Basketball. Relive the fiery derby between Equeurdreville and Cherbourg in the men’s preliminary tournament

UST Equeurdreville welcomes Cherbourg BB, this Saturday. (© Nadine Djebar)

TSU Icorderville (iii) received Cherbourg BB (first) on behalf of the thirteenth day of the men’s pre-national race. An important meeting in light of the national rise 3.

An hour before the match, Yun Juhu’s hall was already full. When it set off, it was packed. Cherbourg supporters, who have accumulated behind a basket in several rows, play the “match” with the supporters of Équeurdrevillais. There is a great atmosphere!

Cherbourg supporters are making noise.
Cherbourg supporters are making noise.

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The end of the match: Icorderville – Cherbourg: 57-48. At the end of a thrilling derby, the Reds managed to make the difference with a brilliant finish to the match: they made it 16-1 over the Blues! So USTE remains in the race to climb up the N3 just as the CBB can also believe in joining.

40: Basile Grigoriev puts his two throws. It’s over for the suspense! (57-48)

40: Théo Bouquet’s rhythm is lost. Halvard Lipetit can shock the CBB but his 3-point shot is bad (55-48). Stayed 24 seconds, smells good for floor cabinets. time is over.

39 ′: Thomas Lacombe scores his shots (55-48). The hole is made 1’15 from the end.

38: Wittenberg 3 points! finally ! (53-48). Each Léon-Jouhaux stands during the last two minutes.

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37 ′: 2 points for Campbell’s free throws (50-48)

37 ′: Ground tank goes forward after a stolen ball from Wittenberg (48-47). It’s 7-0 in progress for the locals. Fabien Aumont just the owners of the land (48-48)

36: Two free throws to Wittenberg. And she’s inside (46-47)

34 ′: Bazabas goes to the circle and he is inside it (41-47). Basile Grigoriev brings back the ground tanks in the game (44-47)

32 ′: Fabien Aumont comes out of his box in time and scores two more points (41-45). There are 7 minutes left to play and the duels are getting tense!

31 ′: Broussard immediately puts the two teams into a draw. Fabien Aumont gives preference to Cherbourg (41-43)

End of the third quarter: Equeurdreville – Cherbourg: 41-38

29 ′: Cyriack Wittenberg scored from 3 points, Fabian Aumont limits the break behind (41-38)

29 ′: Even Broussard makes his three free throws and returns Cherbourg (38-36)

28 ′: Imitated by Quentin Bertrand, the floor cabinets are six points ahead (38-32).

27 ′ : Three points for Captain Thomas! (33-32)

26: The two defensive actions of the floor cabinets of Nier and then Lacombe ignited the room (30-30)

25 ′: There is already a lot of tension and the arms are shaking, like the arms of Giot who missed two free throws for Cherbourg. (30-30)

24 ′: Buzzbas put the two teams on equal footing after coming back all the way (28-28). Lacombe quickly recovers two points leading to the underground reservoirs (30-28)

23 ′: Fabian Aumont scored only one of his shots (28-26)

22 ′: Nicholas Girard opens the counter (28-25)

22 ′: There is still so much wasted shooting on both sides that the score does not change after one minute and 40 of play in the second half. (26-25)

21 ′: here we go again !

Half time: Equeurdreville – Cherbourg: 26-25. In a crazy atmosphere at Leon Juhu, the two teams, nervous, don’t play great but intense basketball. The floor cabinets advance by one point but nothing is done!

20: Lepetit faucet! USTE passes ahead at 3 seconds after the break (26-25)

20: 2 points + foul Halvard Lepetit MVP at the moment (24-25)

19 ′: The teamwork of the Reds under the circle was completed by Lepetit (22-25)

18 ′: Great personal work from Leyronnas giving a new break to Cherbourg (20-25). Underground cabinets are currently having a hard time addressing the exterior in Cyriack Wittenberg’s photo.

16 ′: Jimmy Giard recovers by scoring two points, but he’s unbalanced (20-21). imitated by Théo Bouquet (20-23)

15th’: USTE is back on top of the scoreboard thanks to Lepetit. The locals just passed 5-0 (20-19). In the back, Giard (CBB) also missed his shot (20-19)

13′: Cyriack Wittenberg closes the floor cabinets thanks to good penetration (18-19)

11′: Cherbourg’s first hole with the award-winning Omont basket (15-19).

11′: Hey counter Neers on Maurice who was going to score for Cherbourg! (15-16)

10: End of the first quarter UST – Central Bank of Bahrain: 15-14. In an atmosphere of madness, the two teams do not leave the score.

8 ′: Veteran Niers’ 3-point shot puts the ground tank back in front (15-14)

8 ′: After a frantic start to the match, both teams feel the need to breathe. It’s Fabien Aumont, thanks to two free throws, who opens the counters. Cherbourg forward (12-14)

6′: First identified by Serge Grigoriev (UST) (12-12)

5′: Leyronnas equation for Cherbourg (10-10)

4′: The Central Bank of Bahrain keeps calm and does not leave itself behind (8-6)

2′: A perfect start to the match for UST Equeurdreville who chained two three-point baskets to the chain (6-0).

The audience's response to Léon-Jouhaux.
The audience’s response to Léon-Jouhaux.

1 ′: Starting !

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