Zach LaVine and its extension to Bulls, a file that is more tense than expected?

If Free Agency 2022 seems a bit quiet, it’s still going to be a big fish on the market in a few weeks: Zach LaVine. The Bulls star is already nearing the end of the decade and intends to ask herself to analyze her options in depth. To the point of leaving Chicago? It’s a scenario that is always hard to imagine but would be much less likely…

If you thought Zach LaVine’s extension to the Bulls was just a formality, reconsider. A few weeks or a few months ago, you would have thought when the Bulls were on their way to finding the playoffs after the big hiring of Chief Basketball Operations Chief Arturas Carnesovas (DeMar DeRozan, Lonzo Ball and Alex Caruso in particular). If Chicago finds a post-season for the first time since 2017, Billy Donovan’s men end up collapsing in the first round against the Bucks, all with Lavigne not at his best due to his sore left knee. We don’t know if this disappointing ending plays into the mad-drowned head today, but there are clearly more questions than before. According to Bulls Insider KC Johnson (NBC Sports Chicago), who shares the entrance noise coming from the NBA Draft Combine currently taking place in Chicago, Obviously, Lavigne’s expansion into Windy City is not a done deal Despite the financial advantage that Taurus has over the competition. As a reminder, the Bulls are the only franchise that can offer him a maximum contract of five years (other NBA teams are limited to four years), a contract worth $212 million. Despite the recent physical glitches in the back and the upcoming small operation, Chicago has always been eager to present this top prize to LaVine, who is aiming for no less than a decade max. As long as the Bulls remain in that cycle, they will likely remain preferable to extending it. Except that some leaders of other NBA franchises are skeptical about Karnisovas’ willingness to give too many green tickets to Zack, who actually suffered a torn ligament in the same knee a few years ago in February 2017…

All to say that the wedding we anticipated between Chicago and Lavigne has yet to be planned on the calendar. And as you can imagine, several team names are appearing directly in the rumors, including citing KC Johnson Lakers (what a surprise), Blazers, Hawks and Mavericks. Do these perks attract Zack more than Bulls? Probably. We all know the stature of L.A., LeBron James, and Anthony Davis (Zach has been a Klutch Sports customer since September 2021, we say we say nothing), and remember that LaVine went through UCLA during his college years. Portland has the advantage of being not far from the hometown of the back of the Bulls (Seattle) and Damien Lillard is clearly right there. The Hawks and Mavericks has an ambitious project led by young stars Trae Young and Luka Doncic. Here are a few swaying elements in an effort to better understand Lavigne’s intentions.

But the latter may not be well defined at the moment, and it’s possible that Zach just wants to take full advantage of his free agent status. Not every year we reach the market in our area president, with the possibility of choosing his future without anyone being able to oppose it (remember Lavigne is an unrestricted free agent, and so Chicago can’t get along). That’s how we see the thing rather than a real desire to change the air as for example Mr. LaVar Paul, who didn’t hesitate to swing that Zack was frustrated with his new No. 2 role behind DeMar DeRozan, could confirm. The source is tkt, you know. Honestly, we don’t believe this theory, but we think LaVine is really open to all options this summer. It’s up to the Bulls to be the most convincing.

Big extension coming? Sign in to another franchise? Sign and trade? In theory, there are many possible scenarios, but even if his future in Chicago looks less certain today than before, logic dictates that he should stick to Taurus. Otherwise, it will be a real setback in the process that Arturas Karnisovas has started since his arrival, and he is only thinking of bringing the bulls back into the spotlight.

Text source: NBC Sports Chicago

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