Fleet, the startup that simplifies corporate PC management with an all-inclusive subscription

Within the company, it is essential that employees are equipped with high-performance computers to be able to carry out their tasks effectively. However, this type of equipment can quickly turn out to be very expensive, especially when you are a startup or an SME.

The same goes for managing the computer complex itself: PC purchases, specific hardware refurbishment, troubleshooting… a lot of time-consuming stuff, especially when the company doesn’t have a dedicated service internally. .

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In the face of these issues, new solutions are emerging, such as Device-as-a-Service (DaaS). This new way of managing their IT equipment is increasingly popular with businesses. They turn to startups like Fleet, which offers IT leasing.


The device responds as a service for current uses

The economy of use, which consists in buying the functions of the commodity rather than the thing itself, is gradually becoming more democratic. Car rental, music rental on platforms such as Spotify or Deezer, two-wheeled subscriptions such as Vélib ‘… a lot of elements that now form a new consumption pattern, which corresponds to the values ​​associated with sustainable development. On a similar principle, there is a device as a service. This mode of operation allows companies to rent IT equipment with a monthly subscription.

For the enterprise, a device as a service is a solution that provides access to high-end and modern computers and includes device maintenance service. It is renewed regularly so that every employee is always efficient.

DaaS is different from traditional IT leasing, which does not provide any additional service and access terms can be complex, especially for start-ups and SMEs. DaaS allows him to take advantage of services that simplify computer management. They include, for example, hardware acquisition with a few clicks or SaaS fleet management software. Companies are then freed from many constraints and problems, such as costs associated with changes in the IT fleet, while improving cash flow in connection with the purchase. Thus they can invest in their growth and focus on their activity.

Renting business computers via DaaS is revolutionizing the way organizations equip themselves. It also allows you to participate in a more responsible IT policy, because some DaaS partners also offer refurbished computers or second life hardware management, allowing you to reduce your carbon footprint.

To take advantage of these advantages, it is necessary to choose a solution that replaces the expensive traditional purchasing or complex IT leasing, as offered by Fleet. Created in 2019, the ‘Device as a Service’ startup simplifies equipment, management and refurbishment of IT equipment for enterprises thanks to a full subscription. In less than three years, its platform has won over 500 companies.


Simplified management of your computer fleet

It must be said that the concept of the fleet was quickly seduced. The startup offers a full subscription including high-end rental computers, responsive customer service, as well as a fleet management platform. The latter makes it possible, for example, to follow up on the delivery and assignment of equipment, to report a problem on the computer and to quickly order a new one if necessary. With just a few clicks, the company can choose from the fleet catalog, which allows it to choose the equipment that best meets the needs of its employees, especially new arrivals.

A simple fleet management platform provides the ability to track and manage the receipt of materials in an increasingly hybrid work organization, in the office or on staff premises. This was particularly the case for Cubyn, a delivery startup for e-commerce merchants. The company, which operates in a mixed and international business environment, has been able to easily prepare its new employees.

With Fleet, IT setup is more flexible, even remotely, and our employees are always well-equipped for the long term. ‘,” explains Adrian Fernandez Baca, CEO of Cobain. On average we provide 2 to 3 days of Office Management per month in managing our fleet, everything is faster and smoother thanks to Cockpit, our fleet equipment management platform, and dedicated support ‘, he adds.

Prepare your employees well without restricting your cash flow

Fleet offer allows any company to take advantage of the latest computers. This is a real necessity, especially when you know that computer problems can waste up to 30 minutes per day per employee according to a study by Easy Panel. This equates to 109 hours per year, which is more than two weeks lost in work each year.

In this sense, good computer equipment is essential for the proper operation of the enterprise. Otherwise, teams lose productivity and become difficult to retain. The provision of high-quality equipment, adapted to the tasks of each one, is an essential component of employee well-being.

With Device-as-a-Service, it’s possible to give them high-performance gear like Acer Chromebooks while keeping the cash. According to a study by Cabinet Gartner Group, 3,000 euros of annual expenses are generated by a computer purchased for less than 1,000 euros, including malfunctions and repairs. With Fleet, the company can get the latest computers at an affordable price, without having to pay any down payment and at a fixed monthly price.

It is for this reason that Kymono, a company that provides apparel intended for professionals, chose this solution. ” With Fleet, we have happy employees because we have a team that is happy to work on great products. Our CFO is happy that cash flow is not affected too much at any given point in time: it’s simple and effective Kymono co-founder and CEO explains Olivier Ramel.


Equip responsibly

Fleet’s offering of Device as a Service enables any company to adopt a responsible IT policy. Three years later, the company is giving a second life to enterprise computers by revamping them. Then, it is presented to individuals or associations in order to combat the digital divide. An important element when you know that 90% of employees prefer a company that is committed to the environment.

Always in a responsible approach, Fleet offers commercial computer rentals that are new, but also refurbished. These are grade A+ or A certified. This is the highest level of refurbishment quality.

So Fleet’s hardware-as-a-service solution aims to transform computer setup and management for any organization by giving it access to high-performance computers and a plethora of services dedicated to its fleet.Computer Science.

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