Basketball/National 2: BB Marmande resisted Burke’s great fleet in perfect form

Until the last moment, BB Marmande believed in it during the French National Championship 2 quarter-finals. But Berck’s supremacy was hard to contend with for “Bleu et Blanc” who was weakened by a long and impressive season (78-88). Next Friday, they will travel without pressure to Côte d’Ivoire.

The step was too high, on Saturday evening, at Pascal Laberche’s hill, for B.B. Marmande. Despite pushing more than 1,000 ardent supporters, Blue and White failed against Burke, “Cador this Citizen 2. Arnaud Prozac and his comrades gave everything they could. They tried everything. They never gave up and kept dreaming with a people” Blue and White”. But, with the trade, the brooka extinguished hope for a resounding exploit. However, it was not far away …

Therefore, it was necessary that the boys of Alexander Balfroy definitely get a better start. As challenge hampers, Marmandais are somewhat uptight and allow visitors to establish their own rhythm.

Particularly effective behind the red line, northerners start 10-00 (2-12, 3And) forcing Alexander Balfroy to take a time-out. Their attempts were frantic, as the locals struggled to get around the opposite defensive wall. Dembélé tries a few raids. Sometimes with success letting BBM move forward (8-17, 6And). But the anxiety in front of the penalty line punishes the locals (in the end, it also has a big impact on the scales) although Stojilkovic, with his long distance (one meter behind the red line), gives hope to his people, especially as he regresses at the start of the second act ( 20-26, 10And).

However, the BBM does not manage to run at full speed against the very strong and well-equipped Berckois team. Traore starts off with a 9-0 stinging shot sent by Seguila and Henok. More consistent in distributing the ball, the visitors took advantage of the capitalization wisely (24-37, 14And). However, they failed to take cover forever.

Under the impetus of Prozac

This is the moment Lot-et-Garonnais chose to ignite the den. A flash of genius fell on Prozac and then united with Kozigo. In the back, Burke lost a ball allowing Steiner to investigate the bat’s head. BBM is revived further as Bruzac sets his sights on three points (36-40, 17And). However, without relying on the career of the boys Laurent Cliffstra. Moisy stops the bleeding and restarts the device (36-46, 18And). Mainville, at the bottom of the line, sets three points that Steiner imitates. A new mad pill that allows BBM to refer to -4 as ‘lemon’.

As if the break has been reactivated, the locals attack with drumbeats. Steiner adjusts for an award-winning shot followed by a mid-range basket from Stohelkovic. For the first time, BBM took the lead (52-50, 23).

But Burke’s work makes all the difference. Ikani and Chapuis bring calm. Ajenifuja (far from his usual performance) brings his stone into the building. 0-6 for Berck brings the BBM back to the harsh reality of the task to be performed (54-61, 26). Bruzac doesn’t keep the local Will-o’-the-wisp under his feet to let his people stay in touch (62-68, 30).

2 points at 95 seconds

In the final chapter, Burke appears to be headed for easy success under Captain Siguela (63-71, 33). But BBM does not abdicate in the line of Bruzac (66-71, 34). Then Dembele protrudes under the net. The double combination allows local residents to denote – 4 (74-78, 38). In the next surge, Steiner causes misery to the opponent’s defense. In front of the penalty line, he does not tremble and here BBM appears in the wake of Burke 95 seconds of the bell (76-78).
Fans stand as one man rushing into a frenzy. But the trade of the northerners will affect terribly in this time of money. Without giving in to a panic, Mendy surrounded the Marmandes’ defense followed by Henoacq. The last “blue and white” whims will not change anything. And BBM to logically surrender (78-88) and above all without shame from this crazy performance. With his head held high.

Next Friday, Arnaud Prozac and his cohorts will travel to Côte d’Ivoire for the second leg without any pressure for what should be the last meeting in this crazy season. Unless BBM plays overtime and Jameel wins. Impossible is not BBM.

The Ansar believed in him until the last minute

88- Purity

in Beaupuy (Collinéum Pascal-Laperche)

MT : 44-48.
periods : 20-26, 24-22; 18-20, 16-20.
the reviewer : Pierre Gendre and Florian Demico; public : about 1200 spectators.

by B. B. Marmande : 69 shots attempted, 30 successful of which 10/28 were 3 points; 24 free throws were attempted, 8 free throws were made. 16 follow up. Lost 15 balloons.
22 personal fouls, 1 player disqualified: Stojlikowicz (40).
the team Prozac (18), Albert (3), Steiner (10), Stogeljekovic (13), Mainville (3), Bailey, Kozigo (5), Dito Mona Samo (10), Dembele (13), Tesba (4). Coach: Alexandre Balfroy with the help of Charlie Ray.

For AB Berck Rang-du-Fliers: 65 shots attempted, 32 successful of which 7/26 from 3 points; 25 free throws were attempted, and 17 free throws were completed. 19 rebounds. 8 balloons lost.
21 Personal Fault 1 Non-Sportsman: Ekani (3And), one technical error: Chapuy (10And); No player was left out.
the team Traore (6), Chaboye (8), Ikani (7), Sigila (17), Agenifuga (11), Nicholas, Moise (14), Kilici, Henok (13), Mendy (12). Coach: Laurent Clifstra, assisted by Arnaud Vaskel.

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