After the Butch massacre, horrific testimonies of rape victims committed by the Russian occupier

young girl “Too skinny with wounded eyes”He turns into the car and whispers two words: “Help me.” For two months, the scene was fixed in memory of Konstantin Guduskas, the man behind the wheel. This Kazakh human rights activist, exiled since 2019 and residing in Bucha (Ukraine), thanks to his foreign passport, was able to evacuate 203 people from this martyred city and its surroundings, as he revealed to Globalism. Among them, there are at least 17 rape victims under the Russian occupation, among them is this fifteen-year-old teenager. “She spent ten days as a prisoner in a basement. Not a single day she was not raped.”confirms to franceinfo.

The accounts of witnesses such as Konstantin Gudowskas, psychologists and investigators testify to the scale of the atrocities committed by Russian soldiers in Ukraine. In addition to the horror of civilian executions, rape is used as a tool “strategy” By the occupying forces, the Prosecutor General of Ukraine, Irina Venediktova. “a lie”In the eyes of the Kremlin. Since April 1, “We received 800 calls, most of them were raped”reports to Globalism Commissioner for Human Rights of the Verkhovna Rada, Lyudmila Denisova. On social networks, the human rights defender has reported several specific cases of rape, particularly in Boucha.

The teen referred to by Konstantin Gudoskas is the first rape victim he encounters during his mission to evacuate civilians to Kyiv. “She told me everything during the trip”, describes to franceinfo. Soldiers arrested the teenage girl and her mother on March 1 in Bucha, then moved them to a basement in the nearby village of Forzel, he said. rape It started on the first day. His mother, clinging to his side, is forced to witness this violence in meetings. Soldiers “They raped the girl on the table one by one”Confirms, very moved Konstantin Guduskas. “They were eight on the first evening, and then between seven and twelve the next evening.” His story, accurate, is chilling. The victim’s mother was shot in the leg, and then died of her injuries in the basement.

“The soldiers were always drunk. When the girl died, they poured water on her. The medical tests concluded that she could not have a child.”

Konstantin Guduskas

in franceinfo

On the road connecting Bucha and How, several victims reported to Konstantin Guduskas the threats made by their attackers: “We will rape you to make sure you don’t have a baby with a Ukrainian man.” The rights activist, after being tested, cannot continue his story. “My life will never be the same after this war.”breathes.

The Center for Civil Liberties, a non-governmental organization currently documenting war crimes in Ukraine, has collected several rape charges in the Kyiv region. these crimes “It often goes with the health of the survivors of these rapes. There is a lot of cruelty.”reports to franceinfo Oleksandra Matviychuk, head of the NGO.

“Sexual violence is part of the terror imposed by Russian soldiers in the occupied territories in order to quickly gain and hold these territories.”

Oleksandra Matveychuk, Director of the Center for Civil Liberties in Ukraine

in franceinfo

In this desire to append “the horror” occupied population, “Often, rapes are committed in front of other people, neighbors or relatives”, she adds. Lawyer Yulia Anosova, whose organization La Strada Ukraine provides psychological and legal support to victims, depicts the crimes committed “In the homes of the victims or outside the residences”with the aim of causing Panic within societies. Almost all of the testimonies collected by La Strada also refer to gang rapes committed by groups of soldiers under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Psychologist Aliona Kryvuliak coordinates the organization’s helplines. Accompanying two women who witnessed sexual violence during the occupation of Busha. One of them was repeatedly raped by three soldiers one evening in her home. Under the eyes of her three-year-old, Reports to the psychiatrist franceinfo. Once again, the soldiers told the victim that they would rape her “until I was disgusted with Ukrainian men”, The specialist describes.

“When I told a friend what she had been through, she said she hates herself, hates her body. She was contemplating suicide.”

Alyona Krivolyak, from La Strada Ukraine

in franceinfo

Elsewhere in Bucha, second patient Alyona Krivolak with eight women and four children took shelter in a basement, when five soldiers arrived, according to her account. The soldiers asked the Ukrainian women to choose two women from the group they were to rape. Panicked, the women begged them not to attack them. “The soldiers returned late in the evening and chose themselves two women whom he raped in front of everyone,” Psychologist exposes. ‘Six other women were forced to strip’Including his patient. Since then, live “In a constant state of fear.”

According to the testimonies of survivors from the village of Butch, other victims suffered repeated sexual violence, a hell that continued. Twenty-five teenage girls and women, aged between 14 and 24 years, “They were systematically raped while occupying the basement of a house in Busha.”, denounced Lyudmila Denisova. The terror lasted twenty-five days The New York Times* Nine of them became pregnant.

A 38-year-old mother told Swiss media RTS about the rapes she experienced while doing so “two and a half weeks” And “Several times a day” At her home in Butch with her daughter.

“They told me, Your daughter is very beautiful. I begged them not to touch her. I said to them, Do with me what you will, but do not touch her.”

Ukrainian lives in Bucha

in RTS

in order to “The whole world knows who they are and what they are capable of.”Ekatarina (first name changed) Description Being “Forcing them to have oral sex” And confirms that these soldiers Offered in turn. that they “It always comes in groups.” They asked his daughter “to watch until I learn”The 13-year-old Ukrainian testifies. She herself tells that she was the victim of sexual assault by eight soldiers.

Women, the first victims of sexual violence, were not the only victims of these crimes in the Kyiv region, according to several organizations. La Strada Ukraine and the Center for Civil Liberties were notified of two cases of male rape victims. Children, both boys and girls, suffered from these same atrocities, according to the Ukrainian parliament’s human rights commissioner. ’11-year-old boy raped in front of his mother – she was chained to a chair to watch’She said on social networks *. Shortly after the city was liberated, psychologist and psychiatrist Lilia Chkalova told Babel* website that one of her young patients — nine years old — was raped at her home in Bucha. According to his account, soldiers “They raped the little girl, she started screaming, then they beat the woman who was trying to save her”.

The liberation of the occupied towns north of Kyiv Behind the discovery of mass graves, this other reality stands out. Some victims will not be able to testify. The first elements appear to show that women killed by Russian forces were raped before their deaths, according to Ukrainian forensic doctors. guardian*. The The New York Times He mentions the case of a woman from Boutsha, who is detained in the name of “sex slave” before implementing it. Police found open condom casings, as well as a used condom next to her body wearing only a coat.

Since the survivors broke the silence, psychologist Aliona Kryvuliak believes that these sexual crimes ‘Not isolated cases’. “It happened in all the cities of the occupied Kyiv region.”, Emphasizes. Bucha and Irbin, but also the Kharkiv and Mariupol regions, according to Lyudmila Denisova. For Alyona Krivolyak, rape is undoubtedly one of the war weapons of the Russian army.

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