. “Everyone was interested,” admits Vincent Poirier. Surely the outcome would not automatically be different, but their chances would certainly have been a little higher. At a press conference, the Spanish technician painted the beginning of the error. “It was hard to decide what to do. Now, yes, we tell ourselves we should have made a mistake. Except that with the time left we could have defended and had the last possession but we didn’t manage to get a clean ball back and couldn’t attack. They played. This last acquisition is clever and I don’t know what would have happened if we had made a mistake.”

Yabuzel caught in the Turkish pincer, a difficult night for Real Madrid
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Next, Guerschon Yabusele pointed to the correct element. Real Madrid did not lose their eleventh star in full in time. On the broad shoulders of Surrealist Eddie Tavares in the first quarter (12 points and 7 rebounds), the Iberians seemed to have mastered the game for a long time, although chronic folly (6/33 on three points) prevented them from using their defense to take a bigger lead ( 40-31, 25 minutes). European champion in danger, without a spring behind the duo Shane Larkin – Vasilije Micic (composing 23 out of 29 points in the first half), Anadolu Efes saved by an unexpected champion: Tibor Bliss, phenomenal efficiency in the second half (19 points in 7/8) , 7 rebounds and 2 blocks). “He did a great match, a great season,” said Ergin Ataman.

Beaubois and Moerman in the history of French basketball

The value of last season was already great in the coronation of Cologne, but the German giants did not present the award for the best player in the fourth final. This honor apparently went to Vasilije Micic, draped in the Serbian flag, at his home in Belgrade. 48 hours after his killer arrow in the bell against Olympiacos, “Vasa” pelted the final with his talent (23 points on 8/15, 2 rebounds and 2 assists), it is he who joins a very closed circuit, the best player in the doubles with Diane Boderoga, Dimitris Diamandis and Vassilis Spanolis . There is worse like the company! “I have no words for what we have accomplished, I do not believe in it,” he managed to express in ecstasy, at a press conference, before undergoing the traditional shower of the winners, the hands of his teammates. “I am proud of my players who wrote the history of our club, the history of Turkish basketball and European basketball,” added the victory winner Ataman, after exchanging his wet suit for a tracksuit in the colors of Efes. “It is great glory to us!”

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Vasilije Micic raided his home in Serbia
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Historic for French Basketball Because of the strong palette of triples represented (6, including Thomas Hurtl, sent off by Pablo Lasso), this final will remain above all memorable for Rodrigue Popois (1 rebounds at 8 minutes) and Adrien Moormann (6 rebounds at 12). Minutes), the first trio to win the Euroleague twice in a row. “Noon back is not given to everyone,” the former Limoges CSP strong winger rejoiced, as always wielding sultry power in the first period by his coach, before stopping to see the pitch afterwards. “The season was not easy, we saw a lot of ups and downs but we approached the qualifiers with the right mentality. When you win like this, it is even better! We can be very proud. Unlike the semi-finals, the Causeur-Yabuseli-Pourier trio had a nightmare. Back Breton charmed Belgrade with his worst performance of the season (-6 RAT), the dancing bear was out of order (3 points to 1/7) while the Ile-de-France pivot weighed (5 points), 4 rebounds, 2 assists and 2 blocks in 18 min) But he was targeted by Efes, then suffered terribly in mismatching the speed of Larkin and Micic. A terrifying evening will conclude on April 21, 2022 which, it will be decided, will not remain marked by a white stone by Real Madrid, all divisions combined …

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