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Many Internet users accused the wife of a commander in the Azov Regiment of being a neo-Nazi after her appearance on the BFM TV channel, because of her similarity to the photos circulating on the Internet. If these links are not made clear with the far right, other guest links will appear on the channel.

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Several netizens, including rapper Booba, have accused persistent news channel BFM TV of giving the floor on May 13 to two Ukrainian women, believed to be neo-Nazis. Katerina Prokopenko and Julia Fedosyk, invited on the set of the series, are presented as the spouses respectively of the Azov regiment commander Denis Prokopenko and Arseny Fedosyuk, a member of the Azov regiment, entrenched at the Azovstal plant in Mariupol. The Azov Regiment, founded by the neo-Nazis in 2014, has been the subject of numerous articles explaining its links to the far right. The two women received great media coverage since the beginning of May, carrying out many international activities with the wives of the soldiers of the Azov Regiment, including press conferences or a meeting with Pope Francis on May 11 to alert on their situation. Husband at the Azovstal plant.

On social networks, critics of the two guests of the BFM television channel shared photos and montages showing blond women resembling Katerina Prokopenko, posing with a flag or a tank top covered in swastikas, or performing the Hitler salute with other women. On the basis of these accusatory tweets and without an investigation, Oh my mag, which was taken over by the MSN news portal, reported the controversy and accused the blonde woman of being a neo-Nazi.

Katerina Prokopenko confused with two neo-Nazi blondes

By doing a reverse image search, it appears that Katerina Prokopenko does not show any of these photos. The young woman also denied on Twitter that she was one or the other of these two women, citing verification work carried out by Italian fact-checkers. Several French investigators have come to the same conclusions, which we also share: The two photos showing a woman holding a swastika show a Ukrainian woman named Victoria Zavrukha, whose links to neo-Nazi ideology were exposed in 2014. The photo showing three women giving a Hitler salute was circulated. Already in 2010, when Katerina Prokopenko was 14 or 15 years old, apparently coming from Poland, if we are to believe the appearance of a white and red flag on the clothes of one of these women and the link to a Polish dating site where a higher-resolution version of the photo appears.

This disinformation campaign was targeted, says Katerina Prokopenko CheckNews that It is sad that people can easily believe propaganda and fake news. Some people can’t analyze facial features or look for verifications.” On Twitter, she sent the Italian verification report to many of her critics.

After inspecting the various public and private accounts she uses on social networks, where she presents herself as “national, CheckNews No compromising pictures or texts of the young woman, no swastikas, and no suspicious outstretched arms were found. Her publications revolve primarily around her work as an illustrator, often depicting caribou in a childlike manner, as well as images of her sports and travels across Europe, as well as her distinct taste for metal music and images of Vikings. When asked about her political stance, Katerina Prokopenko identifies herself as a supporter “Ideas of environmental protection, freedom of choice, freedom of expression. I am also in favor of a modern and strong army (like Israel), where women can be on equal terms with men, and can train and prepare. I am a patriot who loves their history, language and culture, but I respect other cultures and nationalities I respect all animals, which is why I don’t eat them. I am for a strong and healthy country with a strong army, good education, medical services, sports and cultural space. I am against totalitarianism (like Russia and Belarus). I am against neo-fascist tendencies like Russian [fascisme russe ; ndlr]».

Julia Fedosyuk, a new anti-feminist figure from the far right in Ukraine

Things are a little different regarding Julia Fedosyuk, the dark-haired woman next to her on the set of BFM TV. If she did not display Nazi symbols or symbols celebrating Nazism on their public social networks, where she was very active, this 29-year-old young woman, who graduated in Philosophy, has been the subject of many references on Ukrainian websites or in academic texts, which make Possible to put it on the far right of the Ukrainian political spectrum. She is best known for her anti-feminist actions, her defense of guns, her rejection of abortion and gay rights.

In September 2017, I participated in a rally against the ratification of the Istanbul Convention, a text on preventing and combating violence against women and domestic violence, on the grounds that the Convention uses the word “gender”. During this work, she was photographed holding a sign that read “Woman dreams of training.” In a blog post, feminist activist Anna Gritsenko noted that Julia Fedosyuk would next appear alongside Eduard Yurchenko, a far-right theorist who worked for various far-right parties including the National Legion, bringing together a veteran and a member of the Azov Battalion, He is the founder of the anti-gay “Regime” movement. In a March 2020 interview for Ukrainian media Babel, she assumed she had voted in 2014 for Dmytro Yarosh, the candidate of the far-right party. Voiced in 2019 by British reporter Aris Rosinos, she distances herself from white supremacist interests in “race war” and says she is inspired byCodreanu movement” in reference to Cornelio Codreanu, the Romanian nationalist, anti-Semitic and anti-communist figure of the interwar period.

On March 8, 2020, she repeated her provocation by going to a demonstration for women’s rights, where members of her anti-feminist group “Srіblo Troyandi” (“Silver Roses” in English) arrived with a burial coffin for the feminist dressed in black. . She now rejects the label anti-feminist, believing that her group is “A conservative feminist organization that offers an alternative to outdated nationalist ideas, which largely fail to meet today’s challenges, and extreme forms of third-wave feminism”.

An article by the Ukrainian Far-Right Violence Monitor, funded by the left-wing German Rosa Luxemburg Foundation, notes that the “Srіblo Troyandi” group includes among its members many female symbols of the Ukrainian far-right, including the most prominent of whom is Olina Semenyaka, whom the French specialist calls the far-right Ukrainian Adrian Nungun is the “first lady” of Ukrainian nationalism since she became “The female figure of the Azov movement” And “He has served as the International Secretary of the National Legion since 2018 (and de-facto leader since the party’s founding in 2016) while managing the publishing house and the Blomen (Flame) Club Beyond Politics”. Julia Fedosyuk knows Blomin well, because she is one of the volunteers. Olina Semenyaka’s affinity for neo-Nazis has been well documented ever since we learned of a photo of her saluting Hitler with a flag adorned with a swastika.

After contacting CheckNews, Julia Fedosiuk did not respond to our request.

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