Live – War in Ukraine: Russians keep Mariupol

41,000 Ukrainians returned to Ukraine on Saturday, according to Kyiv

Ukrainian border guards wrote in a statement on Sunday that 45,000 people entered Ukraine on Saturday through the western border, including 41,000 Ukrainians. Trend “increasing”, according to the Ukrainian authorities.

On the other hand, the border guards explained that “37 thousand people left Ukraine and 22 thousand of them crossed the border with Poland.” The rest went to Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and Moldova. In all, since the beginning of the conflict, 6.4 million Ukrainians have fled the country, according to United Nations data.

“I no longer hope for anything”: the difficult testimonies of the Russians to the last inhabitants of Mariupol

AFP was able to speak with the last residents of Mariupol, now under Russian control, who took to the streets after the fighting ended. “What do I still hope for? What do I say when a home is destroyed, when life is destroyed?” says Angela Kubica, a 52-year-old former childcare worker. “No work, no food, no water (…) What future? I no longer wish for anything,” she concludes, before she sheds tears and runs away.

Elena Elena, 55, worked as a professor at Mariupol Technical University in the Department of Information Technology. His apartment burned down, “there was nothing left.” She now lives with her daughter and son-in-law. “I wish I could live in my apartment, in peacetime, and talk to my children,” she says. His voice is exploding.

Oksana Krishtavovich, 41, who used to work as a chef at a hotel in Mariupol, explains that she was recruited into the city’s zoo to take care of the animals. “The restaurant I used to work at on the Left Bank has been destroyed,” she said, holding a bowl in a raccoon cage. “I was a cook there, and now my customers are them.” She showed a little optimism, noting that if Mariupol “lacks everything, we get used to it, adapt, live.”

Before the fighting, 60-year-old Sergei Pugach worked on the railways of the Azovstal industrial complex, which at that time was the main employer in the city, and is now largely destroyed. At the end of February, when Russia launched its offensive, he had only two months before his retirement after 30 years of service. Now he does not know whether he will receive his pension. He now works as a park ranger.

But there is no point in complaining. “Ukrainian people are not lazy. As soon as the shooting stopped, people got out of the cellars and looked for work. Some of them are already working,” Sergey stated proudly.

The issue of reconstruction and its financing arises in Ukraine

Three months into the war, the damage is incalculable in Ukraine, and if the state is really thinking about reconstruction, the bill is several hundred billion dollars, which the state cannot provide while the conflict is still going on. In any case, it will take years to rebuild the destroyed buildings.

The sister of a Ukrainian soldier at the Azovstal plant expresses her concerns

BFMTV’s Sandra captured the fate of her brother, the deputy commander of the Azov Regiment – who was presented by Moscow as a neo-Nazi – who was present at the Azovstal plant in Mariupol, which was taken over by the Russian army on Saturday. She says she hasn’t heard any news from him since Thursday morning.

“He should come back alive with his comrades, and he should show what courage the Ukrainians are. For us, they are heroes, and we are waiting for them safely in their homeland,” she said with concern: “We have everyone watched how the Russians treated civilians in this war, can you imagine? How will they treat the army? But I hope that the Russian soldiers will have a minimum of honor.”

What is the situation on the eighty-seventh day of the war?

Russia is continuing its offensive on the Donbas River and said on Saturday it had destroyed a stockpile of weapons delivered by the West with cruise missiles. On Saturday, US President Joe Biden formally signed the law that provides for $40 billion in aid to Ukraine to support its war efforts against Russia.

On the other hand, President Volodymyr Zelensky said that he believes that the war in Ukraine can only be ended by “diplomatic” means. The war “will be bloody, it will be combative, but it will end once and for all through diplomacy.”

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Update on the situation in Ukraine on May 21, 2022, according to the French Ministry of the Armed Forces. © Ministry of Armed Forces

Commander of the Russian Army, Mariupol

After three months of fierce fighting and hundreds of thousands of refugees, with the seizure of the Azovstal plant on Saturday and the surrender of the last Ukrainian soldier, the Russian army has taken Mariupol, Ukraine’s strategic port.

Pro-Russian authorities promised to turn Mariupol into a resort. A project that is hard to imagine in this tangle of sheet metal, debris, and rails of buildings destroyed by rockets and missiles.

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